1899 | The new show by the creators of DARK - Jantje Friese & Baran bo Odar | Netflix

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The creators behind the award-winning German series DARK, which received praise and excited fans around the world, have kicked off production for their next and highly anticipated show: “1899”

The eight episodes follow the mysterious circumstances around the voyage of an immigrant ship from Europe to New York. The passengers, all of different backgrounds and nationalities, are united by their hopes and dreams for a new century and their future abroad. When they discover a second ship adrift on the open sea that had gone missing for months, their journey takes an unexpected turn. What they find on board will turn their passage to the promised land into a nightmare-like riddle, connecting each of the passenger’s pasts through a web of secrets.

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1899 | The new show by the creators of DARK - Jantje Friese \u0026 Baran bo Odar | Netflix


  1. الكرة البرازيلية Brazil_newZ
    الكرة البرازيلية Brazil_newZ
    22 perccel

    Tic tac tic tac

  2. BodybuilderMuscleChamp
    15 órája

    Gonna watch as I was totally hooked by “Dark”.

  3. Ali H. Moksin
    Ali H. Moksin

    There's a LOST vibe to this

  4. John De Leon
    John De Leon

    Hey! That's Titanic! :)

  5. M B F T R
    M B F T R

    "Creators of DARK" Great, now not only we gotta remember names, but we also gotta remember sea levels, coordinates & wind directions.


    Dark impact will gives me hype on this series

  7. Turn A Nega Into A Convertible
    Turn A Nega Into A Convertible
    2 napja

    Dark was so fucking good I'll watch anything they create.

  8. Pradip Hiremath
    Pradip Hiremath
    2 napja

    Netflix:- I am not getting enough attention to my new trailer Creator of Dark:- Let me fix this real quick.

  9. Quincy Niles
    Quincy Niles
    3 napja

    Now that's a trailer. not showing the entire movie

  10. Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar
    3 napja

    Sic Mundus Creatus Est

  11. Shyrine Valenzona Ejem
    Shyrine Valenzona Ejem
    3 napja

    can’t wait

  12. black panthar
    black panthar
    3 napja

    Bermuda triangle.....

  13. Kapil Kharel
    Kapil Kharel
    3 napja

    1899=1+8+9+9=27=2+7=9 😳

  14. Sahil Bhardwaj
    Sahil Bhardwaj
    4 napja

    Dark made me smart me . This one is gonna make me super smart.. That everything is connect.

  15. Joohn Ackerman
    Joohn Ackerman
    4 napja

    Lets fuckingggg go darker!

  16. mpvsjfm
    4 napja

    im ready to be mentally exhausted again. yes, give it to me.

  17. kevin belangel
    kevin belangel
    4 napja


  18. Max Cheng
    Max Cheng
    5 napja

    Recommended video: 1899 things you MISSED in the 1899 teaser trailer!

  19. Proloy Das
    Proloy Das
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  20. Luis Rodrigues
    Luis Rodrigues
    5 napja

    Spoiler: The ship travels back to 1869

  21. Ketamangalam premkumar Kannanchira veeran
    Ketamangalam premkumar Kannanchira veeran
    5 napja

    I hate all things Netflix

  22. Sachin INGALAGI
    Sachin INGALAGI
    5 napja

    One more shit show????

  23. Sree Edit
    Sree Edit
    6 napja

    Tamil dub

  24. praveen antony.a
    praveen antony.a
    6 napja

    Ohh my god ❤️❤️... Dark was an astonishing awesome series which I can't never forget that journey ❤️❤️... Waiting for another master piece 💕💕💕

  25. mohiddin shaikh
    mohiddin shaikh
    6 napja

    That ship was titanic ❓

  26. Amit Gusain
    Amit Gusain
    6 napja

    The end is the beginning.

  27. Baú Do Toad
    Baú Do Toad
    6 napja

    Titanic titanic tita tita titanic! ^^

  28. Sabbir Hasan Emon
    Sabbir Hasan Emon
    7 napja

    is that titanic?

  29. Whitfield Palmer
    Whitfield Palmer
    7 napja

    Waiting for this is like having to pee really bad.

  30. syed azhar talha
    syed azhar talha
    7 napja

    Wow mind blowing.. Maza aa gaya.. So much of content in a trailer? It’s like I have seen the series already.

  31. sagar jangam
    sagar jangam
    7 napja


  32. Suhail KP
    Suhail KP
    7 napja

    from the creators of DARK ... stop right there , I am in !!

  33. Rahul Rajbhar (Diamond)
    Rahul Rajbhar (Diamond)
    7 napja

    what you know is a drop wait is that an Ocean

  34. Juan Melo
    Juan Melo
    7 napja

    Can some one tell me the languages the characters are speaking

  35. Chamara Rathnayake
    Chamara Rathnayake
    7 napja

    is it TITAnic

  36. Vinicius Cadaval
    Vinicius Cadaval
    8 napja

    The only thing missing is the Mudavayne - Not Falling music in this trailer.

  37. Joydip Banerjee
    Joydip Banerjee
    8 napja

    By the creator of "Dark" Me to my brain cell - Hello? Hello? Hello? , Is there anybody in there Just nod if you can hear me .

  38. sapna
    8 napja

    yeh toh dekhna hi padega.

  39. Shashi
    8 napja

    Creators of Dark...thats enough 😎

  40. Shiva Prasad Reddy
    Shiva Prasad Reddy
    8 napja

    From the creators of DARK and the teaser is literally "dark"...

  41. DixtunBabyAngel
    8 napja

    WHEN WHEN WHEN... .that IS the question.

    1. a_ akyol
      a_ akyol

      realllyy whenn ???

  42. Bryant Michael Cedo
    Bryant Michael Cedo
    8 napja

    Netflix: From the creator of Dark Me: okayy Im here for it

  43. Alwin Babu
    Alwin Babu
    9 napja


  44. G Bo
    G Bo
    9 napja

    Yes yes

  45. Captain Jack Sparrow.
    Captain Jack Sparrow.
    9 napja

    എവന്മാർക്കിനീം മതിയായില്ലേ

  46. Plaknas
    9 napja

    The synopsis reminds me of LOST

  47. George M.
    George M.
    9 napja

    I absolutely loved Dark. I've been waiting eagerly to see what the minds behind that show would do next.

  48. Faheem Khan
    Faheem Khan
    9 napja

    I hope this is a surviving story of adult Jonas, bartos, Franziska, Magnus after tannhaus's death

  49. rednorte
    10 napja

    FROM THE CREATORS OF DARK,,,, listo compro!

  50. A Bit of Everything
    A Bit of Everything
    10 napja

    From the creators of Dark - A reason enough to wait for it.. I'm all in!!🙌🙌

  51. Art tention
    Art tention
    10 napja


  52. LvSaNdHu👍
    10 napja

    Dark & death note = Brain 🔥

  53. NelinBaz
    10 napja

    If this video just have title By the creators of dark, i will watch it without thinking a second

    10 napja

    I think this show is related to barmunda triangle coz .." dark " is all about time traveling and fixing things and In the promo its a ship in the ocean .. so i think it have something to do with the barmunda triangle ..so may be ....

    1. Spaniard Seer
      Spaniard Seer
      10 napja

      Bermuda Triangle* Also bro, you might be right.

  55. Cheapskate Otaku
    Cheapskate Otaku
    10 napja

    Netflix: Creator of Dark. Me: Here we go again, another journey down the rabbit hole of thought provoking, mind bending and crazy awesomeness on its ways XD Will it satisfied my emptiness in side after Dark >_

  56. CLAW Gaming
    CLAW Gaming
    10 napja

    Trailer of 1899: thriller Series: kikker

  57. Samurai jack
    Samurai jack
    11 napja

    So this is the origin!

  58. Jaspal Singh
    Jaspal Singh
    11 napja

    Wow ❤️

    11 napja

    dark was great in the beginning but the creators completely run out of ideas and didnt know how to finish the story. i cant remember the storyline of the show in the slightest (ok myb s1) and after a while it felt like they just thought "fuck it lets add another dimension what the hell". i was very dissapointed hopefully this will be better

      6 napja

      @Rohit yeah i mean u really cant give a good explanation when ur working with time travel

    2. Rohit
      6 napja

      @OCTAVIANVS the only important plot hole I can think of is, how did the eva world Martha got that time machine (ball one) and who made it?

    3. Rohit
      6 napja

      @OCTAVIANVS that paradox was always there with dark(or in all shows of time travel to past). Even in season 1 the stranger tells Jonas that if u took Mikkel back then u wouldn't exist. (But if he doesn't exist then how will Mikkel go back?). He will stop existing from then on(and in next loops). Similarly if they saved the family then from that moment they don't exist as tanhaus never made the time machine.

      6 napja

      @Rohit i mean if they saved the family then tannhause doesnt make the time machine and they cant sace the family still

    5. Rohit
      6 napja

      @OCTAVIANVS they should have avoided the other world thing. But the ending seems great. They did manage to break the loop without much plot holes.

  60. Debasmita Nandy
    Debasmita Nandy
    11 napja

    Netflix knows how to sell their shows. The words "creators of Dark" was all I needed to know.

  61. avinash chahar
    avinash chahar
    11 napja

    Ok sheep will survive after sinking that's the time loop .

  62. Rashmi Majumder
    Rashmi Majumder
    11 napja

    I will wait for another 5 years to get all the seasons together...

  63. Pablo Teófilo Castro Videla
    Pablo Teófilo Castro Videla
    12 napja

    2022 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  64. tom hagins
    tom hagins
    12 napja

    I wanna party like it's 1899

  65. José Lucas Santos Alves
    José Lucas Santos Alves
    13 napja

    Não sei qual será a história, só sei que vai ser foda!

  66. Saya Ach
    Saya Ach
    13 napja

    Dark is the boring

  67. sreekumar mattanur
    sreekumar mattanur
    13 napja

    So no one's gonna talk about no subtitles...😭

  68. Noufal Basha Official
    Noufal Basha Official
    13 napja

    Welcome backkkkkkkk

  69. Bashkim L
    Bashkim L
    14 napja

    0:21 "Was ist das" Its Jonas Kanwald's voice from the Dark. ❤

  70. Spaniard Seer
    Spaniard Seer
    14 napja

    Not a fan of Dark, but I'll be a fan of this

  71. 최정순
    14 napja


  72. Udi M
    Udi M
    15 napja

    Ich bin Noah

  73. Eva Nesce
    Eva Nesce
    15 napja

    Another Masterpiece is on the way... 🙌

  74. Alex Mour
    Alex Mour
    16 napja

    Ansioso ao extremo!!! Brasil 🇧🇷

  75. Leire Albizu
    Leire Albizu
    16 napja

    Miguel Bernardeau, is that you?

  76. suhas meshram
    suhas meshram
    16 napja

    Wow.. exited to watch 1899. Everything is connected in one loop...tiktok tiktok.

  77. Jose Nino
    Jose Nino
    16 napja

    Trailer is better than Army of the Dead. LOL

  78. Señorito_De_Lima97 97
    Señorito_De_Lima97 97
    17 napja


  79. LtotheLA
    17 napja

    Them: From the creators of Dark Me: Say no more

  80. akshay more
    akshay more
    18 napja

    Le Netflix : From the creators of Dark Audience : Ha bsdk tuze bhi dekhenge 😂😂

  81. Vicky Nagar
    Vicky Nagar
    18 napja

    When this show release My dead brain cells be like : aah shit here we go again

  82. Dante
    18 napja

    I lost the interest when I read "Dark" in the caption

  83. CA LT
    CA LT
    19 napja

    DARK + Dunkirk Soundtrack

  84. Jigar Dhadve
    Jigar Dhadve
    19 napja

    Soundtrack is killer.. 😍😌

  85. Seor Jerk
    Seor Jerk
    19 napja

    Ya me dio Miedo, tan solo de pensar quedar varado en el mar y en ése año 1899

  86. Anurag sahani
    Anurag sahani
    19 napja

    Please don't compare this to strangers things😂😂

  87. No Copyright Music
    No Copyright Music
    20 napja

    just drop the trailer Already Netflix💧im being impatient over it

  88. Mo Tee
    Mo Tee
    20 napja

    Looking forward to checking it out. Dark is one of the best TV shows ever created.

  89. Bojaraj Krishnan
    Bojaraj Krishnan
    21 napja

    I'm in !

  90. Сергей Егоров
    Сергей Егоров
    22 napja

    И что это за херня???

  91. Wombat
    22 napja

    This is how you do an ad.

  92. Fate
    22 napja

    Dark, The Rain, and Elite. Yep I have to watch this.

    1. The real Dababy covertible
      The real Dababy covertible
      18 napja

      @Fate idk but from what I have heard the rain is kinda trying to be Dark but it can't and Elite is a Great show P.S:I have only watched Dark

    2. Fate
      18 napja

      @The real Dababy covertible I personally like the rain, but idk about other's opinions I haven't really looked into it, but Elite and Dark are amazing as well all three are favorites.

    3. The real Dababy covertible
      The real Dababy covertible
      19 napja

      I've heard the rain is disappointing But the other two are s tier

  93. Le Swannalyste
    Le Swannalyste
    23 napja

    Ladies and gentlemen... Here comes the new LOST.

  94. Houndology
    23 napja

    Watch it be connected to Dark somehow

  95. Shivam Srivastav
    Shivam Srivastav
    23 napja

    Everyone speaking different languages here. Interesting!

  96. Takemysenf
    23 napja

    Another feelgood series from the creators of DARK XD

  97. Ambadi Bipin
    Ambadi Bipin
    23 napja

    :From the creators of 'Dark' Me : stop right there, I'm in 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. Noufal Basha Official
      Noufal Basha Official
      13 napja

      same here.. lolololol

  98. The Explorer
    The Explorer
    23 napja

    Interesting let it match dark

  99. Kat Madridista
    Kat Madridista
    23 napja

    Tick tock

  100. munni sumon
    munni sumon
    23 napja

    Hindidubbed...Titanic...Kaalidas...Nindrukolvaan...ALLURamendran..Sundaram..NtapeThunai..K13..Thorati...Srirastu..Peruchazhi..DKBOSE...Naragasooran...TamizhPadam2..Arjunsuravaram..Visaaranai...Mask...Sathurangavetta....Vaaimai...VelvetNagaram...VAA...28'C...Vettai...Nightout... SigramThodu...Nine....Agnidev....Party.118...Sathru....Oppam.....DHrum...90ML..Kaali...CHINA.....K13...LENS....Sathurangavetta2.....Pellichoopulu.....Charlie....CIA...Naam.....Nonsense...Theevandi....Yatra...Gypsy.....Kaamuki...Sathya2....AanDevathai....OrukuppaiKathai...Venkatapuram...47DAYs....EnaiNLokipaayumThota......PuthanPanam...Thobama...kolaigaran....PonManickavel....BRAMMAN....Theeviram....Falaknumadas.....INDIAN2....Sakhavu.....Taramani......NOTA....Sathya.......RgvVangaveeti.....RgvLAKSHMI....kanniRasi...JODI....Vairajavai......Serversundaram....VanjagarUlagam....EEMAYAU....NinuThathalachi....Tharangam...Bhayanakam....UttamaVillain....Arimanambi.....INDIAN....KUTTRAMEthandanal....Dandupalyamg.......Tiyaan....100....JOker...THEGIDI... ..Jigarthanda2....Maravan....JilJungJUk...Tesla...NaanThondan....HERO.....MrLocal..Seemaraja....ImaikkaaNodigal....AmjaliCbi....SuperDeluxe.....Purampokku...VAsuki.....Premadesam....Biju...Sakhavu...Kshanam...MAJOR.....RANGA.......Vadachennai....RDXLOVE......JADA...VaiRajaVai......MEI.....Kalavani2....Dasharatha....ARJUNA.....KALKI....ROCKY.......