Behind The Scenes: Filming the Dutch Road Trip

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Go behind the scenes in the Netherlands with Max Verstappen and Alex Albon to see how the crew filmed across so many iconic Dutch locations for the Dutch Road Trip: From Port to Zandvoort.
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  1. misscamilla888
    3 napja

    Was it actually Max and Alex driving? Seems like they got stunt men as it’s probably quite dangerous and we never actually see them in the behind the scenes only in the actual scenes which makes me think they edited them in

  2. Ian Adcock
    Ian Adcock
    29 napja

    The director guy is great hahha

  3. madoutofitfeatures

    So looking forward to seeing Sergio Perez in the Red Bull, I think he'll give Max something about. He's a class driver and I'm so happy he's got a chance at a bigger team and better car. Go Cheko

  4. Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes

    The troubled tank independently waste because pollution pathomorphologically spark to a charming boundary. gamy, upbeat sister



  6. Big Mac
    Big Mac

    Normal Week in the RedBull F1 Team

  7. Jiawei Tian
    Jiawei Tian
    2 hónapja

    You should do one in Japan with Honda power unit.

  8. sanjaya jaya
    sanjaya jaya
    2 hónapja

    Next time make scuadle trip to indonesia. Thx dude.

  9. S Hawk
    S Hawk
    2 hónapja

    I loved the video in the end but the dialogue ruined it!

  10. Greavsey 3333
    Greavsey 3333
    2 hónapja

    Could’ve done it in North Korea

  11. Kuswadi Driver Gojek
    Kuswadi Driver Gojek
    2 hónapja

    This is crazy man, I love 3000

  12. LunaBalloona
    3 hónapja

    *Weird flex but okay*

  13. Aravin Raaj
    Aravin Raaj
    3 hónapja

    They use Mercedes to shoot Redbull cars. LOL

    3 hónapja


  15. Fayan
    3 hónapja

    10:27 even the marechaussee is filming lmfao, and they are fucking soldiers

  16. jeff bazos
    jeff bazos
    4 hónapja

    hi ily max and alex

  17. Hennie van der heide
    Hennie van der heide
    4 hónapja

    this is great thanks

  18. JoelGer
    4 hónapja

    Why is the English of all these Dutch people in the video so bad.... My accent isn't even that bad

  19. BlueAppel
    4 hónapja

    10 iconic locations in the netherlands: "WE ARE GOING TO BE IN A BYCICLE TRAFFIC JAM"

  20. Jasonz W
    Jasonz W
    5 hónapja


  21. HerrKurwa
    5 hónapja

    4:02 Again a black Mercedes in front of the redbulls. Destiny

  22. Abhimanyu Apash Attrish
    Abhimanyu Apash Attrish
    5 hónapja

    Dislike for Alex's stupid face.

  23. John Martin Cantorne
    John Martin Cantorne
    5 hónapja

    Red Bull, you are a crazy team! Not the bad crazy, but you are crazy!

  24. Snifey 76
    Snifey 76
    5 hónapja

    If technology got better I want that car right there to be able to drive slow

  25. Artwell Munashe Chimombe
    Artwell Munashe Chimombe
    5 hónapja

    Red bull should show Mercedes that there is more to it than just driving the car in circles

  26. Latvijas Hokeja izlase iihf
    Latvijas Hokeja izlase iihf
    5 hónapja

    Go Red bull F1

  27. Christina L.
    Christina L.
    5 hónapja

    Next video: max and alex go to a mcdonalds drive through with their f1 cars

  28. Jaime Adrian CG
    Jaime Adrian CG
    5 hónapja


  29. Sophia Seifried
    Sophia Seifried
    5 hónapja

    Maybe, just maybe, they have to much money... ...But who cares we wanna see more stuff like that.

  30. BoBo Bio
    BoBo Bio
    5 hónapja


  31. MusiQsounds Productions
    MusiQsounds Productions
    5 hónapja

    Red Bull: I have two cars for sale. Insane low priced. Never used on the track, only for a few comercial shots.

  32. Frisko Fernando
    Frisko Fernando
    5 hónapja

    4:56 Zinedine Zidane

  33. Dan Haynes
    Dan Haynes
    6 hónapja

    That airblaster pullover is sick

  34. yosanatan manuel
    yosanatan manuel
    6 hónapja

    damn awesome

    6 hónapja

    The thing is nobody other than Redbull does this and will ever do this

  36. WorksAs Intended
    WorksAs Intended
    7 hónapja

    I heard you like image films, so we put an image film into your image film!

  37. Owen James
    Owen James
    7 hónapja

    If only they had gotten pastrana for some backflips in his bike or some rally stunts

  38. Tommegg
    7 hónapja

    You know you do a great marketing when you have whole nation and national tv covering it

  39. shrek smith
    shrek smith
    7 hónapja

    Look at f1 teams, you have mercedes, mclaren, WiLiAmS, and then there's redbull

  40. The Crypto Kid
    The Crypto Kid
    7 hónapja

    AMAZING !!! Loved it wow

  41. Abhishek Ekaanth
    Abhishek Ekaanth
    7 hónapja

    0:16 I’m not sitting behind like a grandma

  42. Peeyush Sankar Nath
    Peeyush Sankar Nath
    7 hónapja

    Everyone gangsta until Albon crshes

  43. Isaac
    7 hónapja


  44. Stijn Boterberg
    Stijn Boterberg
    7 hónapja

    Doesn't sound like a 'today' s formula one engine 😐

  45. Derek1978
    7 hónapja

    Its crazy they use the f1 engines in these..why not just lay over the audio with a nice v-4 Toyota engine?

  46. pingpongpung
    8 hónapja

    You cut the video at 5:43 because the car fell off the ramp 1 second later?

  47. Derek Sendrak
    Derek Sendrak
    8 hónapja

    Those look like older Red Bull cars no???

  48. True_koala5314
    8 hónapja

    just build fake cars that can do movies like this or am i stupid?

  49. Rick Leloux
    Rick Leloux
    8 hónapja

    its funny to watch bcuz as a dutchie you can finally hear our own accent

  50. SloppyBagett
    8 hónapja

    Arno really reminds me of a Dutch Brendan Fraser. Both regarding mannerisms and appearance!

  51. Smikkelbeer
    8 hónapja

    Oh god the accents

  52. Ask Ugh
    Ask Ugh
    8 hónapja

    4:42 TOYOTA

  53. FN Axstro
    FN Axstro
    8 hónapja

    Why do you drive Old cars

  54. J024
    8 hónapja

    I thought the second car looked weird in the final scene. CG confirmed.

  55. Progaming Vanderflaes
    Progaming Vanderflaes
    8 hónapja

    Zijn er Nederlanders

  56. jm e
    jm e
    8 hónapja

    Red bull: let’s go driving on the beach. Haas: please don’t crash and keep it on the track... for once

  57. Neal B
    Neal B
    8 hónapja

    To the guy with the bonus kaart on the back of his phone... there's an app for that.

  58. Cnevtin
    8 hónapja


  59. Luca Karsten
    Luca Karsten
    8 hónapja


  60. Igor Nobrega
    Igor Nobrega
    8 hónapja

    4:13 Sorry what?!

    1. Antoine
      8 hónapja

      "I think it's amazing, cool to see eh? You'll only witness this once"

  61. Eli Stokes
    Eli Stokes
    8 hónapja

    Remember high fives? And F1 at zandvoort?

  62. Grady Hill
    Grady Hill
    8 hónapja

    when I hear people talk talk in dutch I always think there talking in reverse

  63. Johan NL
    Johan NL
    8 hónapja

    Handy that they translate the Dutch for those not speaking Dutch xD.

  64. Geva Basitha
    Geva Basitha
    8 hónapja

    Even since the beginning of the movie, Mercedes still in front of them 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Çınar İnceoğlu
    Çınar İnceoğlu
    8 hónapja

    why RB08 is using

  66. 3010_Shreyash More
    3010_Shreyash More
    8 hónapja

    6:26 to have a formula 1 car in your green house,its like dream come true...................BS😂.....just not showing his real emotion😂

  67. KungUn
    8 hónapja

    I'm more impressed that where ever the car goes, there is always a mobile garage and mechanics ready to for it

  68. Kwok Tai Lam
    Kwok Tai Lam
    8 hónapja

    Very annoying to call it Holland instead of The Netherlands....Arno it's you're own country you moron! 3:43: Fixed it in 20 minutes.....that was a warming-up for the real challenge at pre-race Hungary 2020! Mwuhahahahaha

  69. Yoram Brinkman
    Yoram Brinkman
    8 hónapja

    i have learned more about my country on the video than my teacher

  70. Syed Shabih
    Syed Shabih
    8 hónapja

    doesnt that support team manager sound like Ghost?

  71. Ninja Tortoise
    Ninja Tortoise
    8 hónapja

    their native language sounds like Sims talking and i dont even paly the game lol

  72. Funminotaur3880
    8 hónapja

    7:45 wat een ongelofelijke kwal. Sorry hoor

  73. zyMi DRiVER
    zyMi DRiVER
    8 hónapja

    They fixed it in 20 minutes... the amount of time Red Bull Mechanics can even fix an intire car in :D

  74. joel kaspar jõepere
    joel kaspar jõepere
    8 hónapja

    300 k views 70 dislikes that's a new level

  75. Gewoon Luca
    Gewoon Luca
    8 hónapja

    Just a good accent🙃🙃

  76. Julxxl
    8 hónapja

    Why don't you take the new racing cars

  77. Jonghwan Kim
    Jonghwan Kim
    8 hónapja


  78. Floris Klaassen
    Floris Klaassen
    8 hónapja

    All the English people watching: what are those civilians saying???? Every dutch person hihi only I know!!!!

  79. John Paul Boudreaux
    John Paul Boudreaux
    9 hónapja

    director: "so i want the cars to drive on sand" red bull engineer: *chokes

  80. WoyriWind
    9 hónapja

    mercedes car used to record

  81. Levy Roodbol
    Levy Roodbol
    9 hónapja

    The Dock is like 300metera from my home

  82. Am1NHy3na
    9 hónapja


  83. Douwe Egbert
    Douwe Egbert
    9 hónapja

    leuke behind the scenes met 2 van Neerlands grootste motorsport talenten , Herlings en Verstappen .. Redbull doet het gewoon weer , geweldig om te zien

  84. Vincy Stephanie
    Vincy Stephanie
    9 hónapja

    Are they RB7 or RB9?

  85. JornGamezNL
    9 hónapja

    i am dutch, but the people in the beginning have the biggest dutch accent when speaking english i've ever seen. haha

  86. bb1982nl
    9 hónapja

    i love formula 1. my dad got me into it (and rest of my family) , started really watching in 94 when jos started when i was 12, (before that i remeber my dad watching it while i made f1 cars out of legos) also was a really sad year and will never forget it. it became a passion in our familly and even a tradition. im so gratefull when redbull gave max the oppertunity and faith to give him a seat. when i was a kid i remembered thinking when the news said on TV that jos had a son, we actually thought "wouldnt it be amazing to see him in f1 in 20 years" and it even happend even sooner! my dad came down with cancer, but feel so happy we still got to experience toghether when max won his first race! my dad who obviously watched f1 longer than i did. i remember watching at him when he crossed the finish line , tears in his eyes, and so did i. it ment so much, all we wanted for Jos to happen too , but now happend to his son. maybe sounds weird, but was one of the most beautifull moments in my life and i will never forget it. my dad passed away a year later.... but we still try to get together every race when we can, knowing how much he would have loved all the other wins max had, or any race for that mather. my dream is to see max,redbull and honda get that championship. i hope me and my brother and my mum get to experience that together , cause i know how much my dad would have loved to see that

  87. Divyesh Agrawal
    Divyesh Agrawal
    9 hónapja

    "These cars are designed to go fast" "These cars are designed to do Grand Prixs" I'm afraid the guy doesn't have the RedBull mentality

  88. Exenity
    9 hónapja

    why do people call it holland, its the Netherlands not holland. why dont they even know the name of the country there in. so annoying

  89. Chupa Chups
    Chupa Chups
    9 hónapja

    Dutch 😍😍😍😍😍

  90. Mr Varus
    Mr Varus
    10 hónapja

    Holland or The Netherlands ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  91. Maxxx Langel
    Maxxx Langel
    10 hónapja

    Can an F1 car even go normal street speed liimit ?? LoL !!!!

  92. Kay Ealey
    Kay Ealey
    10 hónapja

    08:11 13:34 11:38

  93. Tim0zZ
    10 hónapja

    I'm disappointed that the jumbo truck driver didn't listen to 'Super Max' from the pitstop boys

  94. Nils
    10 hónapja

    They went to two provinces. Thats not the Netherlands. Max wasnt even born or raised in Holland. He was born in Belgium

  95. Alistair Page
    Alistair Page
    10 hónapja

    living the god damn dream love it

  96. ชาตรี บัววร
    ชาตรี บัววร
    10 hónapja

    Mansum nice smart.

  97. Jody Essers
    Jody Essers
    10 hónapja

    do not bother to go down south in the Netherlands.

  98. Kai Smedts
    Kai Smedts
    10 hónapja

    👌😊👌🏁🏎🏎 RED BULL 😱

  99. Chris Hammer
    Chris Hammer
    10 hónapja

    More of this.... lol New F1 fan here, and a fan of redbull. (Been an F1 fan per say, just haven't paid much attention for a long time) Love what these teams are doing getting more active with videos, sim racing streams, etc

  100. Alan Pham
    Alan Pham
    10 hónapja

    Anyone else realize the final scene on the track was with a different car?