Cuphead's Animation Process and Philosophy

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In this 2017 GDC bootcamp, Studio MDHR's Jake Clark explains his design and animation processes for the game Cuphead, and shares practical ideas and tips for 2D animation.

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  1. Avtfol logs
    Avtfol logs

    I'm glad to know professional animators also walk around like little kids imagining what they want before doing. Makes me feel less dumb

  2. Galaxy_World


  3. Omar Mendez
    Omar Mendez

    Date 2016

  4. NoriMori
    2 hónapja

    17:59 I love the childlike simplicity of this instruction! 🤣

  5. NoriMori
    2 hónapja

    22:59 Oh boy, had his innocence destroyed 😂

  6. Joshua Stein
    Joshua Stein
    5 hónapja

    love the art, love the gameplay. worth the wait!

  7. Le J. “DHS” Deuheus
    Le J. “DHS” Deuheus
    5 hónapja

    What has been made in video games that makes sense: be the hero and the vilain in the same game.

  8. Le J. “DHS” Deuheus
    Le J. “DHS” Deuheus
    5 hónapja

    I like the concept of this game but it seems that it has been made in a gameboy screen res

  9. A N
    A N
    9 hónapja

    Omg turbo fast? The nostalgia wow

  10. Stephen (SJD)
    Stephen (SJD)
    9 hónapja

    3 years later. I gotta say. Cuphead truly is a work of art. I appreciate the work that went into it immensely. So much so I bought it for my 7 year old and he went nuts over it and beat it before I was able to get around to it.

  11. Nathan Sioui
    Nathan Sioui
    10 hónapja

    Favorite GDC talk by far!

  12. Mathew Bouse
    Mathew Bouse
    11 hónapja

    "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" - miyamoto

  13. William Schmitt
    William Schmitt

    Breadwinners....I feel bad

    1. Snakezilla M
      Snakezilla M
      10 hónapja

      William Schmitt you are a cuptoon

  14. Ignacio Cortorreal
    Ignacio Cortorreal

    3:20 emotive applause after trailer

  15. Blok Vader
    Blok Vader

    10:30 "I was mentioning I wanted her to be a bit *T H I C C E R* What a brave soldier.

  16. Vilatoro

    Art school is a waste of time and money there are so many progress and resources at you despisal you can learn things off the fly it just takes time, research, and creativity

  17. G120035

    This was a wonderful speech

  18. Matthew Edgley
    Matthew Edgley


  19. please end my miserable existence
    please end my miserable existence

    "It's the lovechild of Chad and Jared Moldenhaur." ...uh

  20. Kayla W.
    Kayla W.

    Hot dog I didn't know this existed until now, I'm gonna enjoy watching this!!

  21. lol

    Cuptra Hardcore.

  22. CGMan

    17:14 it's really interesting. one can still see the keyframes a bit, but it look's so authentic

  23. Undercover Kakyoin (CRIMSONDONUT)
    Undercover Kakyoin (CRIMSONDONUT)

    I wish cuphead had a show...

  24. Rino6357

    This dude is the one who made the Links Barrel Beat...

  25. Cochopper

    Wow, it's crazy to think Jake Clark made Link's Barrel Beat.

  26. The Pan Man
    The Pan Man

    10:30 "I wanted her to be a bit T H I C Cer."

  27. Gabriel A
    Gabriel A

    A bit _T H I C C E R_

  28. Ramon Caballero
    Ramon Caballero
    2 évvel

    You got to do cup at two

  29. thedreadedzero
    2 évvel

    This has got to be even harder than animating a movie because a movie is linear. In a game the characters can do multiple different movements depending on what the player input is. All of the animations need to flow smooth from any position the character can happen to be in at the time you initiate a move.

  30. ACD
    2 évvel

    Birdie goes to fight with his hands in his back and he's badass af

  31. RawReviews
    2 évvel

    Great game, very challenging, good animation, good sound track. Well worth the money.

  32. tinnerino
    2 évvel

    22:10 Bambi meets Godzilla homage?

  33. A Dez
    A Dez
    2 évvel

    This guy clearly doesn’t feel entirely comfortable talking on stage

  34. Dunklevids
    2 évvel

    Remember when GDC used to release actually helpful and informative videos

    1. Penkino deNuevo
      Penkino deNuevo
      25 napja

      What's the problem with the new videos?

  35. Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes
    2 évvel

    Yp hablo español

    1. 2x2leax
      2 évvel

      _I speak Spanish_ Who cares? (even me)

  36. Luan Palito
    Luan Palito
    2 évvel

    _____________________☕☕👉 YOU DIED!

  37. SOULSPUN Caramel
    SOULSPUN Caramel
    3 évvel

    Hey Dude,you know that people are"shipping" these characters,right? for example: Mugman X Cala Maria Cuphead X Baroness Von Bon Bon

  38. Rosie Miller-Clark
    Rosie Miller-Clark
    3 évvel

    I looove this, it is so interesting! I enjoy inventing and drawing cartoon characters. I would love to be apart of something like this one day. My Instagram illustration account: @rmcillustration

  39. Modlio
    3 évvel

    Anyone remember the name of the program he used to create the final animated sprites?

  40. paweu19
    3 évvel

    I try to imagine these 145 people, that came here and disliked it...

  41. Elias Newton
    Elias Newton
    3 évvel

    Little did he know, it was the year after

  42. Bloxmaster
    3 évvel

    3:12 looked up 1936 plus 80 XD (it's 2016

  43. that omnic mechanic
    that omnic mechanic
    3 évvel

    "Dont do the math" 1936+80= 2,016 2,016 haha and when did this game release i cant remember??

  44. Mr F.
    Mr F.
    3 évvel

    Now that ya'll figured it out and stuff I believe the next cuphead game will appear much earlier right? I mean, there's gotta be another one!

  45. samdiego
    3 évvel

    I wonder why he chose the mermaid to do this lecture on. I would’ve chose the dragon or baroness von bon bon

    1. lil'MissMisan
      3 évvel

      I think it’s because different people animated Bon Bon and the dragon

  46. Castor's Cadence
    Castor's Cadence
    3 évvel

    I can hear his heartbeat racing.. or I could be having a heart attack.. Will let you know..

  47. Filmsparks
    3 évvel

    fucking sucks that its not available for ps4

  48. Adam Bourke
    Adam Bourke
    3 évvel

    A video about the art process, and the video spends almost the whole time focusing on speaker walking backwards and forwards instead of the art... just what I came here to see...

  49. Geeky Boring Films
    Geeky Boring Films
    3 évvel

    0:33 AAARRGGHH!!!! The horror! The breadwinners horror!

  50. Emperor's Champion
    Emperor's Champion
    3 évvel

    17:43 A Whomp basically lol

  51. ᴍ ᴀ ʀ ᴋ ʏ
    ᴍ ᴀ ʀ ᴋ ʏ
    3 évvel

    *_J E L L Y T H E O C T O P U S ?_*

  52. Tyler Mustard loooser
    Tyler Mustard loooser
    3 évvel

    If mdhr studio is listening I thought it would be cool if you could have a second sort of design for the bosses unlocked if you got an S rank on them as an incentive. So you could do the pirate ship on Cala Maria's head in your free time if you wanted to.

  53. Jibbity Tibbit
    Jibbity Tibbit
    3 évvel

    10:30 i wanted her to be a bit thiccer...

  54. SontixPhreeze
    3 évvel

    10:30 *T H I C C E R*

  55. joe's meme emporium
    joe's meme emporium
    3 évvel

    "I wanted to make her thicker" - Jake Clark 2K17

  56. Matthías Inga
    Matthías Inga
    3 évvel

    y en español?? xd

  57. thatboi_GHOST
    3 évvel

    This game was worth the wait thank god for this game hop for #CUPHEAD2

  58. Lamel Pizo
    Lamel Pizo
    3 évvel

    ¿Cala maria se baso en Splash Woman? Ya veo de donde toda la Regla 34...

    3 évvel

    poor guy looks nervous as hell, but he killed it.

  60. :Dani
    3 évvel

    ¡WOW! No le entendí un carajo, pero ¡WOW!

  61. ThatGuyKhi
    3 évvel

    Stop working with bread winners if you still do. you deserve better

    1. ThatGuyKhi
      3 évvel

      melted dali good to know

    2. melted dali
      melted dali
      3 évvel

      khi coolblast Breadwinners got canceled last year

  62. kaede does not approve
    kaede does not approve
    3 évvel

    im 7so i guess im achild npot innaporopiatte to me i saw one of my faourite youtubersdantdm play it

  63. Short Long
    Short Long
    3 évvel

    Great speaking skills, it looks like the nerves hit him but he just powered through it!

  64. Skidoosh Layman
    Skidoosh Layman
    3 évvel

    So when's the sequel coming out?

  65. oskamunda
    3 évvel

    I was very interested in watching this video...but Jake's movement throughout his talk was so distracting that it pretty much ruined it for me. If you've got a speaker who paces the exact same distance left-to-right like he's a pendulum with OCD ADD and keeps rubbing his nose like he has a powder habit, then I suggest keeping his presentation slides "always-up" on the side, just to give the viewer something else to look at. Thanks for releasing this vid!

  66. AGEmail
    3 évvel

    SHOUT OUT TO CAP! go us!!

  67. Jiménez Cabezas (No existente)
    Jiménez Cabezas (No existente)
    3 évvel

    Goopy is realy dead?

  68. W3Rn1ckz
    3 évvel

    Cartoon bees have 3 souls???

  69. Jérémy Quentin
    Jérémy Quentin
    3 évvel

    Now that the game is out and successful and awesome and all, we can talk about the real question here: WHY IS THIS GUY SO SCARED OF STANDING IN FRONT OF HIS DESK?

  70. OtakutoonGamer
    3 évvel

    Leyendas y videojuegos me trajo acá

  71. Light
    3 évvel

    does cuphead have a brain is it in his stomach area or what is he drinking his brain because the brain is naturally white

  72. reyisBLUE
    3 évvel

    We. You worked on breadwinner. I'm kidding!

  73. glass es
    glass es
    3 évvel

    Whahaehehwahahwha!!!!!!!!! WHA!?!?!?!😱😱😱 7:35 well, that's explained, the devil biz with her.😬

  74. jaegeon
    3 évvel

    *81 years actually*

  75. booger sneeze
    booger sneeze
    3 évvel

    Ok but where did the marks on her arm come from

  76. Pop Reborn
    Pop Reborn
    3 évvel

    Great holy game

  77. Arctic
    3 évvel

    13:12 thank me later

  78. Ben Tapp
    Ben Tapp
    3 évvel

    10:30 My man

  79. Kurjistaja
    3 évvel

    Start at 26:27

  80. Photon Videos
    Photon Videos
    3 évvel

    I remember seeing him in the hallways in Capilano. Nice guy.

  81. waxlez
    3 évvel

    watercolor BG and live jazz sound?! I want to work there!

  82. Kevin
    3 évvel

    I am beginner animator if you know What use cuphead creator for animation please say to me

  83. Bob leon
    Bob leon
    3 évvel


  84. Redlynx Vires
    Redlynx Vires
    3 évvel

    *yawns for the fifth time* Ohhhhhhhhhhh! art collage is gonna be hell.

  85. BigMan7o0
    3 évvel

    it's really cool to see the process behind such a simple, yet complicated game like cuphead. and it's cool to see that part of his thinking process is whether he would enjoy playing it, and whether he would enjoy creating it. i feel like nowadays the thinking process is "can it make us well over 200% profit?" and if the answer is no, they force it to fit into their huge profit margins.

  86. ChiLLedChiCKen
    3 évvel

    Try to count how many times he smacked his lip

  87. blue J; green T
    blue J; green T
    3 évvel

    10:30 thiccer

  88. Furret of the Fall
    Furret of the Fall
    3 évvel

    Wow, now i really wanna be an Animator when i grow up xD

  89. the random noob memez included
    the random noob memez included
    3 évvel

    cuphead is the best game ever!1!!!!!!!1!!1!11!

  90. xxcupheadxx
    3 évvel

    try to create a video or episode's in cuphead and plz put it in nickelodeon or cartoon network, Plz

  91. Explorer Sorada
    Explorer Sorada
    3 évvel

    @5:51 more like Thicc! Thicc! THICC!

  92. jettmanas
    3 évvel

    Fantastic presentation and art/animation. I've been working on indie games for years myself & start off on paper. Wish I'd worked on that game. 0.0

  93. Arcadia's Corner
    Arcadia's Corner
    3 évvel

    Interesting ... for a sequel I want the animated characters to sing while I play and what they sing will change depending on how many hearts they have left .... Mmm ... thoughts ....

  94. Moved to WildNamid!
    Moved to WildNamid!
    3 évvel

    Man this tutorial is great and all, but he sure does smack his mouth a lot.

  95. ARareMario
    3 évvel

    I would donate some money to make her a bit thicker 😁

  96. Gimpler Da Happenin
    Gimpler Da Happenin
    3 évvel

    Super cool presentation!!! Soooooooo much love put into this wonderful game!! Absolutely amazing!

  97. The Kulture
    The Kulture
    3 évvel

    His pacing kills me.

  98. A Fellow Brudda
    A Fellow Brudda
    3 évvel

    10:30 extra thicc

  99. Natalie Taylor
    Natalie Taylor
    3 évvel

    Is there going to be a cup head 2?

  100. Leinad Ilmar (What?)
    Leinad Ilmar (What?)
    3 évvel