Film Theory: You Are Breathing POISON! (Phineas and Ferb)

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It's been a while since we talked Phineas & Ferb, so I knew I needed to check in to see if there were any new theories being concocted in that backyard. It turns out, there totally IS! Today Theories, we are talking about the killer plant from SPAC! In the 'Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe' we come up against an alien species that needs something from earth. Theorists, that is just the set up to a KILLER theory!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Catalyst Girl
    Catalyst Girl
    29 perccel

    “She can control people through a plant” Me: *Wings of Fire arc 3 flashbacks*

  2. Benny Worm
    Benny Worm

    Me looking at the thumbnail: The result of pcs crossbreading

  3. Frey V
    Frey V
    10 órája

    Omg me and my partner watched it like Two weeks ago!!!

  4. anthony muffin
    anthony muffin
    18 órája


  5. Some Guy
    Some Guy
    19 órája

    omg, I caught that Chrono Cross reference!!!

  6. Meme C.I.E
    Meme C.I.E
    21 órája

    Feed me Seymour

  7. Christine Sweet
    Christine Sweet


  8. BroItsZion


  9. Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    If Aliens have different properties then can't Alien Mushrooms have different properties too?

  10. Ace Dynamite
    Ace Dynamite
    2 napja

    You should make a channel called health theory and the logo should be a heart

  11. Dawolfma Plays
    Dawolfma Plays
    2 napja

    How do you know those are mushrooms? What if Super Super Big Doctor mixed up the translations? "I THINK in your language it's called carbon dioxide."

  12. jame2041 jame2041
    jame2041 jame2041
    3 napja

    0:33 / 11:39

  13. Sprixxy’s WRLD Ψ
    Sprixxy’s WRLD Ψ
    3 napja

    I thought you were kidding about that the movie was a thing ):

  14. AwesomeBoysJPTV
    3 napja

    Matpat: You're exhaling H20 when you breathe out ME: What????? Vomit?????

  15. Joshua
    3 napja

    I watched this, don’t understand how it got 100% rotten tomatoes.

  16. Christine Miller
    Christine Miller
    3 napja

    I love it i watched it when it frist came out

  17. marco getchell
    marco getchell
    4 napja

    2:20 wacey twist!!!

  18. aandes account
    aandes account
    4 napja

    “Did anyone else know this existed? Yeah me either” Me: I did I was waiting for it. Wait...MY life must be so boring to wait for that movie. :(

  19. Psychotic Coconut
    Psychotic Coconut
    4 napja

    Raya and the last dragon. Is Kumandra based on Pangea? And if so please make it dark. I like having my childhood ruined.

  20. Tasty Jason
    Tasty Jason
    4 napja

    'The roblox cluster'

  21. That Guy3287
    That Guy3287
    4 napja

    Mind controlling spores? Wait, MIND CONTROLLING SPORES!? Do plants use spores??? What plant controls minds or muscle with spores!? I can't spell it so I'm calling it the zombie fungus. THE STUFF THAT YOU HAVE DISCUSSED IN PREVIOUS VIDEOS!!

  22. Lunar Moon
    Lunar Moon
    5 napja

    Dr.doof always fails at all of his projects- just like everyone else he is literally sooo relatable- someone had to say it

  23. Cyber Runner
    Cyber Runner
    5 napja

    Me and the other Fanders loving that Thomas Sanders is in this: :D

    6 napja

    Why the heck is DAD commenting on this fun little Phineas And Ferb video

  25. Iris Gonzales
    Iris Gonzales
    6 napja

    this is how scrience classes must be taught 😅

  26. Vince Aaron Vergara
    Vince Aaron Vergara
    6 napja


  27. Icedragon
    7 napja

    Make a theray about slime ranchers I need my childhood killed

  28. Icedragon
    7 napja


  29. Viktoriya Mokhnatyuk
    Viktoriya Mokhnatyuk
    7 napja

    for early life on earth oxagen was a poisson

  30. Battle Chiky
    Battle Chiky
    7 napja


  31. Battle Chiky
    Battle Chiky
    7 napja


  32. Battle Chiky
    Battle Chiky
    7 napja


  33. Battle Chiky
    Battle Chiky
    7 napja


  34. Battle Chiky
    Battle Chiky
    7 napja


  35. Battle Chiky
    Battle Chiky
    7 napja


  36. susan Solomon
    susan Solomon
    7 napja

    I watched a movie about if you go onto space what you’re talking about right now what are you talking your talking or you’re talking about I know what you’re talking about what are you talking about right now I know I watch it I watch it when I go to OMG

  37. Mr Godzilla gojira 1954
    Mr Godzilla gojira 1954
    7 napja

    0:26 me when I’m sad

  38. Kenia Monterroso
    Kenia Monterroso
    7 napja

    The sharp key rhetorically embarrass because salmon cytogenetically rescue save a homeless hyena. unarmed, tedious department

  39. Some One
    Some One
    7 napja

    I just learned about the krebs cycle and the photosynthesis and cellular respiration

  40. Corbin Sprague
    Corbin Sprague
    8 napja

    I love your content

  41. STandMyDoggo
    8 napja

    Wow!! Theres 9,999 comments... well not anymore 😏 I have the 10,000th comment

  42. Gregory 99
    Gregory 99
    8 napja

    Teacher: today we are going to talk about plants and what they want to live Me: expert

  43. -.;RoDenT•_•qUeeN ;.-
    -.;RoDenT•_•qUeeN ;.-
    8 napja

    Big mood 😭✋

  44. Teagan Buckson
    Teagan Buckson
    8 napja

    10,000 comment so I'm going to say FIRST

  45. Just Me Content
    Just Me Content
    9 napja

    Did i understand any of these chemical names? No. Am i too lazy to search them up? Yes. Did i still like this video? Yes.

  46. Ziona P
    Ziona P
    9 napja

    Make him get 100k likes!

  47. Gabrielle Wilks
    Gabrielle Wilks
    9 napja

    I knew the movie existed I saw an ad.

  48. Prerna Soopal
    Prerna Soopal
    9 napja

    mat pat can you do a theory about moanas grandpa

  49. Somebody Someone
    Somebody Someone
    9 napja

    13 years is a pretty long summer.

  50. Jake Manderson
    Jake Manderson
    9 napja

    Did I watch school in my weekend

  51. Sol Venice Villegas
    Sol Venice Villegas
    9 napja

    10:42 Pause the video and click this what do you see?

  52. Bob Travis
    Bob Travis
    10 napja

    Plants cant access this 78% of the atmosphere they need bacteria to do the heavy lifting

  53. NoobearGaming
    10 napja

    me and my sister watched this after forgetting that phineas and ferb existed for a while (my favourite song is the dr doofenshmirtz adulting song)

  54. Sush1boy
    10 napja

    Plants create FLUCTOSE not glucose!!!

  55. The Weirdo 888
    The Weirdo 888
    10 napja

    what's hazbin hotel?

  56. The Weirdo 888
    The Weirdo 888
    10 napja

    *one of the feeb-la-oot ships accidentally abducts a pile soil instead of a person* *The chosen one song plays*

  57. 9A 11 Anantika Kumar
    9A 11 Anantika Kumar
    10 napja

    Great theory! I love it but I the message of the movie might be like the earth has excess carbon dioxide because of global warming or something.

  58. Beautiful bunnies
    Beautiful bunnies
    10 napja

    Lol is it weird that I knew about the candace movie but I didn't know about soul until it was recommended to me on disney plus

  59. Carmen Brown
    Carmen Brown
    10 napja

    0:26 is me every day

  60. Lowie R
    Lowie R
    11 napja

    11 napja

    Did you not come up with anything for soul?

  62. Angles
    11 napja

    Film theory is the result of when you finally figure out what to do with your over thinking.

  63. Hwikek
    12 napja

    When you think your theory is so bad that you preempt the audience to curb their enthusiasm.

  64. Toxicflower4
    12 napja

    Plants don’t have mind controlling spores but the “zombie fungi” or Ophiocordyceps unilateralis does. It mind controls or takes over the body’s of ants and other bugs. It’s kinda scary but you could look it up if you want. :)

  65. Eileen Lenz
    Eileen Lenz
    12 napja

    I don't know if you will see my comment but I think i have a topic for you😅 in Phineas and Ferb Season 2 Episode 4 "Candace Holmes" Ferb is putting Butter on his body to go down the Waterslide faster. I think this would be a nice Theory 😊 Ps. I love your Theory Videos (on all channels!!!) ❤

  66. summerstars07
    12 napja


  67. Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton
    12 napja

    me listening to this video: mhm mhm intresting what i gathered: mama doesn't need oxygen, she needs something else or whatever

  68. Thepack777
    12 napja

    Good look ever explaining the crepps cycle matt

  69. Álvaro C.
    Álvaro C.
    12 napja

    It's been a month and five days, MatPat. WE'RE DUE SOME MORE CHILDHOOD DEFENESTRATION, MATPAT.

  70. pickle king
    pickle king
    12 napja

    I watched this the the MORNING it came out

  71. mrjojokester
    13 napja

    My allergies have arrived... Go away allergies, my head hurts

  72. Sams the bezt at stuff 888
    Sams the bezt at stuff 888
    14 napja

    Maybe the mushrooms also exhale oxygen

  73. Art's Life
    Art's Life
    14 napja


  74. Subscribe to technoblade
    Subscribe to technoblade
    14 napja

    Matpat. Let the kids movie, be a kids movie.

  75. Ross Bob
    Ross Bob
    14 napja

    Basically everyone who had it as part of their childhood in some form was excited for this movie

  76. Tom Crowell
    Tom Crowell
    15 napja

    @the film theorists, you forgot that spores are how the plant would reproduce. Therefore when the mama plant releases it's spores there could be thousands of similar plants springing up on Earth. The Earth would be covered in man eating plants similar to the end of little shop of horrors.

  77. Firey
    15 napja

    Mat:you've been breathing poison me:WRONG

  78. A Chef
    A Chef
    15 napja

    That mission was fun.

  79. Jacen 1
    Jacen 1
    15 napja

    A minor quibble; plants do use oxygen to extract the stored energy from the sugars they produce; it's just that a large portion of those sugars are used to make structural cellulose, and thus are not used for energy. Thus, they produce more oxygen then they need, but still need some.

    15 napja

    I cant believe you make photosynthesis hard to understand

  81. Jodi Cross
    Jodi Cross
    15 napja

    One huge oversight you made is that alien mushrooms probably don't work like mushrooms on earth they could breathe in uranium and breath out gold for all we know

  82. Diego Van der pennen
    Diego Van der pennen
    15 napja

    Plants wither is like minecraft say that

  83. super r
    super r
    16 napja


  84. TheAdvertisement
    16 napja

    0:38 Phineas with googly eyes is cursed.

  85. Arshish Balaporia
    Arshish Balaporia
    16 napja

    "Galactic travel inator" is just 🔥🔥

  86. Nicky Mejias
    Nicky Mejias
    16 napja

    so we are not breathing posion we are creating one greenhouse gas.

  87. Freddyc958
    16 napja

    the more u know in 6:00 - 6:20

  88. Type 99
    Type 99
    16 napja

    Assuming that those mushrooms are the same as Earths mushroom yes.

  89. CHTech Industries
    CHTech Industries
    16 napja

    Plants also make CO2, since they preform Cellular Respiration. They just make excess sugar, which we eat.

  90. Need For Sneed
    Need For Sneed
    16 napja

    I have a theory idea for you guys. Im currently watching Tom and Jerry (the originals) and there was a clip of Jerry lifting a puppy on the end of a easily 4ft spatula. TLDR: theory on how strong Jerry is and how that compares to other characters of other shows

  91. I’m no Idiot
    I’m no Idiot
    17 napja

    My brain after this video: 🤏

  92. Astro Menuisix
    Astro Menuisix
    17 napja

    Hum, the problem is that plants can't use the nitrogen in it's gaseous form. They have to depend on humans or microorganisme like bacteria and microspic mushrooms to harvest it and transform it into nitrate. That is why fertilizers are such a problem for rivers and lake since it encourage the algea to grow too much when they are suppose to.

  93. vizthex
    17 napja

    if I had a nickel for every time candance met aliens, I'd have like 3 nickels. which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened (at least) thrice

  94. Mr_SwitTaco
    17 napja

    Thank you 7th grade science, you really were useful today

  95. Dr. Shadow C.
    Dr. Shadow C.
    18 napja

    Me: Hears about a movie I haven’t watched Also Me: Contemplates if I should watch the video or the movie first.

  96. xdragon 01
    xdragon 01
    18 napja

    1:30 I'm pretty sure everyone rememberd Gravity Falls when he said : '' and only one can be the best ''

  97. Mori Is Missing
    Mori Is Missing
    18 napja

    Film theory: ruining childhoods since the beginning of time

  98. Stan Smith
    Stan Smith
    18 napja

    But their alien Mushrooms how do you know they work the same way earth Mushrooms do?

  99. Rob Armistead
    Rob Armistead
    18 napja

    This is like strangerville in sims 4

  100. Shayden Gillett
    Shayden Gillett
    19 napja

    theroy about milo murphy did cross over with pineas and ferb