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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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  1. EvanTubeGaming
    10 napja

    guess im the crying child guys

    1. Top Knotch
      Top Knotch
      10 napja

      I mean Evan made my childhood

    2. Train guy 1 A
      Train guy 1 A
      10 napja

      EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT

    3. Bettina Sherwood
      Bettina Sherwood
      10 napja

      if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british

    4. Bettina Sherwood
      Bettina Sherwood
      10 napja

      @Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story

    5. Sleepy Eliza
      Sleepy Eliza
      10 napja

      who u?

  2. Fnaf theories, animation shorts and gameplay
    Fnaf theories, animation shorts and gameplay

    M.O.R.T.Y THEORY His name is miull I think

  3. Sparky 111000
    Sparky 111000

    Man the mystery of lore behind it is awesome! 👏

  4. Dmitrij vladimirovs
    Dmitrij vladimirovs

    Morty Theorie:Fnaf Security breach is another universe and vanny is the wife from Afton!

  5. Damon Hoyle
    Damon Hoyle

    Bloon boy who is it ...

  6. hkohlerrr

    Little did Matt know, a new FNAF game trailer was released literally days after this

  7. Cry.Skull7

    Evan will do for now.

  8. Roblox History
    Roblox History
    2 órája

    oi I don't care just stick with the name. i have ben watching and thinking what the name about the c.c

  9. Rainbow KingYT
    Rainbow KingYT
    2 órája

    I have a theory u can look into = « micheal is the crying child ». I know why but I’d like you to test it ;)

  10. Fionn Monstyr
    Fionn Monstyr
    2 órája

    There is now ten books.. TEN. Look on amazon and see for yourself.

  11. Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith
    2 órája

    me when i see crying child: Hey it's Chris Afton!

  12. DJ Wolf Wild
    DJ Wolf Wild
    2 órája

    My life has been a lie 🥲 I thought the crying child’s name is Chris 🥲🥲🥲😆😆😆

  13. Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar
    3 órája

    Remember that the books are essentially an alternate version of the Fnaf story So what if the story of blackbird is just a telling of a story where the crying child never dies He lives a relatively normal life, sheltered by his older brother The crying child gets older and eventually gets told the truth, to keep him from having to deal with his fathers mess, Mike gets him to enlist in the military while he deals with the purple guy. Of course this is all just baseless speculation, no evidence supports thisbother then the brother being called Mike. But still food for thought

  14. Heroisch_Marciii YT
    Heroisch_Marciii YT
    3 órája

    New Trailer new Video...(Hopefully coming soon)

  15. Noellie Playz
    Noellie Playz
    3 órája

    NGL i just realized! Jeremy from FNaF VR Cut off his own face At a theory we just covered Jeremy being bonnie Withered bonnie has no face, and we knew that Jeremy cut of his own face Idk what is this but is a random thought

  16. Karate for Defence only
    Karate for Defence only
    3 órája

    What if William had four children?Michael,Elizabith,Evan and the crying child and Evan was probably never mentioned in FNAF because he was training to be in the military and Evan could’ve been the oldest child. HMMMmMmMmMmMmmMm

  17. LuleX
    4 órája

    Prepare for security breach mat :)

  18. HONER of avatarija
    HONER of avatarija
    4 órája

    MATPAT ,yes you ,listen. Can the stichwraith be the moon animatronic in security breach? Because they both look almost the same and both walk in a limping way?

  19. Xinyu Tiew
    Xinyu Tiew
    4 órája

    also matpat if u are reading this i have a few questions that i really need the answer(some u might answer already) 1. are the toys and phantoms possessed? 2.if they are possessed what are the soul names? 3.if the fnaf one soul got 'rip' in to parts(the souls) and theres very piece of them inside the funtimes then why all of them was in custom night? 4.then if william afton had kids then whos his wife? 5.when the nightmares used to be illusion and now flesh are they possessed by more souls? i know it sound funny but i just really want the answers also a lot of people said that chris afton is the crying child's name

  20. The Pioneering White
    The Pioneering White
    4 órája


  21. Aphoxtic
    4 órája

    These videos is why I unsubed. I miss the videos that were actually theorys and used brainpower.

  22. Melinda Mathison
    Melinda Mathison
    5 órája

    Wow I missed a lot of theories of fnaf

  23. King Cin
    King Cin
    5 órája

    Hey, I thought I'd just point out something. The name we gave the bite victim was just, "Crying child," right? I wasn't fully convinced his name was Evan either (for the most part it's because I'm so used of saying crying child lol,) but I decided to just search up the origin of the name "Evan" like what we did with the name Cassidy. For the name Cassidy, we learned that in Gaelic is meant curly-haired and therefore we were convinced. In Gaelic, the name Evan translates to "Youth" and overall youth is defined to exactly "A period between childhood and adult age" and childhood means child, right? So as far as I'm concerned, I'm convinced Evan is the Crying Child's real name. (Also, I recall somewhere in your videos you mentioned the golden Freddy vengeful spirit wore a crocodile mask, in security breach, there's supposedly a character called "Montgomery gator," right? Yes, yes alligators and crocodiles are different things, I just thought that was a cool detail cause I know Scott doesn't do coincidences...)

  24. Nancy Brooks
    Nancy Brooks
    6 órája

    His name is Chris Afton

  25. idk
    6 órája

    The crying child name is Christopher or for short Chris Afton. Also you can call him Evan too

    1. Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
      Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy

      Chris=fan made name

  26. Slurrrp
    6 órája

    Isn't it Christopher Afton? ( chris)

  27. Wattie Sloth
    Wattie Sloth
    6 órája

    Also William's wife is Clara Afton who when drives off a cliff and dies possessed Ballora

    1. Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
      Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy

      we know nothing about Mrs. Afton, and where did it say that she was Ballora? This is a theory, not all theories canon.

  28. Wattie Sloth
    Wattie Sloth
    6 órája

    No hate but isn't the name of the crying child Chris Afton. I figured it out in fnaf 4 i looked at the names of the Aftons and it said Chris Afton. Though this has not been solved i am pretty sure its Chris Afton because the only afton left on the list was chris, there is no chris in the family but there is a crying child Afton.

    1. Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
      Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy

      "Chris" is a fan-made name and has nothing to do with canon.

  29. JazzSpider
    6 órája

    Nostalgia's kickin in my dude. Beautiful

  30. KJ First
    KJ First
    6 órája

    Start at 3:33

  31. ArcanaA38
    6 órája

    The new fnaf security breach trailer is out and it has a lot of new things can you do a theory on it.

  32. SPY 47
    SPY 47
    6 órája

    Crying child's name is Christian Afton

  33. Mcgruff C
    Mcgruff C
    6 órája

    I got to redo ur timeline or at least talk about it

  34. The life Of Oscar
    The life Of Oscar
    6 órája

    Simon is the most the most creepy thing I’ve seen in all these videos

  35. Jip The Bean
    Jip The Bean
    7 órája

    Let’s face it, nobody can ACTUALLY solve fnaf, they can only get close... *kind of close, anyway*

  36. GORDON Goranov
    GORDON Goranov
    7 órája

    Maybe the crying child is a girl and her name is Eva???

  37. Julia Robinson
    Julia Robinson
    7 órája

    The careless tile intralysosomally cause because science biologically applaud amidst a meek millennium. incredible, tidy crook

  38. Eddy Earle
    Eddy Earle
    8 órája

    I thought the crying child was mickael afton?

    1. Albino Alien
      Albino Alien
      7 órája

      He absolutely isnt

  39. XxsoloddxX and tea party boy
    XxsoloddxX and tea party boy
    8 órája

    Here fun fact if I I found about nigthmare fredbear laugh when you speed it to x2,5 it sound like a male teenager laugh

  40. Görkem Can Atay
    Görkem Can Atay
    8 órája


  41. nightwalker 887
    nightwalker 887
    8 órája

    I wait for months for new videos😭

  42. Ayana Conway
    Ayana Conway
    8 órája

    He has so many names: Crying Child,C.C,Chris,Norman and finally Evan-

    1. Albino Alien
      Albino Alien
      7 órája

      Chris is a fan name

  43. Evan Stone
    Evan Stone
    8 órája

    Wow had to steal my name 😒

  44. Blaze Twentyfourseven
    Blaze Twentyfourseven
    9 órája

    Bowling for soup - 1985 fnaf remix ft Mat pat .... anyone?

  45. Yoyo legend
    Yoyo legend
    9 órája

    Wait it says Michael earns a lot of money he could be the owner of the new security breach location

    1. Yoyo legend
      Yoyo legend
      7 órája

      @Albino Alien oh

    2. Albino Alien
      Albino Alien
      7 órája

      Michael is dead

  46. Michael Ludwig
    Michael Ludwig
    9 órája

    Do we know what game Michael has the Logbook? Maybe then we can try and corrolate something for the tallies.

  47. GENOSAD's Variety Show
    GENOSAD's Variety Show
    10 órája

    0:07 - "And then the black kid behind me said 'AYO THIS N!GGA EATING BEANS!!'"

  48. yellojolly
    10 órája

    OK SO I DON'T HAVE A REDDIT SO I'M GONNA PUT THIS HERE BUT IN THE NEW SECURITY BREACH TRAILER WE MEET GREGORY RIGHT? WE'VE NEVER MET A GREGORY BEFORE THIS CORRECT? ok so here me out, what if Gregory is the kid that got caught in the time traveling ball pit? I'm not quite sure what this would mean for the lore or how it could throw off the timeline BUT it's a thought, I don't think we've seen a ball pit outside of the books yet and the Pizzaplex IS based off of the 80's glamrock aesthetic, if I'm not mistaken, the ball pit takes the child back to 1985. I don't quite remember if the book named the kid who got put Back in Time (TM) BUT even if they DID, not every story in the books are precisely what happens in the games, by which I mean they act more as parallel stories than a perfect record of what happened in the canon Fazbear universe. That being said, I'm writing this at like 10 pm and I woke up like 4 minutes ago but I hope what I'm suggesting makes sense and like I said, I'm not quite sure what this would do to the lore or the storyline but it's food for thought. Thanks for coming to my FREDTalk. edit: I wanted to post this because of all the like 7 videos I've watched about the new Security Breach trailer, no one has mentioned this and I figured it was somewhat important.

  49. Zachary Daniel Uy
    Zachary Daniel Uy
    10 órája

    Eyyyy it’s YIAY

  50. ordinary memer
    ordinary memer
    10 órája

    Gacha users be like: HiS NaME Is cHriS

  51. Michael Stiber
    Michael Stiber
    10 órája

    I’m so glad that fnaf is still popular. Puts a good smile on my face☺️

  52. Garrett Reince
    Garrett Reince
    10 órája

    maybe Evan couldn't remember the name so Michael helped him out.

  53. ThatOneRandom UnluckyPerson
    ThatOneRandom UnluckyPerson
    10 órája

    I know this is probably not gonna get any sort of attention at all but i have a “small theory” what if Vanny aka Vanessa was raised as a child by William Afton? Because in the 2nd trailer for FNAF Security Breach he says “ When I first found you, you were nothing. You were small. Pathetic. But now, you are more. Are you ready?” And now shes helping him trying to get back in the real world‬. Because as we know William Afton associates with the color purple and Vanessa has her nails painted purple and not only that but the teaser where is shows Vanessa with the words “Protect” on it is also purple so she Has to have some connection with William Afton maybe she sees him like a father figure since he DID that he found her. (But this is just what I “think” I could be completely wrong about everything who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️)

  54. cool
    10 órája

    The fnaf book "The cliffs" was released yesterday

  55. Gamerfox68
    10 órája

    In the new trailer a child’s name is gregory

  56. Renee Nguyen
    Renee Nguyen
    11 órája

    I been watchig alot of fan made fanf video and micheal in some cases is called Larence, but most people call him Micheal and some people call the crying child chris or evan

  57. KB Moreno
    KB Moreno
    11 órája

    2:02 literally me being confused to FNaF Lore and Timeline

  58. xX_RAGNAROK 125_Xx
    xX_RAGNAROK 125_Xx
    11 órája

    Wait wait I just thought of something remember when Scott was doing casting calls and with vengeful spirit it had to be a girl OR a boy was this Scott hitting this because of what matt was say the Golden freddy animatronic may have 2 souls one girl and one boy

  59. Raila Fiel Digman
    Raila Fiel Digman
    11 órája

    its chris

    1. Albino Alien
      Albino Alien
      7 órája

      Thats a stupid fanmade name

    2. rꪖiꪀ
      11 órája

      How would you know?

  60. amezu
    11 órája

    Everyone: we don’t know crying child’s name The gacha community: C h r i s

    1. Johnny Bedico
      Johnny Bedico
      2 órája

      Yep 100% cringe

    2. • S H X R I A N • C U T I E •
      • S H X R I A N • C U T I E •
      5 órája

      It's just a fanmade name

    3. Albino Alien
      Albino Alien
      7 órája

      @Inkypinz Lol Chris is a different character unrelated to the bite victim

    4. Inkypinz Lol
      Inkypinz Lol
      7 órája

      it has chris in the cliffs

  61. Brennan Taylor
    Brennan Taylor
    11 órája

    Simon is a doll what looks like a doll in fnaf puppet he mite have a connection

    1. Albino Alien
      Albino Alien
      7 órája

      Those 2 have no connections

  62. Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia
    11 órája

    The crying child name is GREGORY

  63. Main One
    Main One
    11 órája

    Coincidence I think not

  64. Main One
    Main One
    11 órája

    Hey my name is Evan

  65. Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia
    11 órája

    Hey I'ma give you something in the new trailer you can see when gregory was looking in cam you can see that they have the same stripes so which that means that crying child is GREGORY

  66. TAB206
    12 órája

    Why does mat sound like pennywise in the beginning

  67. Anthony The Man
    Anthony The Man
    12 órája

    Lol people have been going about fnaf it’s been what more than 6 years?😂

  68. Fucking riot
    Fucking riot
    12 órája

    I have a little theory of my own: People always push Fnaf World away but it has some hidden lore Like Glitch trap was presented to us before Hell Wanted V.R “Malhare” so that brings a lot of questions Also I don’t know if you knew and it’s not really Fnaf World but in Custom night you can do a glitch that brings you into Old man consequences lake and if you fiddle with the sounds in the background you can hear William screaming for mike and Henry while he hell.

  69. Felicia Cox
    Felicia Cox
    12 órája

    Crying child's name is Chris afton

  70. mujtaba naseem
    mujtaba naseem
    12 órája

    dude what if sid kick fred baer was chasiddy

  71. goddess_ lily08
    goddess_ lily08
    12 órája

    hay something odd happened to me in the new fnaf AR special delivery when your hunting for remnet its norml tho my old famliy members are always in pain and thare was way more remnet then my dads house and remnet is made by human pain and agony so mabye fnaf is becomeing real (this has happened meny times before i told you guys this)

  72. Rocket Racoon
    Rocket Racoon
    12 órája

    I hate the Cassidy photo. Every time. I wish he used a different one

  73. Freddy plush studios
    Freddy plush studios
    13 órája

    Matt 20 years later:wow we still haven't solved fnaf lore yet???????

  74. Behind The setup
    Behind The setup
    13 órája

    The answer is probably right in front of us and we don’t know

  75. Yura Gnevashev
    Yura Gnevashev
    13 órája

    Hi, guys. Can anybody tell me who is ennard (molten freddy, funtime anim) i mean without purpleguy wife thing. Why he went on heaven? It's mean he was good before dead? How many souls in ennard and who are these people?

  76. The Animated Exoskeleton
    The Animated Exoskeleton
    13 órája

    It’s in putting off this video for so long and I still haven’t this at the time I’m writing this comment, and honestly I think it’s because I just don’t fnaf want to be over. Whenever he sees the final theory or we solved fnaf it makes me concerned that this dream, this amazing wonderful thing is actually over and eventually it will be. It just makes me think and makes me sad To think that it’s going to be over one day, and haw it came from a small, one room game to a humongous Fandom and community with the new game filled with lor and open room it. I remember seeing the security breach trailer and I started crying to see how beautiful the animatronics in the graphics were. And the music just hit so hard and my nostalgia flu flew through the roof hearing Balorus remix and the first jingle that Freddy song at the end and it just really makes you think. It’s sad and amazing to see how far we came and because one day this will all be over, this dream willing this beautiful masterpiece will stop, so we have to do enjoy it while it last!!!!!

  77. Noah Proft
    Noah Proft
    13 órája

    Sub to mrbeast

  78. bat c4t
    bat c4t
    13 órája

    Joking theory but if anyone wants to do research I request you add "bleep bloop" in the title of wherever you post it: Scott doesn't want us to get stopped, he likes watching us scratch our heads and furrow our brows. He hired some people to add hint or theories that don't quite make sense but still push is forward whenever he thinks we're getting stuck.

  79. Gabriel Sparkz
    Gabriel Sparkz
    13 órája

    4chan would've done all of this in a year but Reddit did it in a month or lower.

  80. Gabriel Sparkz
    Gabriel Sparkz
    13 órája


  81. The Gongoozler
    The Gongoozler
    13 órája

    It is NOT chris I repeat NOT CHRIS

  82. King Clout
    King Clout
    13 órája

    That intro was amazing

  83. Justice Graves
    Justice Graves
    13 órája

    As someone who has never played a FNaF game, but saw this by chance and happen to have worked with children and understand use of language, I have a theory that might help you guys. I haven’t seen this brought up yet, so I figure I’d give an outside perspective. What we know: Cassidy is one of the spirits with Crying Child; they are disoriented in a single body not of their own; they clearly can interact with other, but in limited ways - both with each other and the physical world (the book series supports this with the Stitchwraith story-line being clearly related). As the logbook has been analyzed in this and a few videos I’ve seen, I’ve noticed everyone assumes that Cassidy is asking questions and talking first, and Crying Child is responding last to a question Cassidy asks. I don’t think that’s true; I think it is a true back and forth conversation as they figure out what is going on inside of their shared body. Meaning: in the book Crying Child is stating he is scared (“I am scared:”), and Cassidy asks a question about his parents (“Do you miss them?”) in response to that statement, I.e. Cassidy is asking a question in response to what Crying Child is emotionally experiencing. What we see in the book is only some of their internal dialogue as they struggle with communication. As someone who has worked with children, yes, they can respond in both directions (either Cassidy asks the question first or last) and it makes sense: young children are direct, older children ask more indirect questions to direct events as their command of language improves. Cassidy clearly has a better command of language, and we know she died in ‘85 (Crying Child was very young at his death via the games showing that, plus he died earlier in the year of ‘83, i.e. she is probably older and probably more assertive than Crying Child with respect to their stunted ages and psychological developments at the time of death. Use that to your advantage. We also know time is also fluid in this series, but also that the logbook is a print book and this existed in itself entirely at the moment the spirits would have started to communicate with each other. Don’t assume the earlier a response is in the book, it indicates who asked or said something first. These are children with a limited command of language anyway by their age alone, ignoring the death part. If you know the psychology you can understand the dialogue. Golden Freddy is very “two-faced” and has a separate game mechanic to where he is passive most of the time.... until he isn’t (showing the dichotomy between the two souls and what they control at any given time). Remember: Cawthon is a father, so he would be used to - and be able to logically reason through experience and repetition talking to his children - that this is how children talk and respond, in both directions of a conversation. Especially if one is older than the other and has a slightly better command of language and sass. The only idea I’m willing to play with is this: 1) Mike writes in the book and the spirits talk as he is writing, 2) The spirits talk in the book after Mike writes, and 3) The spirits use the book to communicate years before Mike uses the book. All of that is possible and could have influenced Mike’s responses, notes, and scratch marks in subtle - but logical - ways. Knowing that, I think the best way to look at the earlier conversation goes like this: * I am scared -> Do you miss them? * I can’t hear Do you still hear him? (this makes sense by my earlier assertions, but most likely Cassidy is asking the question as a response to Crying Child’s earlier statement) * It was for me The party was for you (it can go either way logically, either Cassidy asserts a statement first, or says it last to clarify what Crying Child is saying) * I can’t see What do you see? (This can logically go both ways upon thinking deeper. Cassidy could be asking what Crying Child is seeing in place of not being able to see outside of the robotic shell). As I write this out, I actually think it is more likely Cassidy is responding to text changes that Crying Child arranged in the logbook before she died and merged with him (Crying Child died before the MCI, so this makes sense that he said things before Cassidy, even if Cassidy may be older). I think Cassidy is responding to let Crying Child know she now exists with him, since I think he make those statements after his death and before Cassidy died and merged and wrote his fears and worried in the logbook. It makes sense when you consider Cassidy never gets a direct answer as to what Crying Child’s name is. That’s out of style for what Crying Child is actually doing in the logbook earlier in it’s print text. That’s just my outside thoughts on this. Let me know what you think.

    14 órája

    since the crying child maybe the name of crying child starts with a c

  85. ZippyPlayz
    14 órája

    The crying child's name is Chris Afton

  86. cryin chile
    cryin chile
    14 órája

    what if the crying child is gregory their is no proof that i know of but it is just a what if i sound stupid lmao

  87. Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez
    14 órája

    I believe that Henry is still alive, and that the location in Sister Location is Henry's laboratory. I always believe orange guy in the midnight motorist mini game is Henry going to the scene of the crime which is Jrs then to his home. Finally I believe it's Henry, not Cassidy, who is the one writing in faded text in the survival logbook to his son, the Crying Child. Which would make Michael the Crying Childs brother. I believe this because Henry was killed by a robot he created if I'm not mistaken, during his time of grief and agony. Agony which in one of the books is stated to be the essence which brings the animatronics to life, it's in one of the epilogues in the the fazbear frights series. I feel strongly that the Sister location is Henry's laboratory because in one of the three orginal books Charlotte crawled up from the underground to discover she was in her dad's house, her house, Henry's house. I think the Orange guy in midnight motorist is Henry and that Jrs is the crime scene because He's driving probably because he caught wind that something happened at that location and was racing to find out but was turned away because he worked for the company and employees were under investigation so he went home probably figuring he'll learn more in the morning but realized his youngest son escaped to his favorite place, Jrs, which by the way I believe is a fazbear location. And this is why in fnaf 4 you see the lonely freddy plush aka golden freddy plush or psychic friend fred bear, which is discovered to be a surveillance camera with a 2 way mic in it. Which makes me think it was Henry speaking to him in that game similar to what's done in one of the stories in the fazbear fright book, I believe number 6. And the reason Henry would ask these questions is because his son got his head bit and I'm there was some memory loss. Mind you at this time, Henry is presumably dead and is probably using some voice altering technology to sound more younger or friendly. One more thing, is that the lonely freddy says "I'll put you back together again" something he did with Charlotte in the books. I feel Henry is in the logbook is because the same questions are asked in the logbook in faded text and the Crying Child answers back maybe realizing it's the same things asked to him before he passed in fnaf 4. Now I know it's a stretch but to me it's clear that in the logbook Mike is just filling it out. Writing his experience working at the pizzeria. And another thing that makes me think that Mike or Michael is Henry's son and not an Afton is because in the game he just says Michael and in the logbook he only writes Mike, no last name given just like Henry and Charlotte. At this point, I'm just speculating and throwing my thoughts on the wall, but if this is the case, it just makes much more sense than having William Afton, a murderer of children, trying to redeem himself to later wanting to be immortal, I don't think that makes much sense but Henry trying to rebuild his family, broken by his friend/co worker William and trying to stop William from obtaining his goal of immortality and spree of murders for his family and other kids who suffered at his hand and for Mike who wants to make amends for the prank gone bad, just makes much more sense. I'm sure there's holes in this "theory" but I believe this, and I think, maybe it could be the view needed to figure out key clues like the Crying Childs name. Idk just saiyan.

  88. Kaleb Keller
    Kaleb Keller
    14 órája

    I think I remember something that was mentioned, that william had accomplices for his murders So does that mean there is a purple cadre of child killers out there?

  89. alientree
    14 órája

    Just a question for the logbook... why was there an entire section on how to operate springlocks? I mean the logbook seems to take place around fnaf 1 or 2, and in those games there isn't a section about putting on a suit? Maybe that section was for Afton. just a theory. A GAME THEORY!!!

  90. Lil Pinky
    Lil Pinky
    14 órája

    I got a game theory I think I know who the crying child it could be Andrew and I think that he could be possessing the animatronic that in the new fnaf game Gator.

  91. Tired Person
    Tired Person
    14 órája

    I'm watching this becuase I want to Understand all the "undertale reacts to fnaf memes" because I'm thoroughly confused Edit: I've watched the whole thing. This intrigues me

  92. Karla Martinez
    Karla Martinez
    15 órája

    I thought it was chris

  93. Junior Gutierrez
    Junior Gutierrez
    15 órája

    Matpat was in FNAF the musical

  94. Tony ChieffoJr
    Tony ChieffoJr
    15 órája

    PETSCOP PETSCOP PETSCOP!!!!! We need new videos!!! Keep it going!!!!! I just binged the playlist but I need mooooorrreee!!!

  95. WinterToad Gaming
    WinterToad Gaming
    15 órája

    What is phone guys name we know every other main persons name

  96. emo girl xx
    emo girl xx
    15 órája

    Is Chris-

  97. Mr Blank
    Mr Blank
    15 órája

    You know we do not know the names of the kids in phantom Freddy and Bonnie

  98. The Galactic E
    The Galactic E
    15 órája

    Ive looked thru a few things and i thought why not find someone in a show or film called evan that takes really bad head damage and there are a few even one referring to young child/teen taking some bad head damage i will edit if i find anything else out. Only just started but this could help

  99. Froggie Fusion
    Froggie Fusion
    15 órája

    Can I just say Gregory could be a recreation of crying child (or the same person) what I mean by this is Gregory could be the crying child PUT BACK TOGETHER

  100. Idk what to put :3
    Idk what to put :3
    15 órája

    In the new trailer for security breach at the end I just realized that there are arcades if you brightened it enough and in fnaf 3 glitchtrap is in a game that's probably in a arcade and in the trailer glitchtrap is coming out of a arcade that you can see in the trailer.