Heart of the Swarm - All Easter eggs

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In this video you will see all the easter eggs from the campaign of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.
If you find a new easter egg, please send me a message ;)

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  1. Nmar No
    Nmar No
    18 napja

    How do protoss eat i mean up their asses?

  2. Reuben Manzo
    Reuben Manzo

    0:45 6 years? I thought it was 4.

  3. Sam mem maN
    Sam mem maN

    Who knew Zweihaka would grew of this hand

  4. Jethro Learns
    Jethro Learns

    kinda ironic how zerglings are monsters of death but are literally allergic to lemon juice

  5. Christian Loper
    Christian Loper

    You missed a few, but good job. Thanks for making this.

  6. Rhajat-Tharja

    Why is the strange creature an easter egg?

  7. KELLSCAR the chosen
    KELLSCAR the chosen
    2 hónapja

    Haha I got a red bull add just as the pylonraid came on.

  8. Masked Creator
    Masked Creator
    2 hónapja

    These are all really cute and it makes me happy to see them

  9. Brandrex
    2 hónapja

    I just realized Abathur 1 shoots Larvas :O

  10. eaglebach
    2 hónapja

    You wait seven years and Dehaka’s arm grows into his brother

  11. Skelsington
    2 hónapja

    The second one. What reference am I missing here?

  12. Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
    Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
    2 hónapja

    Are ya able to attack Dehaka? If so what happens if you do? Loo

  13. Tynado
    2 hónapja

    I’m pretty sure if you pause the blizzard animation again at the right time where it has the text, you can see more of them

  14. Khalid Fawaz
    Khalid Fawaz
    2 hónapja

    8:20 lol didn't expect that 😆lol

  15. Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake
    2 hónapja

    If you move in timed banelings on waking the ancient dehaka won’t move

  16. john doe
    john doe
    3 hónapja

    You have earned my "like" but not my subscription (yet). 🙃

  17. okuyasu nijimura
    okuyasu nijimura
    3 hónapja

    I dont get old habits die hard someone tell me please i dont get it

  18. Linkforlife199
    3 hónapja

    That is one ballsy marine, attacking over a dozen ultralisks for destroying his car.

  19. xRaiderX5
    3 hónapja

    Hello people of the algorithm

  20. Preder Nation
    Preder Nation
    3 hónapja

    *Because it's not a game, Kate. This is a scale model of war. Every war ever fought right there in front of you. Because it's always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who's going to die. You don't know who's children are going to scream and burn. How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood will spill until everybody does what they're always going to have to do from the very beginning -- sit down and talk! Listen to me, listen. I just -- I just want you to think. Do you know what thinking is? It's just a fancy word for changing your mind.*

  21. Jenchi Plays
    Jenchi Plays
    3 hónapja

    Kerrigan call of your.. drones?? You're attacking with drones? Kerrigan, this is NOT a game. Kerrigan: it is, it's called a *GAME OF DRONES*

  22. Inquisitor
    3 hónapja

    Larva: exists Abathur: *snacc*

  23. funkie1221
    3 hónapja

    1:30 what is that thing?

  24. Kyza
    3 hónapja

    “ Well, it still looks good after 6 years." would be a much better line.

  25. Sander
    3 hónapja

    1:05 hold the camera still for 2 fucking seconds, man, holy shit

  26. The XD
    The XD
    3 hónapja

    6:07 how can you spin your screen like that?

  27. Allecs Gaut
    Allecs Gaut
    3 hónapja

    OK the protoss kitchen only makes sense if it is for the creatures kept in stasis

  28. Allecs Gaut
    Allecs Gaut
    3 hónapja

    I love Drone line, hilarious

  29. David Livingston
    David Livingston
    3 hónapja

    Who are the girl and two wolves during the roach evolution mission supposed to be!???

  30. TheRocketdrive
    4 hónapja

    0:35 I dont get what the joke is about. can someone explain?

  31. Joshua Roque
    Joshua Roque
    4 hónapja

    Lmao terrans have thor/odin, minotaur class battle cruisers and other powerful stuffs but their enemy's weakness are just lEmOn juice.

  32. darek klich
    darek klich
    5 hónapja

    The truthful food cytochemically cure because shampoo lily waste aboard a tidy pipe. ordinary, zesty den

  33. Hoang Quynh Phuong
    Hoang Quynh Phuong
    5 hónapja

    The draconian death shortly taste because scent prominently appear athwart a demonic product. fast, sticky lilac

  34. Christofer Yonathan
    Christofer Yonathan
    5 hónapja

    6:41 I sent many overlords there and he looks like attacking my overlord

  35. mikołaj kuliński
    mikołaj kuliński
    5 hónapja

    but why protoss have kitchen? he dont have ANYTHING OF FACE WITHOUT EYES i have many questions about protoss

  36. StormStrike_7
    6 hónapja

    New Easter egg! On the second mission back in the saddle, keep clicking on Kerrigan and she becomes self-aware.

    1. StormStrike_7
      6 hónapja

      Which is in hots

    2. StormStrike_7
      6 hónapja

      And plus I said it was the mission back in the saddle

    3. StormStrike_7
      6 hónapja

      @#MIaSMa# If i was talking about a different campaign I would have commented on his other videos

    4. #MIaSMa#
      6 hónapja

      which campaign?

  37. kennova fast forward
    kennova fast forward
    6 hónapja

    8:25 he returns in legacy of the void

  38. Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
    Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
    7 hónapja

    2:35 I'k like to see that coloring for a cnc red alert remake

    1. Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
      Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
      7 hónapja

      ..for the minerals

  39. Joshua Nora
    Joshua Nora
    7 hónapja

    Imagine that Dehaka could have killed ur drones from the back

  40. XAVIER Bulli
    XAVIER Bulli
    8 hónapja

    This has been in my recommended feed for over 4 years, hopefully now that I watch it, it will finally be gone

  41. kennova fast forward
    kennova fast forward
    8 hónapja

    Terran biomass is our shit??? well i can see why zerg doesnt want our biomass

  42. Brett Stevens (Vandorian)
    Brett Stevens (Vandorian)
    9 hónapja

    Anyone know which Protoss theme thst is playing between 0:30 and 0:50?

    9 hónapja

    8:23 I feel bad for the guy..

  44. filipzajac
    9 hónapja

    09:03 some guys face appears briefly

  45. daab889
    10 hónapja

    9:07 This guy is Doctor Cornelius Evazan. You can find him on a bar on Mos Eisley

  46. Furlow Torent
    Furlow Torent
    10 hónapja

    Guess I would had to played some the games to get the easter eggs. Like the Maye, Onix and Diamond one, I got no clue where it's from.

  47. Spexor da
    Spexor da
    10 hónapja

    xD I didn't knew that HotS have so funny easter eggs!

  48. Potato person
    Potato person
    10 hónapja

    1:33 Did you just assume that larva's economic status

  49. Matt Dee
    Matt Dee
    10 hónapja

    You mean "All Easter larva"?

  50. Happy Slappy
    Happy Slappy
    10 hónapja

    9:12 Star Wars? XD

  51. Happy Slappy
    Happy Slappy
    10 hónapja

    No wonder Game Designers are so pressured for time. They're dicking around making Easter eggs XD XD

  52. Happy Slappy
    Happy Slappy
    10 hónapja

    I love Abathur. Not sure why. Maybe it's the voice. He's just super cool. Totally doesn't give a shit.

  53. Ryan Lin
    Ryan Lin
    11 hónapja

    abathur eats larva on his homescreen model too

  54. Raios Ephi
    Raios Ephi
    11 hónapja

    If you can transmute Dehaka's right arm and Wirt's leg...

  55. TheLightGrenade
    11 hónapja

    I don’t think the dehaka strange creature thing is an Easter egg rather than foreshadow

  56. Divine
    11 hónapja

    Can anyone explain the "old habits die hard" easter egg?

    1. Chris Hansen
      Chris Hansen
      10 hónapja

      it's just stand there at the start and do nothing and after some time the characters start talking. Their convo is a reference to SC1 where in an early mission kerrigan reads raynor's mind as he thinks dirty things and she calls him out on it.

  57. Nova Bella
    Nova Bella
    11 hónapja

    i.imgur.com/aSjp8oD.png What the heck is going on here?

  58. Teh Foxx
    Teh Foxx
    11 hónapja

    Wasn't the prisoner Sones, J a reference to Jason and the friday the 13th movies? seeing as there are 12 movies and that prisoner had a death sentence in 12 systems

  59. Jacob Skarda
    Jacob Skarda
    11 hónapja

    I just found a new Easter egg! It's a small one, but one nonetheless. On the final mission of char, if you destroy the final cannon with only banelings, a voice line will play where a Marines says "So, many, banelings." It's not a shout or anything like that, he just says it with fear

  60. 临高
    11 hónapja

    what is the meaning of the old habit egg? Does Raynor have the habit to wait very long before mission?

  61. xXxMattheo_ MendezxXx
    xXxMattheo_ MendezxXx
    11 hónapja

    Btw wait until 1:50 minutes for the old habits die hard secret

  62. Questionable Object
    Questionable Object
    11 hónapja

    There's another prisoner who's crime was an unpaid parking ticket.

  63. Shelley McRae
    Shelley McRae
    11 hónapja

    1:41 “mmm protein”

  64. Kennechi Sy
    Kennechi Sy
    11 hónapja

    Damn. Dehaka was a stalker.

  65. ElMarcusch
    11 hónapja

    Waaait. Is wyld wyngs must be a reference to lynyrd skynyrd, the band that first played sweet home alabama. Amazing

  66. iMiraZuke

    *Minecraft:* Herobrine Watches you *Starcraft 2:* Dehaka watches you.

    1. Roni Idica
      Roni Idica
      8 hónapja

      Give him some essence (@^@)

    2. Emi Arafat
      Emi Arafat
      10 hónapja

      How put a petiton to have a map in versus where Dehaka watch one of us?

  67. Baelor

    Damn, imagine if Kerrigan picked up Frostmourne/put on the Lich King's armour. Lich Queen of the Swarm. Also imagine if the Swarm got a hold of Diablo... I feel like he'd be immune to infestation.. but if they did manage to get some of his "essence"... the Zerg would be even more absolutely horrifying.

  68. Clack Tloc
    Clack Tloc

    1:40 >:0000 a child asassin , DIEEE ABATHUR, TRAITOOR

  69. JaJa的奇妙邏輯 _YT_
    JaJa的奇妙邏輯 _YT_


  70. ashryver

    I love the second easter egg. Such a low key naughty joke. Raynor spawns behind her, she's wearing her tight body suit, and the player goes afk for a time (to fap it up).

  71. Platon Elenin
    Platon Elenin

    Another egg: Maya is Swedish Greta. LOL

  72. Facunndo Leonel Quintero
    Facunndo Leonel Quintero

    F car

  73. Nova Terra 501st
    Nova Terra 501st

    🤣😂 Hahaha!

  74. Guilmon -
    Guilmon -

    2:56 “You’re saying there’s a multiverse?”

  75. Black hole
    Black hole

    blog.naver.com/7heppy7 We made it well. (WOW)

  76. fedja fedorov
    fedja fedorov

    drones? lol!)

  77. CRY0RAPT0R

    Kerrigan this is not a game. Ha he sure called that one.

  78. ThunderHaven AE
    ThunderHaven AE

    In the mission to retrieve Col. Orlan from Mira Han to save Jim Raynor, you use use stations to build automated wraiths, when zoomed in they are the models from the first Starcraft game along with its perspective towards the starcraft 1 cuscene involving the same type of wraith blowing up a satellite.

  79. Bong Bong
    Bong Bong

    Press f to pay respect to marine who lost his car

    1. Roblox Whitty
      Roblox Whitty
      25 napja

      Not f

  80. an Đỗ
    an Đỗ
    2 évvel

    Pause at 9:03 you will see something special

    2 évvel

    9:02 what the fuck?

  82. Danish mapper
    Danish mapper
    2 évvel

    8:22 poor marine

  83. Alex Stauffer
    Alex Stauffer
    2 évvel

    Those Dehaka ones are really cool. It means that he's been evaluating you during your missions and didn't just "show up". He's been seeing if you're worthy of learning about, stalking, and eventually (presumably) inheriting from. I also hope that the Dehaka's left arm is a reference to the writ's leg from Diablo. [For some reason I keep thinking of it as his right leg, so diagonally across would be the left arm. However, an exhaustive (read, cursory) internet search reveals no specific handedness (footedness?) attributed to the leg.]

  84. brain bomb
    brain bomb
    2 évvel

    A lemon a day keeps the Zerglings away

    1. Jaymondo
      11 hónapja

      Nice rhyme

  85. IrishRepoMan
    2 évvel

    I don't get the second one. There's no indication as to what he did.

    1. Adam Wargocki
      Adam Wargocki
      2 évvel

      Reference to book Liberty's Crusade and the first meeting between Reynor and Kerrigan. Basically she slaped and called him a pig after she had read his thoughts (some dirty imagination about him and her having "fun time" :D ).

  86. szylaj
    2 évvel

    0:40 i dont get it :(

    1. Adam Wargocki
      Adam Wargocki
      2 évvel

      Reference to book Liberty's Crusade and the first meeting between Reynor and Kerrigan. Basically she slaped and called him a pig after she had read his mind (some dirty imagination about him and her having fun time :D).

  87. Onarass
    2 évvel

    I don't see how that is the Lich kings armour. Maybe it's to small for me to notice.

  88. Sol Invictus
    Sol Invictus
    2 évvel

    In the second one I thought ew because of the hair but then I remembered how woman from the ghetto do their hair. Guess some people are attracted to ugly

  89. Balthazar Mayrena
    Balthazar Mayrena
    2 évvel

    Heart of the Swarm was the best

  90. Aaron Lyon
    Aaron Lyon
    2 évvel

    Only if I knew where these Easter eggs were from.

  91. Shalko
    2 évvel

    How did you make this video?obs?

  92. Name
    2 évvel

    *leaves arm behind* *arms is still there* *nothing ate his arm though?*

  93. MusicByproduct
    2 évvel

    Make a worker attack the Tastelope, you get one hit in, then it gains insane move speed and keeps running away from your worker. I lost a lot of time watching this amazed at the middle of a game haha.

  94. Felipe Henrique
    Felipe Henrique
    2 évvel

    2:44 who is Maye?

  95. Mr. Chibiterasu
    Mr. Chibiterasu
    2 évvel

    If I were a marine, and saw 6 giant creatures with claws the size of a small boat destroy my car, the last thing I’d do is run outside and open fire on them with a rifle.

  96. Locus Corvus wed
    Locus Corvus wed
    2 évvel

    TICUS xd 8:50 XD

  97. Locus Corvus wed
    Locus Corvus wed
    2 évvel

    KILLER DRONES! 0:18 xd

  98. Dale Hopkins
    Dale Hopkins
    2 évvel

    9:09, Star Wars Reference

  99. buggermcbugler
    2 évvel

    around 9:03 a frame of Sean "Day[9]" Plott shows up... just thought that was weird and wanted to share

  100. Balázs Fényes
    Balázs Fényes
    2 évvel

    What the fuck is maye, onyx and jewel?