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When you’re limited you get creative - Welcome to my Homeoffice.
►Go Behind the Scenes www.redbull.com/fabioshomeoffice
Hope you’re all staying safe and make the best out of that crazy time.
Thanks to the best roommates out there! Hannes, Marius, Jonas & Laura. It's been such a laugh :)

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Cheers, Fabio


  1. Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer

    Hope you all enjoyed the video! Which scene was your favourite? ►Check out the behind the scenes clip here: www.redbull.com/fabioshomeoffice

    1. Thorkild Baadsager
      Thorkild Baadsager


    2. Christian Steffen
      Christian Steffen
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      You are germany or Englisch?

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      LiCo MTB
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      Hey nice!!! I am the 500. reply

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      Giuseppe Zappia
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      Hey fabyo wibmer

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    Cathy Regnier
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    Mets-moi un truc de BMX

  3. 🇮 🇱 🇦 🇾 ;)
    🇮 🇱 🇦 🇾 ;)
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    Listen bro you are a champion like you from you I learned everything ❤

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    Harsh Gaming
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  5. Frey Fahren, Fahrschule
    Frey Fahren, Fahrschule
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    Thx for your Action Fabio 👍🚗🏍🐄

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    Tobias G.
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    Dieses Video muss man gesehen haben

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    quero lo k fumas amigo

  8. Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos
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    How could the girl have much confidence in him?

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    Abdul's Cycles
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    wowwww greatnesss

  10. sharad jadhav
    sharad jadhav
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    What a balanced dude unbelievable...

  11. Zynx-_- Op
    Zynx-_- Op
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    You can do anything on a bike a human body can do

  12. gregor gamer 3000
    gregor gamer 3000
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    Is it hard to do?

  13. KK C
    KK C
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    So clever

  14. francis angelo
    francis angelo
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    Best bikers

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    Brandon Bast
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  20. Claudia Acevedo Germani
    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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  21. Claudia Acevedo Germani
    Claudia Acevedo Germani
    8 napja

    Hola Soy Julieta cómo estás Fabio mi dinero

  22. Frederik Estermann
    Frederik Estermann
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    1. Frederik Estermann
      Frederik Estermann
      9 napja

      Du bist so nice

  23. gAmErs
    9 napja

    I was worried about something every second!!!

  24. Imran Gasanin
    Imran Gasanin
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    WOW 🤯

  25. Phil & Deborah Anderson
    Phil & Deborah Anderson
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    1. Phil & Deborah Anderson
      Phil & Deborah Anderson
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      I like 👍🏼

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    Tiny Trekker Vlogs
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    Insane creativity. 😎😎😎😎

  28. Tadeáš Pejřimovský
    Tadeáš Pejřimovský
    11 napja

    4:08 is most beautiful moment in video

  29. Steve Preece
    Steve Preece
    11 napja

    Best video ever Fabio. You are so inspiring to my daughter. Keep up the good work. Excellent! 🚲

  30. Sevinç AÇIKGÖZ
    Sevinç AÇIKGÖZ
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    Adam olun

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    nimetle oyun olmaz bacanak

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      Ne bekliyonuz gardaş

  32. Renato Gomes
    Renato Gomes
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    isso e falso purque as latas naoiam aguentar com tatnto peso

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    F R I G H T
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    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    Perdón Fabi a ver decirte cállate ya

  41. Claudia Acevedo Germani
    Claudia Acevedo Germani
    17 napja

    Hola Fabio Widmer dice With cómo se dice hola en alemán qué no te entendimos nada lo que hablaste aunque sea nosotros nosotros no nos entiendas no se dime tú si alguien te ayude de nuevo ella cállate

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  45. Claudia Acevedo Germani
    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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  47. Claudia Acevedo Germani
    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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  50. Claudia Acevedo Germani
    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    Claudia Acevedo Germani
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    maria di chiara
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    23 napja

    I enjoy watching this also the behind the scenes

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    zainudeen zainu
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    Fatal SlowTracks
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