How Apple Created A Billion Dollar Market For Dongles

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If you bought a computer or a phone in the last 5 years, you know what a dongle is. Apple, Belkin and other accessory companies have created a huge market for these dongles, which is estimated by Facts and Factors to bring in more than $25 billion by 2027. But with wireless tech constantly on the heals of adapters like these, companies that once made most of their money on dongles are investing in the future of device connections.

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Apple Created A Big Market For Dongles


  1. ClumsyCora
    7 órája

    Gotta say this is hurting the forgetful humans like me

  2. ThreeIdiotsInaVan

    You start out with a nice, portable device, then by the time you add all the stuff you need to it, and all of that wire spaghetti, your portable device isn't so portable anymore. Better to make the device a little bulkier, but have everything you need on it.

  3. Darin Herrick
    Darin Herrick
    3 napja

    In truth, there should be zero dongles. Wireless charging and wireless connectivity for everything.

  4. Darin Herrick
    Darin Herrick
    3 napja

    And THIS is why everything isn't wireless.

  5. Joe Duke
    Joe Duke
    5 napja

    Apple needs money... more money... more more money!

  6. Callum Carter
    Callum Carter
    7 napja

    lovely practical video, I was introduced to my professional broker Mrs Kathrine Anderson sometime during the lockdown this has really turned out a massive blessing

    1. Dylan Milligan
      Dylan Milligan
      7 napja

      @Callum Carter thanks

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      Ishmael McCarthy
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    3. Callum Carter
      Callum Carter
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      Imogen Short
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    5. Dylan Milligan
      Dylan Milligan
      7 napja

      I have been hearing of Mrs Anderson and her exploits in trading world, how can I reach her???

  7. Alice Root
    Alice Root
    8 napja

    The divergent thought intialy hop because noise systemically groan up a omniscient need. screeching, voiceless feast

  8. MrBread0000
    13 napja

    Buy a VIAO.

  9. Conor Clarke
    Conor Clarke
    15 napja

    I'm surprised the apple fanboy's and fangirls aren't rushing to defend apple rn 😂

  10. Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke
    16 napja

    just get dongles from other manufacturers and not from Apple, the same function, but a lot cheaper. Dongles have advantages because you just have to unplug on cable when going mobile. Never buy Apple accessories unless you have an Apple fetish and enough money.

  11. madbug1965
    18 napja

    Chrome books don't have an Ethernet port so I had to buy an Ethernet dongle. WTF. All laptops have built in Ethernet ports.

  12. DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
    18 napja

    Bring back the headphone jack.

  13. James Masters
    James Masters
    20 napja

    Dongles....seriously how 2012....

  14. Grant Kim
    Grant Kim
    20 napja

    The word "Dongle" what I know is more like license dongles like iLok or eLicenser more than "Adapters".

  15. Trey Anders
    Trey Anders
    21 napja

    I'm a apple shareholder and I never buy any apple products. To all those loyal apple customers thank you, suckers

  16. Victor L
    Victor L
    21 napja

    I heard Tim Cook has a small dongle. The thinnest.

  17. La vita casuale di Baha
    La vita casuale di Baha
    21 napja

    this is a peasant (Apple) joke that I'm too rich (Windows) to understand.

  18. Ebrahim Lodi
    Ebrahim Lodi
    22 napja

    One simple solution to all your problems is to not but an apple product

  19. Ebrahim Lodi
    Ebrahim Lodi
    22 napja

    The worst thing is every other tech companies follow Apple.

  20. santoad12
    22 napja

    Mid 2019 models lmao

  21. L Zhang
    L Zhang
    23 napja

    4:07 2019 --> Should be 2009

  22. Mehak Mehta
    Mehak Mehta
    23 napja

    If my laptop can weigh under a kilo I am okay with a dongle. Bulky laptops are awful.

  23. B Nagy
    B Nagy
    24 napja

    You literally shouldn’t report on tech if you bought a dongle for almost $300

  24. HenryManson
    24 napja

    im happy to say, i never owned any Apple Product & never had a Dongle 😁

  25. sots 666
    sots 666
    24 napja

    That's why if you are smart you avoid apple pc products like the plague!

  26. Bitcoin Banter
    Bitcoin Banter
    24 napja

    Invest to make more money and increase your wealth,, Imagine the world without investment today.. How's it gonna be??

    1. Bitcoin Banter
      Bitcoin Banter
      24 napja

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  27. Austin B
    Austin B
    24 napja

    Lower quality and more $$$. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY MONEY MONEY

  28. Josh Derak
    Josh Derak
    24 napja

    I can't be the only one who thinks this video is ten minutes too long.

  29. Techsavy
    25 napja

    Apple is just doing this for money. See, imagine you bought a new smart tv and that has a hdmi 3.0 and included with tv is hdmi port but your mac doesn't support hdmi, like producing these cables, dongle, will effect environment in future. That's why I am not fan of apple, I am fan of hp, dell like their laptop looks ten times cooler than mac. Everybody buys mac and iphone to just show off. Like samsung s21 ultra's snap dragon 888 is more powerful than a14 bionic, but people just buy apple products to show that they have a apple product not you. It's true it happened to me if you agree

  30. Akhilesh Ap
    Akhilesh Ap
    25 napja

    Apple executive : how to increase sales? CEO : *Let's sell dongle.*

  31. The Neon Cicada
    The Neon Cicada
    28 napja


  32. residentevil4life
    28 napja

    the only positive as the end of the video says about dongles is that it lets you continue to use older technology with new ones

  33. Vanced Vanced
    Vanced Vanced
    29 napja

    I have nothing from Apple besides shares. I don't own a single dongle

  34. Darwin Garcia
    Darwin Garcia
    29 napja

    If they want to streamline, they should have one type of port. Iphone has lighting port them imac have thunderbolt/type c port.

  35. Miguel Galang
    Miguel Galang

    So they did not do it for the environment? They actually did it for the money? *Pretends to be shocked*

  36. Martin Delgado
    Martin Delgado

    Actually I can do what I need to do on my laptop without buying a dongle... Apple on the other hand wants money so please state facts in your videos!

    1. Martin Delgado
      Martin Delgado

      Update on my comment... Everyone you interviewed had a Mac or some Apple product... This video really needs to update it's title to anyone with Apple products needs dongles

  37. 𝑀𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑎

    I hate the word 'dongle' it sounds uncomfortably sexual

  38. fred flintstoner
    fred flintstoner

    blah blah blah whoooooosh shish howwwl wheeee" best subtitle ever ! ( you tube video of a boat called tally ho )

  39. CS Horizon
    CS Horizon

    And this my friends is one of the many reasons I choose not to be in Apples walled garden. $5000 richer!

  40. Kimberly flores
    Kimberly flores

    I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability

    1. Roberts Micheal
      Roberts Micheal

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    2. Marie Arellno
      Marie Arellno

      Very helpful, this is what I needed to hear today

    3. Joann Moore
      Joann Moore

      Hey, this is a computer age. Peeps who aren't even traders make money from the crypto and forex markets ,how many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.

    4. Richard Raphael
      Richard Raphael

      I understand the fact that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, but investing today is a hard thing to do because i have no idea of how and where to invest in these?

    5. Glibert Daniel
      Glibert Daniel

      Pure wise comment.

  41. The Tutorialist
    The Tutorialist

    i hate how thin laptops are getting i bought a laptop not a sheet of paper

  42. Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster

    I believe my first introduction to said DONGLE was for antipiracy measures. Without this device, your pirated copy of a game wouldn't pass the smell test and you wouldn't gain access to game play. But to require dongles as an external interphase is just poor, lazy engineering. Or, in Apple's and Belkin's case, a genius business strategem to bilk customers unknowingly out of million$. For the longest time, Apple deliberately altered their power supply cable so that nothing else in the industry would plug into their power ports. This was insidious from Day One, and one of the main reasons I despise this greedy company and it's corporate mindset to screw customers over. At an IT graduate, I pull no punches with my commentary. "People buying Macs are just people that love spending money on superfluous crap they don't need when Windows on a PC or Android on a cellular device will do pretty much the same thing but at a substantially cheaper price.

  43. Swoon Drones
    Swoon Drones

    switching to full uSB-C takes time.

  44. Specialopsdave

    The removal of USB-A and 3.5mm Audio Jack is just wrong at the moment, compatibility is too important

  45. Issac Clarke
    Issac Clarke

    New phone cant use the old charger? That is your hero? Hahahaa Bill Burr is savage...

  46. Hans Schmidt
    Hans Schmidt

    Doesnt have to do anything with thinning Laptops... its increasing revenue from dongle sale and Apple certified

  47. Anthony Delfino
    Anthony Delfino

    For me, the dongles wear out and become unusable in less than a year while the devices the connect remain useful for several years. Seems like a lot more plastic and e-waste to create these adaptor just to appease design sensibilities

  48. Richmond Sim
    Richmond Sim

    4:08 you said 2019 instead of 2009

  49. Bob Milleit
    Bob Milleit

    I have never used a dongle my whole life.

  50. Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi
    Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi

    the new Apple motto: "less is more ... expensive"

  51. Khush Aulakh (KAV)
    Khush Aulakh (KAV)

    now the word DONGLE will sound weird to me forever.

  52. bjorn1583

    l dont buy crappy apple products so having to buy special adapters just so l can plug things in is a non issue if you dont want to buy extra crap just to use an EXPENSIVE piece of tech that should have had the connector in the first place then dont buy apple

  53. Tomas Young
    Tomas Young

    The tacit element sadly strap because gauge selectively test lest a mixed august. concerned, deranged army

  54. caribbeanchild

    Apple is a waste of money

  55. 180S

    Apple sucks so much

  56. docs856

    What's the point of designing beautiful products if you're going to attach colostomy bags to them?

  57. Alparslan Korkmaz
    Alparslan Korkmaz

    Nice video.

  58. ix.cryorig_games

    Just build a PC. Far more better than a Mac

  59. Simple Wow Channel
    Simple Wow Channel

    the accessories guys love this video

  60. Andrew Wayne
    Andrew Wayne

    Our company switched over from Apple to Dell/Samsung for this very reason. Our boss is your typical Apple, Teslas, Crypto tech guy. So it was pretty shocking when there was an announcement that Apple products would be phased out. Our new computers are more dongles! There was resistance at first but the IT guys love that we are no longer using Apple stuff. I have even caught some of my die hard apple colleagues traveling with the Dell. "It's just easier" No judgement here.

  61. bewhee

    Look at it this way: laptop accessories should be designed with ports found on laptops, not the other way around. By accessories I mean anything from cameras to monitors, etc..

  62. Ronald Dumb
    Ronald Dumb


  63. Australian Investment Education
    Australian Investment Education

    Absolutely love this!

  64. Kim Mathis
    Kim Mathis

    Card Reader, DVI, HDMI, Thunderbolt, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, USB, USB-C, Audio Jacks, Ethernet,… How many of those ports can you include into a sleek design?

  65. K h a a l i x
    K h a a l i x

    maybe just stop being such an Apple shill, you people do realize there are a lot of different laptop producers with better performance, with all the ports you need for a cheaper price, you should try it sometime if you ever get tired of licking Apple's boot.

  66. Max

    Wait, you say 25 billions, and display 25 millions for thale market size.. not that huge of a market then 0:25

  67. Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff

    Solution: Don't use Mac

  68. Michael Lion
    Michael Lion

    Despite the economic crisis, this is still a good time to invest in Gold and crypto

  69. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Have an extra $1? 🙏 Savin' to get a laptop (homejob). No opportunities outside due to constant lockdowns (unlike other countries). 😷 Sorry for this. 😳 I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. Off-topic, I know. ☺ I hope you understand the desperation. I know some people need more help than me and my family but I do hope that does not invalidate my cry for help. 😢 Things are getting worse here. We don't have stimulus checks or anything like USA. So I'm just really doing whatever I can to put food on the table. We may not be killed by the virus but the situation is surely slowly killing us. 💔 Peace be with you. ❤ GOD bless. 🙏❤ And to anyone who's also struggling, let's hold on tight. All will soon be well. 🌞🌎🙏

  70. trapfethen

    This is definitely a money driven decision on the part of apple. If it weren't, they would sell the dongles for CHEAP. They used their brand loyalty to drive forward a change that was bad for consumers, good for them, and ballooned and industry that they now get to play in. The benefits of USB-C are well founded; however, the move to replace ALL possible ports with the USB-C was ridiculous. replacing ONE of the usb-A connectors with a usb-C would have been sufficient to start introducing that connector their customers. They could have very easily began making any new accessories primarily use the USB-C connector, and sold a simple usb-C dock instead of 25+ dongles. They could have slowly over time phased out certain ports for usb-C. The slimness argument is frankly absurd. the largest part of any of those ports is the physical connector size, there was plenty of room in the chassis for those ports. In fact, apple still isolates the ENTIRE logic board side to handle ports, just USB-C instead of what they had before. Apple has been playing by this play book for a long time, they will manufacture a problem, and then sell you the solution. All while telling you they did it for a good reason and that if you don't understand it "you just don't get it". Not to say other companies don't ALSO play by that rulebook, looking at you mouth-wash, engagement rings, hair shampoo, various make-up products, fast fashion, etc, etc, etc. I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about this one cause Tech is my thing, and I can see right through their half-**sed excuses because of that familiarity. Rant over, I'm sorry for taking up your valuable time.

  71. Emily Gomez
    Emily Gomez

    I’m 50 and my husband 54 we are both retired with over $3 million in net worth and no debts. Currently living smart and frugal with our money. Saving and investing lifestyle in the stock market made it possible for us this early even till now we earn weekly. Thanks to fire movement.

    1. Jt

      Lol...beware this thread is a big scam.

    2. Emily Gomez
      Emily Gomez

      @Emma Campbell Yes of course her services are global. She earns as she’s making you profit no service charges.

    3. Emma Campbell
      Emma Campbell

      @Emily Gomez Does she trade globally? I’m an Australian.

    4. Emily Gomez
      Emily Gomez

      @noah jones It’s my pleasure to help you and hopefully your financial journey will be awesome 😊

    5. James Murdock
      James Murdock

      @Emily Gomez I just messaged her now.

  72. Danielle

    Hot take: Dongle's are a good thing on laptops. Before dongles there was computer docks. They provided all the same functionality a dongle does. You go into work, plug your computer in and your mouse, keyboard, internet, and monitor are all synced up with one plug. However, docks are model specific so when you get a new computer you have to get a new dock. Docks were expensive too. You can buy one dongle and continue using it from computer to computer for decades, and dongles are way cheaper. The average macbook pro user uses their computer for work, not for games or netflix or whatever. Being able to take their laptop in to work every morning and plug it in with one click instead of a bunch of cables is quite nice. Before dongles companies would often refuse to pay for docks due to the price point so you had to pay for it out of pocket. Today the company will pay for the dongles you need for you and it just makes life so much easier.

  73. Kai Ma
    Kai Ma

    Funny how people still even buy Apple

  74. Jorge Alamilla
    Jorge Alamilla

    I guess Google knows I lost my dongle today 😏

  75. Vanessa Nigley
    Vanessa Nigley

    All thanks to Alvinshyper40 on !nsta.. He's absolutely the best online , Just got IPhone 12 , Macbook pro and some other apple products through him

  76. Mondli Tenza
    Mondli Tenza

    Lol @14:00 he wanted to say Apple

  77. Ken Knight
    Ken Knight

    Buy a PC.

  78. Oliver Morales
    Oliver Morales

    A really poor investigation.

  79. The Hawaii Files Channel
    The Hawaii Files Channel

    I hate Apple for taking away so many ports and other interfaces.

  80. Darrell Morris
    Darrell Morris

    I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability

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      Frodd Graham

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    4. Hashtagregularguy Lok
      Hashtagregularguy Lok

      I got recommendations about her from Twitter and I got her info and invested, please how good is she?

    5. Bennedita Alves
      Bennedita Alves

      @Kenneth McNeal I have been researching all this while for a digital asset investment and I found bitcoin to be the most profiting of them all , I’m definitely bouncing on the opportunity, thank you so much.

  81. Ahmed Dhahir
    Ahmed Dhahir


  82. Olgay Celik
    Olgay Celik

    It's been 4 days. You havent uploaded new videos yet.

  83. Jordan Rich
    Jordan Rich

    I have never heard of the word dongle until this very moment

  84. Battle Toad
    Battle Toad

    Apple: We got rid of the ports to save the environment. Truth: We wanted to make it look slick and also charge extra for items for people who need it. ( But really charge extra)

    1. DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
      DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle
      18 napja

      @Vincent Jones exactly what I’ve been saying.

    2. Vincent Jones
      Vincent Jones
      29 napja

      They wanted to sell the solution to a problem they created. Sounds like greed to me

  85. Battle Toad
    Battle Toad

    So what was that about the "environmental" aspect?

  86. Dot Connector
    Dot Connector

    Europenas had the same issue for years, 10+ countries all using different electrical outlet plugs, 2 holes, 3 holes, etc... what did they do? They made a universal one. They did not stop there, they ordered laptop manufacturers as well as phone manufacturers the same thing, charges would all have to be universal, period. No one is talking about the amount of plastic GARBAGE created when 2 years a manufacturer changes the 'standard' and the dongle is no longer a dongle...

  87. Tbams Notes
    Tbams Notes

    Imagine a world where you need a dongle to mingle because the younger generation is incompatible with your outdated 'connector'.

  88. 101AzureCloudLearning

    dongle MEANS WIRELESS hot spot device in INDIA

  89. Readydanie

    I don't see this video aging well.

  90. kelper

    The people who say all this good things about forcing users to use Dongles are like tobaco companies saying good thing about lung cancer

  91. Tiz Serim
    Tiz Serim

    And here is me on Dell Precision with 3x thunderbolts and jack ONLY :D

  92. Lewis Bolaton
    Lewis Bolaton

    Wireless? Coffee shops don't even provide enough electrical outlets for their customers

  93. Andrew Keener
    Andrew Keener

    I personally wouldn't mind needing these adapters and external devices (optical drive) if the companies would be more upfront with why they're doing away with these things. It's the shadiness that annoys me. But I also work in a customer service field. I realize that others won't agree with me, or feel the way I do.

  94. ScrappytheDog

    Apple Sucks!

  95. Rick

    I bought a computer in 1998 and asked about the ports and the sales dude said in a year or two noone's gonna use cables anymore because of BLUETOOTH.

  96. Party Quest
    Party Quest

    so sad. courge fill.

  97. Том Брайловский
    Том Брайловский

    Отписываюсь от Вас, так как нет английских субтитров. Это полное неуважение к людям с ограниченными возможностями.

  98. rohit khanna
    rohit khanna

    There are only two types of who believe apple is the "pinnacle of innovation" hence even if they sell you an empty box with their logo people will buy it!! This is what is happening apple is making thinner devices by removing every interface one needs and despite using less components the next generation device costs 500-700$ more than the previous generation. To rub the salt on wound they then sell you a dongle for the same interface they removed and charge a furtune for it....sense less apple fans.......................and luckily there the types of the humans(me included) are the ones who buy what meets their needs even if its not as sleek as apple product........Adam and eve resided in was only on consuming "an apple" they got banished to live on earth!!!

  99. Timothy “Timmy” Neu
    Timothy “Timmy” Neu

    Expand Dongle!

  100. Bad Xerge
    Bad Xerge

    It costs more, it does less, its just that simple.