How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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    1. Dylan K
      Dylan K
      5 órája

      I thought he was going to say the headphones button Is so cool because they pause the music and turn up the outside noise to hear people better, not just to pause music like my $40cdn Poms that are a knockoff of Airbuds that are a knockoff of airpods lol but good enough.

    2. Dylan K
      Dylan K
      5 órája

      I wonder If Cavemen unintentionally actually made oxygen with fire. Lol

    3. Quinn Sams
      Quinn Sams
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      Boa !
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    5. WaveRain
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      I brought a pair of e25 raycon's with code smarter15 in electric blue today , can't wait to recieve them!

  2. Rikard Evjen
    Rikard Evjen
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    Dow ftw!!

  3. Andrew
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    Think we're gonna need a video with more of princess boopersnoot

  4. The SFNB.
    The SFNB.
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    This is amazing! Than you! You've earned a subscriber!

  5. permanently banned
    permanently banned

    Cute puppy

  6. Allan Black
    Allan Black

    Dog! Can we get a video of the mechanics of booping a snoot?

  7. Jade.

    This is the first SmarterEveryDay video I’ve ever watched, and the thought I kept having every minute or so was “this is so cool!” Really impressed with the access given on the submarine and with the visual explanations of processes. Shoot, I’m *super* impressed with this video! Thanks for this really cool learning experience :)

  8. Jonty Levine
    Jonty Levine

    Submarines are one of those sci-fi-seeming ideas that, if they didn't already exist in the real world, I wouldn't think it remotely plausible that they could have built one the size of a large building over a century ago.

  9. raz zan
    raz zan

    "cool man so what do you do up here"

  10. wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce

    And vent pressurizes the Torpedo tubes... from the Eps prior.

  11. Roice Economos
    Roice Economos

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  12. Paul David Gray
    Paul David Gray

    Very interesting. Well done mate for letting us know.

  13. Ernest Boston
    Ernest Boston
    2 órája

    What is your dog's name?

  14. Fly Robin
    Fly Robin
    2 órája

    It's awesome to get unanswered questions answered. This was a very interesting video. Thank you 🌅

  15. Quixorotica
    2 órája

    Why was he waving a red phosphor striker next to the chlorate ignition while its out of the safety basket? Like you know... on a submarine where they would all die...

  16. Sovereign Knight
    Sovereign Knight
    2 órája

    This is extremely interesting and educational. I never knew this!

  17. matthew abbott
    matthew abbott
    2 órája

    the MEA is turned into a carbonate salt would be my guess. they would probably preheat the carbonate salt to keep it liquid when they put it under pressure so they get a smooth crack of the carbonate back to freebase amine. many amines form carbonate salts that are mostly solid with often low melting points hence the need for preheating so they can be pumped and pressurized. when ethanolamine carbonate is heated to the right temp it will crack the salt allowing the carbon dioxide to leave. this could be over the boiling point of ethanolamine hence the need for the pressure. I would say the ethanolamine was there choice in the least toxic amine to use as some of the other options are not too friendly :) the great thing about using a base like an amine to capture CO2 is that it is a simple acid base reaction to remove the amine from the breathable air that is expelled so I would say the scrubbers are just acid tanks. many amines that are small like this one smell of ammonia in there freebase state but as a salt have a fishy smell,. this fishy smell would be the smell that the sailors would be talking of I think. im going to make me one of those oxygen candles now :) I have never heard of them before but can think of some great uses for them. as always thanx for a great channel and another great video.

  18. David Fossi
    David Fossi
    2 órája

    NIN if you heard it

  19. Johnny Bumpous
    Johnny Bumpous
    3 órája

    that's some complicated stuff. I just don't think I would like being on that

  20. VIRTUE and VICE
    3 órája

    I had a dream you where in a f22 talking about thrust vectoring....maybe I should turn of HUfrom b4 I go to what where you saying about thrust vectoring.....

  21. Sole Ice
    Sole Ice
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  22. Sole Ice
    Sole Ice
    3 órája

    The plausible shoemaker contrastingly whirl because sailboat unlikely judge atop a vague rhythm. idiotic, shut baseball

  23. Captain_Element
    3 órája

    Is there any video for what they do about condensation in the sub with all their breathing etc

  24. Avi A
    Avi A
    3 órája

    So is this oxygen better than being in a deep forest?

  25. Phildo
    3 órája

    DOW! West Jefferson HS! Rough Riders 🤙🏻

  26. Phildo
    3 órája

    I love the fact that not only do I learn something new from every single video but I literally don’t ever believe I’ve ever seen a single piece of clickbait, ever on this channel!

  27. Donutt CODM
    Donutt CODM
    3 órája

    *Imagine if he said "they plant trees inside the submarine" LOL*

  28. Joey Stocato
    Joey Stocato
    3 órája

    'Destin'(?) and 'Dow'? These Americans names!

  29. Robo75
    3 órája

    i'm too dumb to watch this video.

  30. Kayser Yoshi
    Kayser Yoshi
    3 órája

    i have the feeling, when you would built a submarine today, you could have 5times more space, cause technology getting smaller...

  31. -PREMIUM- -
    -PREMIUM- -
    4 órája

    what's up with the myth buster intro?

  32. Vlad Alexander
    Vlad Alexander
    4 órája

    The candle is cool..

  33. Hazel
    4 órája

    Did anyone else see "Why don't subs run out of air?" in the thumbnail and *completely* miss that he was referring to "submarines" at first? I can't be the only one who very much misread that.

  34. phoeniximperator
    4 órája

    that place looks so cramped not at all like in the movies

  35. John Williams
    John Williams
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    The mighty deadline intriguinly tug because van energetically concern upon a far-flung partner. satisfying, alive kite

  36. roberto armstrong
    roberto armstrong
    4 órája

    Surely half of it is Methane...

  37. Micha
    4 órája

    Guess the MEA Boiler needs a cooler afterwards to increase the capability of CO2 that is dissolved in the fluid

  38. xKiSuGix
    4 órája

    Ohio is for lovers. 2:01

  39. Devin Coyle
    Devin Coyle
    5 órája

    This is what space ships will look like in 1000 years

    1. CNN News Salem Saberhagen
      CNN News Salem Saberhagen
      4 órája

      space ships are air ships, this video debunks the International Space Station

  40. custom PC indy
    custom PC indy
    5 órája

    way cool

  41. MrFunkyFuck
    5 órája

    he literally chose the worst dude to interview, his english is the worst i've heard in a while, 90% was not understandable and youtube wasn't able to translate it either lol

  42. Talmadge Williams
    Talmadge Williams
    5 órája

    Touching candles with his bare hand.....dummy.

  43. Talmadge Williams
    Talmadge Williams
    5 órája

    This man making an A-ganger mess with Navettes stuff haha.

  44. XD
    5 órája

    25:23 nice cgi... We all know it's flat 😜

    1. CNN News Salem Saberhagen
      CNN News Salem Saberhagen
      4 órája

      this video debunks the ISS

  45. raph
    6 órája

    HUfrom mondern dirty jobs?? Good job!

  46. dj johnson
    dj johnson
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  47. Natonion
    6 órája

    The second method of getting oxygen was really smart...really wish my chemistry class was like this :O

  48. Legofreak
    6 órája

    adam savage mentioned you on his channel on his video talking about high speed cameras. feb 26

  49. Car Lover Photography
    Car Lover Photography
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  50. velcro kearns
    velcro kearns
    6 órája

    "i'm from ohio" "... oh"

  51. Great Kim
    Great Kim
    6 órája

    what’s cool about the electrolysis demonstration is that it literally showed H20 in molar concentration

  52. LawF250
    6 órája

    Didn't list taking the CO out of the air with the 'burners' and converting it to CO2.

  53. Pizza Rolls
    Pizza Rolls
    7 órája

    You're on a watchlist now for saying "i have a ------ reactor"

  54. Aniga Leh
    Aniga Leh
    7 órája

    I appreciate the training that went to all the crew.

  55. Ultrafire 1247
    Ultrafire 1247
    7 órája

    Man all these high asvab scores in one very large container

  56. OK
    7 órája

    The CAMS said 7 for R134A which is about the same as the H2O level which was 8. How dangerous is this R134A leak? Does anyone know and how they plan to fix it?

  57. Chris K
    Chris K
    8 órája

    The nuclear reactor/reaction is used to generate heat with boils water which creates steam which turns electricity generating turbines. That’s how all nuclear reactors work. Therefore you won’t plug the electrodes in to the reactor you’ll just plug them into the wall socket.

  58. GubbyHD
    8 órája

    9:33 the guy

  59. david morrill
    david morrill
    8 órája

    Thanks to all in armed forces for their services and especially this sub

  60. Stickyfinz
    8 órája

    As an Hvac tech, I find this highly fascinating

  61. Sean M
    Sean M
    8 órája

    if you put your mouth on where the O2 comes out of the candle would you be breathing pure O2? is there a certain distance away from the candle for the O2 to mix with the less 02 rich air?

  62. Stephen Clark
    Stephen Clark
    8 órája

    12:08 Thought XO was Vin Diesel for a second...

  63. Kent Keller
    Kent Keller
    8 órája

    Submarines are amazing machines.

  64. pdreidenbach
    8 órája

    Amazing that they let you in a nuclear sub, and even bring a camera! Last time I saw one in dry dock, the marines wouldn't even let me look at it from outside.

  65. holobolo
    8 órája

    "so it's like coloring in kindergarten?" jesus dude, show some respect for his job.

  66. james robinson
    james robinson
    9 órája

    Not as cute as my dog.

  67. Steve Jones
    Steve Jones
    9 órája

    Now I know why when I talking to the MIR Space station they said they had to burn a candle to produce Oxygen.

  68. Christian Taping
    Christian Taping
    9 órája

    Plant trees inside submarine 😁 lol

  69. Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL
    Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL
    9 órája

    I am really glad that this kind of knowledge is no "secret" stuff. I'm happy to learn something here...

  70. Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL
    Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL
    9 órája

    Well, it's a great knowledge to know.. Thanks Destin!

  71. USSBB62
    9 órája

    Thank you for speaking intelligently and not dumbing down to us.

  72. Brenton Fiedler
    Brenton Fiedler
    9 órája

    Regarding the preheater: usually there is a rich to lean a mean exchanger in that position. Hot lean a mean leaving the reboiler exchanges with cold Rich amine on its way to be regenerated. this not only saves energy by preheating the rich amine, it also cools down the lean. Hotter amine doesn't absorb the CO2 as well

  73. Sean
    9 órája

    I do not miss burning candles

  74. Astro
    9 órája

    Dow: "I'm from Ohio" Destin: "Oh" Dow: "-hio" What could've been

  75. USSBB62
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  76. germanchokolat1
    10 órája

    Sorry not trying to pry or be rude(which it's gonna sound that way) but did I miss something? He looks I'll? Or recovering from something maybe?... none of my business I guess...

  77. inTruthbyGrace
    10 órája

    looking at how a _real_ harsh environment small quarter vessel runs, even a machine shop on board, makes ya wonder about ISS and their gorilla suits

  78. Robert Dawson
    Robert Dawson
    10 órája

    We had three ways; 1. Oxygen banks-bleed it into the atmosphere. 2. Oxygen candles. Heat them and they omit O2 3. When we’re at periscope depth for message communications we used a snorkel and lower pressure blower. We did not have an oxygen generator

  79. tigertank909
    10 órája

    i already know a answer to your video ? the sub is surrounded by liquid air

  80. Cob
    10 órája

    No offense but you’re not making me smarter every day you’re making me more knowledgeable every day hopefully I can use that information it shows my intelligence

  81. AIcat
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    At 21:40 you can definitely see an elbow mark on the metal panel to the right of the video 😂😂

  82. Soviet Union
    Soviet Union
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    Me, an intellectual: Jumst put plamtz

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    Ripped fungus
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    Fatter everyday

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  85. YuK1
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    Lockdown in a Whole different way

  86. leighton stump
    leighton stump
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    is this the same as a space ship?

  87. Neal Teitelbaum
    Neal Teitelbaum
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    You really explain things well. I appreciate the visuals bc that's how I learn also. Thx.

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    Me: I need a pen ! Dow: What kind? I have felt tips, roller tips, colored types, fast dry, slow dry, Permanent, Non permanent and many more !

  91. guess what this is not my real name
    guess what this is not my real name
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    Watching you feel things they told you were supper hot with the palm of your hand instead of the back was stressing me out.

  92. Ray Allen
    Ray Allen
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    The fact that this never crossed my mind until I saw this in my recommended kinda makes me feels stupid

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    Guy in backround at 4:35 said O.o

  94. wizard001001
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    Hearing Destin repeatedly mispronounce amine hurt everytime. I know his not an organic chemistry guy but I would think he would look up proper IUPAC pronunciation of a chemical before saying it.

  95. Big Tom
    Big Tom
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    incase of am emergency the crew collects farts

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    Eric Dow
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    Hey! Another DOW! :)

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  99. X XXX
    X XXX
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    Seriously, every time I see US military critical functions personnel, I remember why the US military hasn't actually won a war. Ever.

  100. Cheeky Monkees
    Cheeky Monkees
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    EXCELLENT VIDEO! Thank you! Very interesting. One of your best videos.