How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

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Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the biggest name in luxury cars globally, and for countless buyers around the world, it is a car brand to aspire to own. The German automaker has a reputation for superb build quality, excellent engineering, and the bragging rights that its founder Carl Benz invented the first production automobile.
Today, Mercedes-Benz faces a new class of challenges as Tesla has become the aspirational brand for younger consumers. There is a slew of other EV hopefuls vying for the next generation’s aspirational vehicle’s mantle. Automakers have had to sink billions into new technologies and contend with a new crop of competitors in the critical Chinese market and around the world.
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How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image


  1. Nathan Ngumi
    Nathan Ngumi
    19 perccel

    Mercedes Benz will evolve, just like other automakers. The future may not be certain, but it is definitely electric.

  2. Will Van Deusen
    Will Van Deusen
    33 perccel

    CNBC the liberal giant

  3. Jumbomuffin 13
    Jumbomuffin 13

    I’d personally get a Genesis cuz 1, it looks nice and 2, you won’t see them every 1 minute

  4. Camilo Bastidas
    Camilo Bastidas

    It is clearly obvious comments for this video should be turned off (lol) :O Everyone (and I mean everyone) has a Mercedes these days, end of story!

  5. S. D. H.
    S. D. H.
    3 órája

    Snotty-projecting brands for snotty, vapid people, I suppose.

  6. Justin H
    Justin H
    5 órája

    It's a freaking chrysler...

  7. Paradise Bungalows
    Paradise Bungalows
    7 órája

    electric cars have a sales share of under 3%......peanuts. Once this number rises, the big manufacturer will introduce their models. Let's see, how this turns out for Tesla.

  8. Huey Du
    Huey Du
    9 órája

    I love my E350 Mercedes-Benz, I will not change any cars for it. Yes Tesla been on market or others Cars brand, I still choose Mercedes. Because handling and Quality it's best cars. I test all brand care every years, Example For Tesla during winter time does not meet my standard, life of battery it only can driver for 120 Miles and need recharge. NOT GOOD

  9. Daniel May
    Daniel May
    11 órája

    Unreliable and costly to own.

  10. Nikolas Larson
    Nikolas Larson
    14 órája

    Stop making those lousy and useless subtitles! They are obnoxiously bad, full of errors and only irritating.

  11. Gage Creekmore
    Gage Creekmore
    16 órája

    I’m a younger consumer, and if Mercedes-Benz sells out for cheap……😡

  12. Chris Schieffer
    Chris Schieffer
    19 órája

    This felt like click bait. More #fakenews. Thanks for nothing....

  13. Kamerton Audiophile player
    Kamerton Audiophile player
    20 órája

    Because shows as The blacklist make people think that criminals drive Mercedes.

  14. bmacheese

    Don’t think Benz is going anywhere, just that their latest models haven’t been that exciting

  15. Jonathan Pang
    Jonathan Pang

    Ah the biggest problem is Mercedes no longer selling their "luxury package" on models like the E class in the United States. Literally every other country has it except the's so sad. I've been a E class driver for the last 9 years and to not have that is a big blow. They should at least have the option available

  16. Dylan 0
    Dylan 0


  17. Ryu Hoshi
    Ryu Hoshi

    just like cars 3

  18. Land Surfer
    Land Surfer

    Mercedes will "never" lose its prestige image. Its has been ahead in style, innovation and engineering for decades..

  19. Naranbaatar

    merecedes is super over priced and the quality is not near japanese cars if Mercedes had its former quality i would buy Mercedes eyes closed

  20. VALKYR

    german tiger tanks had daimler engines and the crews complained that approximately every 100 km they would break down ..

    1. Paradise Bungalows
      Paradise Bungalows
      7 órája

      Maybach V-12

  21. Adrian Chong
    Adrian Chong

    Title: how tesla will dominate the auto industry lol

  22. Brandon Ilic
    Brandon Ilic

    We’ll maybe if they stopped producing their lower tier cars that compete with Toyota Corolla 🙄

  23. Daniel Baltieri Favoretto
    Daniel Baltieri Favoretto

    It is eve funny at 9:54: blababla Mercedes lost it's position to the third position of luxury vehicles sold: 1st 278.8, 2nd 275, 3rd 274.9. Woooow that is a huge difference and super important graph

  24. Daniel Baltieri Favoretto
    Daniel Baltieri Favoretto

    How exactly is losing prestige? This is not explained, kind of misleading.

  25. Cater mc donald
    Cater mc donald

    Still more reliable than other European luxury brands

  26. amari ebbin
    amari ebbin

    Tbh nowadays social media music n culture has the biggest market influence n mercedes is probably the most prevalent brand especially with younger people n my generation so that will benefit thme long term

  27. tapsulinka

    2 facts to add. At video they said that Mercedes Benz is sponsoring Formula 1 team but it's not sponsor. MB is 1/3 owner of the team. Another owners are Toto Wolff and Ineos. Then it would be good to know that MB was big shareholder in Tesla so they have lots of information about electric cars

  28. Krzysztof Dabrowski
    Krzysztof Dabrowski

    there are cars and Mercedes!!!!!!

  29. Essun
    2 napja

    lol, the amount of butthurt Mercedes fanboys is glorious!

  30. Seth Samuel
    Seth Samuel
    2 napja

    I still want to drive benz as my prestige vehicle

  31. ssandroAle gesBor
    ssandroAle gesBor
    2 napja

    Bruh what u mean, that GLE 400 Coupé is my dream car

  32. Blank Space
    Blank Space
    2 napja

    I never lose hope in mercedes.

  33. Pietje Puk
    Pietje Puk
    2 napja

    AAAAAaaaand then came the EQS... hahaha Merc is still top of the pack to any car maker...

  34. PWm
    2 napja

    This video from CNBC is just f***ing waste your valuable time.

  35. Johny Boy
    Johny Boy
    2 napja

    Mercedes has lost its iconic styles

  36. Jack Squire
    Jack Squire
    2 napja

    Never owned a Mercedes personally, but had many friends who did. Every time I drove one or rode in was always a bit a of a let this is it?

  37. Jeremiah Anthony
    Jeremiah Anthony
    2 napja

    Tesla is nothing but driving fireplaces

  38. MrChippinator
    2 napja

    9/17 cars that finished in 1894 were Daimler engines, sounds like F1 every weekend.

  39. Alejandro Castro
    Alejandro Castro
    2 napja

    Quality? Most of MB owners try to sell before the vehicle reach 50k miles. Expensive and complex car repairs usually start at that point. What a short lifetime for a car...

  40. Toze Gonçalves
    Toze Gonçalves
    3 napja

    CNBC....Really??? HAHAHAHAHH Mercedes losing what???? AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHA You'll be acused of FAKE NEWS duhhhhh

  41. Enrique Besteiro
    Enrique Besteiro
    3 napja

    It's called "Carrera Panamericana". Panamera is one Mercedes models... 🧐

  42. Oldsoulboy
    3 napja

    Mercedes is NOT losing it's prestige image, it lost it years ago when they stopped building cars and selling them at cost plus

  43. Freddie Nerkury
    Freddie Nerkury
    3 napja

    Made in Chyna !!! 🤣😂🤣 Any brand outsourced to Chyna will dilute its brand appeal.

  44. djabula64
    3 napja

    Your formula 1 statistics is losing it's prestigious image...

  45. Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez
    3 napja

    Lol. All the mercedes owners are soooo salty... 😂

  46. London England
    London England
    3 napja

    Mercedes need to get with the times basically..

  47. Leroy Hill
    Leroy Hill
    3 napja

    Chinese brands 23% ev market and that was in 2019 domestically Tesla really is one of the only ones killing it I love a Tesla car

  48. Syed Fareed
    Syed Fareed
    3 napja

    would you really swap Merc for Audi? Tesla? BMW?.. nahhhhh.. read an article b4 this, Merc fared the best in world luxury sales during the pandemic.. nuff said..

  49. Parsa
    4 napja

    In Iran anything that is of highest quality we say it's like Benz that is why I clicked on this clip with such a weird title cnbc wash your f*king mouth

  50. kWh[Y]
    4 napja

    Old men still prefer Mercedes, when those old men are gone. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Tesla are not for them anyway.

  51. William Cricket
    William Cricket
    4 napja

    Because their cars are crap

  52. Manuel Topete
    Manuel Topete
    4 napja

    The most important thing was left out: MAINTENANCE. From changing the oil to doing the breaks to repairing and electric system failure, will set you back a lot more than a Japanese or a Korean car would AND, it is not true Mercedes overcame reliability issues, just read CR or ask my sister (her Mercedes spent quite a bit of time in the shop). I stopped buying Mercedes a looong time ago and my sister just did in 2021 (at last!), she got tired of buying overpriced tires for her SUV and when the warranty of her Mercedes expired, she purchased a super reliable Toyota Highlander. Last but not least, depreciation. Putting it in simpler terms, buying a Mercedes is burning your money.

  53. Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews
    4 napja

    I ate a taco

  54. Mary Moffatt
    Mary Moffatt
    4 napja

    Having owned several new MBs, and several of the alternative luxury brands I am convinced that no-one does it better. It starts in the showroom where every customer is treated like a VIP and continues every time you get behind the wheel, everything feels good quality and I always have a sense of well being when driving one. Please dont even start with Tesla!

  55. Arttu-Sakari Kimmel
    Arttu-Sakari Kimmel
    4 napja

    No, it isn't. Still good. The only dark era was the Daimler-Chrysler one, thanks to US manufacturing.

  56. Lord Chikage
    Lord Chikage
    4 napja

    Sponsored by Tesla

  57. Supreme Relaxation
    Supreme Relaxation
    4 napja


  58. DharK-NataL
    4 napja

    Having a merc in your garage tells you who made the the first functional car in history.

  59. Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson
    5 napja

    Formula E is rubbish and don't forget EV's only like being charged 80% and you don't want to be running on empty , so the effective range is a lot less than quoted. Without looking for charge point plus hanging around ...

  60. Alavez
    5 napja

    It's unreliability is legendary

  61. toad64
    5 napja

    Mercedes is losing its prestige by the *CREEEEEEEEAK* in their cars

  62. Sabrewulf metalhead gaming
    Sabrewulf metalhead gaming
    5 napja

    There are so many cars I would purchase before a merc.

  63. Nishant Mankad
    Nishant Mankad
    5 napja

    Cnbc is american channel... Hmm.... I understand...

  64. Nishant Mankad
    Nishant Mankad
    5 napja

    Illogical presentation... Mercedes is mercedes.... No one will be able to beat mercedes even after 100 years....

  65. Hoonatic Bloggs
    Hoonatic Bloggs
    5 napja

    All German cars are now trash. Literally half the engine is now plastic, and each plastic part is hundreds of dollars

  66. Hannu Torrekens
    Hannu Torrekens
    5 napja

    9:40 you guys consider BMW a luxury vehicle in the US?😂😂 and Volvo😂

  67. Jonathan Atwater
    Jonathan Atwater
    5 napja

    I guess I have an unpopular opinion, but they have lost some of their prestige compared to the 80s. Still prestigious, but could be more with better quality and less models. I don't think electric cars has too much to do with that.

  68. MAVASA * Ramesh S
    MAVASA * Ramesh S
    6 napja

    Benz is one of the largest investers in Tesla 🤔

  69. Ali Kay
    Ali Kay
    6 napja

    Mercedes Benz it’s the best car company that’s it

  70. esala geeth
    esala geeth
    6 napja

    Content of this video is misleading and promotes US product !!!

  71. Thabiso Modise
    Thabiso Modise
    6 napja

    The only Mercedes Benz I recognise is an S Class.

  72. Nihat Savmaz
    Nihat Savmaz
    7 napja


  73. american-hairlines
    7 napja

    Making videos with false assumptions to sway public opinions. Propaganda 101

  74. vjjvb vjjvb
    vjjvb vjjvb
    7 napja

    When I was young, I dream about buying the Benz. My father owned one. Now I grow old, I heard people said it's expensive to maintain. One time I looked at the Benz website. Man, there're too many brands you choose from like C class, E class, S class, AMG, etc.... I can't decide which one is better than the others. Plus, German car like BMW, Audi, or Benz. You can't put a cheap gas like Giant or Costco gas in the tank. It won't start. You need to use Shell or Mobile. I heard you can't get off market part from Amazon, it won't work. You need to buy the original part. I don't think the Benz can beat Japanese car quality. For me, Toyota is the best car in the market. All my Toyota cars just need to change oil and break. I can do it myself for oil change. No other major problem. Of course, it might get recall for small thing.

  75. Karl Hamblyn
    Karl Hamblyn
    8 napja

    You could at least spell Karl correctly

  76. Bitcoin Constitutionalist
    Bitcoin Constitutionalist
    8 napja

    Well.. since the Germans sold it to Chrysler and now it's owned by one of the shitiest car manufacturing companies in the world - maybe that has something to do with it? Benz used to be synonymous with high quality and attention to detail. Now it's just another POS with a high price tag depending on people not knowing anything about quality and just buying the name. In other words, they now depend on you being stupid enough to buy their crap.

    1. Cornelius Dillinger jr
      Cornelius Dillinger jr
      4 napja


  77. Robert Lu
    Robert Lu
    8 napja

    Nothing screams “prestige” like rows of taxis lined up at airports.

    1. Donna Whitley
      Donna Whitley
      5 órája

      shows how robust and high quality they are

    2. Oliver Sissonphone
      Oliver Sissonphone
      3 napja

      Old boring people like them too

  78. Matthew Fierro
    Matthew Fierro
    8 napja

    Mercedes, what were you doing in the 30s and 40s? "Well, we were making probably the most beautiful cars we have ever made and the world has ever seen... unfortunately we can't talk about those..."

  79. Feynman981
    8 napja

    The new designs of Mercedes are just ugly and the logo is way too grandstanding!

  80. Conrad Sunkiojack
    Conrad Sunkiojack
    8 napja

    Nah. Nothing can touch Mercedes Benz in automobile making, buying and selling. They are different, versatile, strong, sleek, sturdy, well established. You can buy what you like, but everybody wants to drive a Benz more than any other car.

  81. Angela Kournikova
    Angela Kournikova
    8 napja

    Mercedes benz are nice cars

  82. Eric The traveling scuba diving bugman
    Eric The traveling scuba diving bugman
    8 napja

    Kind of how CNBC has lost its prestige in the legitimate journalism world

  83. Chuck Solo
    Chuck Solo
    8 napja

    Everybody got them now!

  84. J J
    J J
    8 napja

    Who else's heart skipped a beat reading the title ??!!.. 😊

    1. Jonothan Doezer
      Jonothan Doezer
      4 napja

      Nobody... because it's nonsense.

  85. Juanito Suriel
    Juanito Suriel
    9 napja

    Are all these guys being paid by M.B. according to them mercedes is the only car worth your dime. I say Lexus will take it to the cleaners. I am not just talking to talk I repair lux cars for living and Lexus by far is the best car you can buy today.

  86. Ron P.
    Ron P.
    9 napja

    Mercedes is losing its prestige image by introducing bouncing cars lol

  87. James A
    James A
    9 napja

    CNBC they make their own opinions as facts with their titles. They literally can write how cell phones went extinct while everyone still using cellphones....

  88. az8868
    9 napja

    that BYD is a Chinese automaker and also manufacturer of batteries which also have partnership with Mercedes. I think if Mercedes is going electric they will start with BYD and China first considering China BYD already have the technology. it will be a waste if Mercedes develop their own considering they already have a partnership with BYD

  89. cee gee
    cee gee
    9 napja

    Seems like these days ANYONE can drive a Mercedes.

  90. the world is not enough
    the world is not enough
    9 napja

    In China, Mercedes pay their workers $6 a day. Ford in Beijing pay $8 a day and a bowl of soup. They ( car companies)collude, try each other vehicles and can use the same parts and steal ( share) ideas.

  91. navdas one
    navdas one
    9 napja

    Younger consumers are generally those who cannot afford to buy a Mercedes in the first place. Mercedes is not age-sensitive. It's more about having the cash as well as the class. Pretty young girls will always opt for a Mercedes. Obviously here there's the ready combination of Beauty, Brain,Class and Cash!

  92. Little Stevie
    Little Stevie
    9 napja

    Mercedes cars are way more attractive than Tesla cars. It’s only a matter of time until we see them jump on the boring EV Bandwagon. Tesla desperately needs a new design language. Their Model S is so outdated. I get it, large tv screen will soon allow people to watch movies in their autonomous boring EVs (absent a steering wheel/ a shelf instead of sporty driver oriented dashboard) while commuting home.

  93. F P
    F P
    9 napja

    Mercedes clientele certainty isn't what it used to be. Especially with those cheezy front-wheel drive economy cars their trying to pawn off. It's chased the trash with money crowd, and their designs reflect it.

  94. Osvaldo Izata
    Osvaldo Izata
    10 napja

    Just haters ! I have Mercedes & planning and getting another one

  95. signalfire6
    10 napja

    Meanwhile, I want a Twike that I can afford - a combo bike with pedals and electric power assist for the tough parts. I don't want 'engineered luxury' - I want something that will provide the chance to get a little exercise, do the hills for me and bring my goddam groceries back to the house without costing so much that I can't afford the goddam food...hear THAT, car manufacturers? No one is impressed by your 'luxury' crapola anymore. Those that did, will be begging someone to take your ICE vehicles off their hands in favor of cheaper, less complicated transport solutions.

  96. Mick von Bornemann
    Mick von Bornemann
    10 napja

    Well traditionally Mercedes were always over engineered but they stopped that about 20 years ago, now they’re no better built than any car. BTW, contrary to what many websites say, the S-class was not the 1st production car with antilock brakes, that was the Jenson Interceptor FF from near about a decade earlier. Incidently the FF was also the 1st production car with AWD, beating the Audi Quattro website star by a similar timescale too.

  97. pepsi cherry
    pepsi cherry
    10 napja

    How media is Losing Its Prestige Image

  98. dleetr
    10 napja

    Sounded like you were threatening Merc for not getting on board enough with the globalist 'policy makers' push to electrify the world's car fleet.

    1. Jonothan Doezer
      Jonothan Doezer
      4 napja


  99. Ruben Proost
    Ruben Proost
    10 napja

    Pronunciation... it is a thing.

  100. Zegy
    10 napja

    The new s class is beautiful and the gle is my favorite among the cars that are kinda similar from other brands. Unfortunately, the eqs isnt as great imo, I liked the concept much better