How Tesla’s Battery Mastermind Is Tackling EV's Biggest Problem

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Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere - in phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and increasingly cars. Demand for lithium-ion batteries has risen sharply in the past five years and is expected to grow from a $44.2 billion market in 2020 to a $94.4 billion market by 2025, mostly due to the boom in electric cars. And a shortage of lithium-ion batteries is looming in the U.S.
Former Tesla CTO and Elon Musk's right-hand man, JB Straubel, started Redwood Materials in 2017 to help address the need for more raw materials and to solve the problem of e-waste. The company recycles end-of-life batteries and then supplies battery makers and auto companies with materials in short supply as EV production surges around the world. Straubel gave CNBC an inside look at its first recycling facility in Carson City, Nevada. Watch the video to learn why battery recycling will be an essential part in making EV production more sustainable.
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How Tesla’s Battery Mastermind Is Tackling EVs Biggest Problem


  1. Donasy Ngo
    Donasy Ngo
    2 órája

    Thumb up

  2. Simon Banos
    Simon Banos
    3 órája

    The elite grain intialy joke because pear univariably miss past a agonizing panties. closed, mere trail

  3. Adam Pearce
    Adam Pearce
    3 órája

    yeah i paid for that battery - I'm not giving it to you for free. This is a definite: f*** you - pay me

  4. Under The Microscope
    Under The Microscope
    4 órája

    The biggest problem is this all is dependent on china! why because we will not destroy our own land in the US. Plus even china is having problems finding new mine sites. look into it they remove whole towns to mine for just a few months. It's a human rights problem but we want are electric cars lol. look at our recycling programs it is destroying parts of the planet far from our eyes so it's ok right?

  5. Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart
    16 órája

    Would it be a good idea to require e-car makers (and maybe battery makers in general) to recycle a percentage of their battery production amount? Then, over time, raise that percentage?

  6. Black Opal
    Black Opal
    16 órája

    Put a value on 18650, bcl-50 etc. Like recycling bottles. And just like recycling bottles, a very high percentage of dead batteries would find their way back to the manufacturers.

  7. kitemanmusic

    Scraping around with old phone and computer batteries is hard work. Recovering material from old EV batteries will be much easier with an abundant supply coming soon.

  8. Vinny Lamoureux
    Vinny Lamoureux

    There are a few newer technologies that were un mentioned. There is a very recent patent for relithization of spent batteries in situ. There is also Tesla's announced intention to mine clay in Nevada and harvest the lithium by adding salt to the clay. Either of these possible innovations could be a game changer for lithium supplies.

  9. Ronilo Tagyab
    Ronilo Tagyab

    Air engine could be the eternal solution. Bite it now!

  10. Andy

    Got to clear all my ewaste from the drawers responsibly. Just to save our Earth from all these human activities that tends to destroy and exploit it instead of taking care of it. Thanks God we have good guys doing the good works, we need more of them.. Thank you.

  11. Amazingly BAKA
    Amazingly BAKA

    Single solution : Solid State Battery

  12. Rolo

    I love love love the idea and process of renewing resources

  13. A
    2 napja

    Why is there no talk of new tech being worked on right next to Tesla? Cypress Development is working on a sulphur free process using chloride (table salt) for extracting lithium from clay? It's one of the largest undeveloped resources in the world.

  14. Mark Furst
    Mark Furst
    2 napja

    Ease of recycling needs to be designed into the product from the outset.

  15. Tristan Möller
    Tristan Möller
    2 napja

    This guy is saving the world twice. Damn.

  16. Simon Dreyer
    Simon Dreyer
    3 napja

    5:42 Hmm, that sentence does not make sense to me... haha

  17. Mr. Tom
    Mr. Tom
    3 napja

    Elon jumped on this issue because his true purpose is to save the earth. He knew that recycling his batteries was just as important as introducing tesla vehicles with new batteries, and certainty more important than colonizing Mars...

  18. levet byck
    levet byck
    4 napja

    4:12, 4:18, 4:30 and 4:41..etc (4m11s-4m44s) - wonder where these reservoirs are located (interesting view..) - to me without really paying attention to what's been said..feels like a job interview/pitch (american faced..)

  19. Mark Mtenga
    Mark Mtenga
    4 napja

    Always admired straubel for his impactive thinking

  20. Steven Lonien
    Steven Lonien
    4 napja

    By opening 2 flat oppossing blades no gaps angles deflections against its opposite half at 180 from 180 degree increase is double in magnetic bearings magneticaly open and close naturally unknown wind energy like sound with curving sparking needs vetted for use and political opposition opinion imaulced in 3 or more harmfull to survival energy corporations need ban.period unfit for use nuclear and oil get together in start race to save life .not stopping hoover dams in tides reversing.learning curve.amen

  21. Lambert Lorette
    Lambert Lorette
    5 napja

    great report

    5 napja

    Time to start investing in the mining companies that supplys all needed materials to produce 1 battery. and the new technlogy of the new battery Tesla Elon Musk his company along with others new and old companies. Panasonic. etc..

  23. Aghtiri Mohammed
    Aghtiri Mohammed
    5 napja

    This is fantastic

  24. Sukol Ponpojna
    Sukol Ponpojna
    6 napja

    #Pataint Rights are Racism

    1. Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco
      4 órája

      The problem with racists is that they're so incredibly stupid that they don't actually understand what racism is.

  25. David Stambaugh
    David Stambaugh
    6 napja

    There are a lot of old mine tailings that have all ready dug up and crushed up that are full of rare earth metals. We were looking for other stuff ,but not rare earth metals which are plentiful in these old tailings.

  26. richard harpell
    richard harpell
    7 napja

    I work for Li-Cycle in Kingston Ontario! Great place to work

  27. Amaranthe Arimathea
    Amaranthe Arimathea
    7 napja


  28. Michael W
    Michael W
    7 napja

    Is Elon helping the company, or is that a sore Point?

  29. MrB8boy
    9 napja

    Part of the problem with recycling with companies like Best Buy is they make the consumer pay to recycle old technology. What’s my incentive then? If I can’t do it for free then I’ll just put it in the trash or hang on to it.

  30. Robbie Searles
    Robbie Searles
    9 napja

    I would believe the recyclers are subject to changes in the prices of those commodities. Why wouldn't they?

  31. 이하서
    9 napja

    great video, thanks

  32. eagle
    9 napja

    Oh wait, Best Buy MAKES YOU pay to recycle. MAKES SOOOO MUCH SENSE! Doing the right thing and saving the planet must be PROFITABLE.

  33. eagle
    9 napja

    Yeah, lets hand them a bunch of our trash so they can profit on it. Wow now they want our trash too lmao.

  34. Bart De Bie
    Bart De Bie
    10 napja

    Electricity is everywhere. The earth’s electrical field has been known for centuries. Lightning and St. Elmo’s fire are the most dramatic manifestations of atmospheric electricity. But the field doesn’t exist just in the vicinity of these events; it’s everywhere. The earth is an electrical conductor. So is the ionosphere, the layer of ionized gas about 70 kilometers over our heads. The air between is a rather poor insulator. Some mechanism not yet explained constantly pumps large quantities of charged particles into the air. The charged particles cause an electrical field. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages 120v per meter. You can measure this voltage with an earth-field antenna-a wire with a sharp point at the top to start a corona discharge, or with a bit of radioactive material that ionizes the air in its immediate vicinity. Near the earth, voltage is proportional to altitude; on an average day you might measure 1,200 volts with a 10-meter antenna. Dr. Oleg Jefimenko invented an earth-field-antennae connected to an advanced corona discharge electrostatic motor which can convert the energy of the earth’s electrical field into continuous mechanical motion. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a Tesla car that runs on charges similar to those that make your hair stand on end when you comb it on a cold winter’s day?

  35. remy7000
    10 napja

    How is this news. The batteris are not a problem. They are cheaper to recycle than to mine new materials. This is very old new. OMFG

  36. Victor Segovia Palacios
    Victor Segovia Palacios
    10 napja

    So, create a product to solve an nonexistent problem, create a false necessity on people so they buy your product, profit; create real problems on the way, propose a solution for the problems you yourself created, profit even more!!!!

  37. Worsin
    11 napja

    No one talks about the sheer amount of energy that goes into all of the mining and then recycling of these minerals for batteries. In the end Oil produces less waste.

  38. youmadbro _1
    youmadbro _1
    11 napja

    Or we can just have hydrogen cars

  39. Zack Paul
    Zack Paul
    11 napja

    They can't even recycle stuff they should now.. W5 has shown us the truth. So why would we just believe these people that they are "now", doing the "right" thing. Hahaha. Nothing but propoganda from a death cult I'm sure.

  40. Adel Touati
    Adel Touati
    11 napja

    The problem is a lot of companies locking up the batteries to sell more, the consequences people keep the phones for data, if companies needs batteries recycled they have to make design so the costumer can access the battery remove it to recycle and they buy it from the costumer.

  41. W
    12 napja

    just imagine the money to be made from selling product at insane prices, and then convincing ppl to give the most costly part back for free, and their time to do so........way to go sheeple, keep the insanity alive!

  42. Willy D
    Willy D
    12 napja

    Or maybe we shouldn't mine these minerals in the 1st place which is extremely detrimental to the earth.......

  43. gedigan
    12 napja

    Recycling is a marketing word for profitable business modeling. How much are they paying for such a valuable material for use to sell back?

  44. Kenneth Bergan
    Kenneth Bergan
    13 napja

    Amazing! Keep going strong!

  45. Dantata Dangote
    Dantata Dangote
    13 napja

    State and local governments can help by providing battery recycling bins and cans allover their jurisdictions. People want to recycle, it's just that it is not as convenient as throwing away trash, so they should make it convenient and people will follow suite ♻️

  46. Tom R
    Tom R
    13 napja

    Maybe don't buy a new phone every year fruitcakes?

  47. C H
    C H
    13 napja

    Create a problem. “Fix” the problem. Profit. ✨magic ✨

  48. Ahmed Youssef
    Ahmed Youssef
    13 napja

    surely there is a battery battery option beyond lithium ion. If we proceed as usual, something will improve on Lion

  49. 06howea1
    14 napja

    eeeeek why did I see this coming!? E-WASTE

  50. Nothing IsReal
    Nothing IsReal
    14 napja

    At 5:13 you can see why the EV boom could be over before it even begins.

  51. Robert Miller
    Robert Miller
    14 napja

    There has always been one big problem with batteries DISPOSAL,WHERE AND HOW

  52. Conrad Roedern
    Conrad Roedern
    14 napja

    Well done and doing, JB. Still for me EVs and battery recycling are much more permaculture than burning the global oil resources (in a flash-light second compared with the time for them to build up) and releasing the residue as CO2 and other poisonous gases into atmosphere. That should have been said and some shots from SYNCRUDE and other oil-related mess-place would have given this documentary even more perspective.

  53. falcon127
    14 napja


  54. Mikolaj Mikun
    Mikolaj Mikun
    14 napja

    1:18 Celina Mikolajczak - Best regards from Poland :)

  55. Aydın Bolat
    Aydın Bolat
    14 napja

    ooor we can just ditch cars altogether and use railways only

  56. Markey Jester
    Markey Jester
    14 napja

    I thought it was a great video! Though, two concerns come to mind: 1. at 5:36 "can relieve some of the burden on the need for new minds or finding new resources", but... that might not be a good thing, you NEED new minds or new methods of resources, even if it doesn't solve *this* problem, it could still have application somewhere, to say we need to just stop thinking of new methods of solving a problem is... well concerning. 2. at 8:03 where they talk about the solution being that the elements needed are in our draws, well c'mon, we have the material you want, why don't you offer us a sum for it? We bought the material from companies, why not buy it back from us? Those companies who sold it to us are going to purchase those materials back from you.

  57. w4csc
    14 napja

    How many more thousands will they charge users to recycle the old $32,000 battery pack?

  58. w4csc
    14 napja

    I did my part this week. My 1988 Chevy stepvan has my air conditioned electronics shop I used in my business powered by a Honda quiet electronic generator mounted on its back door in a custom enclosure. The van is my retirement toy. I spotted a parked EV beside one of the main roads so pulled over to see what was up. Its owner was waiting for a flatbed tow truck to haul it to one of our rare recharging stations. I asked him if he had his charging cord with him. He did. The look on his face was priceless as I cranked the Honda and plugged him in. After fighting his computer a bit, and waiting for the little 3KW Honda to add a few miles to his pack, I followed him to the new Electrify America superstation. I refused any payment but he insisted I take $20. Good deed for the less fortunate complete...

  59. The Tee
    The Tee
    14 napja

    The extraction of cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo has been linked to human rights abuses, corruption, environmental destruction and child slavery. Please tell the whole story CNBC and that Tesla has been sued by the parents of children that have been killed mining their batteries. This is report is paid propaganda.

  60. AkshonClips
    14 napja

    Biggest problem? A bigger problem is the infrastructure needed for all these electric cars that are being mandated by 2035. California cant even keep the lights on.

  61. allgoo 19
    allgoo 19
    14 napja

    Let's say they recycled the material absolute 100%. That only keeps up the existing production. They expect to fulfill the "growing demand"? That's mindbogglingly stupid.

  62. Vernon Gomes
    Vernon Gomes
    14 napja

    It really is odd to me that Tesla or other companies don’t buy wrecked Model 3/S and reuse those batteries for this process. Or for a cheaper model.

  63. Fredrik Wanelid
    Fredrik Wanelid
    15 napja

    ”They are flammable and toxic, so they can’t end up in landfills”... Sounds like a phrase from 1990’s😂 But, yes companies like these are important for a sustainable future.

  64. Greg Preston
    Greg Preston
    15 napja

    Ther was an old woman from nod who wanted a baby from god. It wasn't the god almighty that crawled up her nightie it was the vicar the dirty old sod. Yours Sincerely from the old corrupt UK.

  65. Neil
    15 napja

    Would be great if product makers made it easier to remove the battery.

  66. Saemon X
    Saemon X
    15 napja

    Battery Fake Green Source! Just like wing Generators!

  67. Darren Smith
    Darren Smith
    15 napja

    You lose 1/50th of materials from car battery recycling; by weight, petroleum has a 300 times higher loss.

  68. Joshua T Morton
    Joshua T Morton
    15 napja

    Should start a plant in Agbogbloshie

  69. He shan Quan
    He shan Quan
    15 napja

    Want to figure it out it’s easy ! Make a company to collect battery’s from home owners like a recycle program and gets pick up once a month that free money that doesn’t get thrown out ! Yet no one wants to start this problem they need to fix now !

  70. Anthony Ray Teel
    Anthony Ray Teel
    15 napja


  71. jamills
    15 napja

    We need to up our recycling battery game. Going to best buy isn't easy enough and most people just throw batteries away unknowingly. I want more locations and PSAs

  72. Mr Smith
    Mr Smith
    15 napja

    'you can drop it off for recycling' ...are they going to give me the fair market value of the elements contained inside it? If not, good luck getting it to stick. People wont give you stuff for fee in order for you to make billions off of it .

  73. movax20h
    15 napja

    Honestly, the recycling Lithium, Nickel and Cobalt, is going to lead us to actually solving EV cost and transition to EVs in a big way. The demand is going to grow, the supply is stretched, demand for more and lower cost is ramping up, and there is already a lot of batteries needing recycling, and more will come soon. Not only recyling is cheaper and less energy intensive, it is less complex, and can also be easier powered by renewable (like solar and wind), compared to mining industry, plus recycling plants can be setup in many places, without limits. The recycling industry is going to be THE solution.

  74. Max Su
    Max Su
    15 napja

    The solid state battery is going to reduce the cost to 1/10. Hope for the new battery structure also provide easy recycling. New power grid had better lay down in advance.

  75. Laurent Jolicoeur
    Laurent Jolicoeur
    15 napja

    manufacture of batteries should design a easier way to recycle their produce so we can recover the material of their batteries

  76. Shaggydude
    15 napja

    It's a gallant effort for sure, He is only one company in competition for the used Li-on waste market. Last count their were 7.5 billion people on earth, all increasing wanting technology, and cars. There just isn't enough raw or recycled materials to provide batteries for it all. We need a break through of some type, Li-on is only a stop gap measure at best. This simply a blip on the radar screen of history.

  77. quartytypo
    16 napja

    End EV battery anxiety! Put a lawnmower gas engine in the car that keeps the battery topped-up.

  78. waltersumofan
    16 napja

    This should lead in to the Right to Repair issues

  79. ez45
    16 napja

    5:01 that is NOT the preferred route from China to Nevada. lol

  80. Dave C
    Dave C
    16 napja

    08:55 recycling must be made easier with every retailer that sells lithium batteries being mandated to take them back for recycling. A deposit/core charge should be applied to all batteries too.

  81. adven ture
    adven ture
    16 napja

    What actually wears out in the Li-Ion battery so it needs to be recycled in the first place? Something is missing here.....

  82. Schooling Diana
    Schooling Diana
    16 napja

    Please! Tesla and Elon Musk are playing catch up! Potassium batteries were developed without their input AT ALL, well over a year ago AND they last 2-3 times longer than the Tesla/Musk batteries of choice made from lithium. There are other EV car manufacturers who are more innovative, and care about their employees and customers. Several are out-selling Tesla by leaps and bounds. Why not report on that, @CNBC?

  83. CC Carter
    CC Carter
    16 napja

    Why not 100@ recyclable?

  84. Patricia d'Assier
    Patricia d'Assier
    16 napja

    Question: who built these amazing machines, especially for the initial separation of metals?

  85. Kayo Michiels
    Kayo Michiels
    17 napja

    Umicore has been doing this since 2006...

  86. Las Vegas Free Press
    Las Vegas Free Press
    17 napja


  87. Randolph Maunder
    Randolph Maunder
    17 napja

    I would like to know why the batteries end up failing. What is depleated, what is consumed, what is changed? Something must be consumed or unusable. I'm sure you can't take only the recycled materials and make a new battery without adding some new materials.

  88. Zerkini
    17 napja

    18.9b dollar. Wants people to gift this resource to them through recycling. Why not pay the little guy for their materials.

  89. andrei ka
    andrei ka
    17 napja

    so, and later someone will have to recycle all the trash musk is going to throw above our heads with this tens of thousands sats of starlink (oh, and we are not talkin about the total light pollution of earth night sky he doesnt seem to give a damn about...) , but somehow it won't be taken care by musk himself :-P

  90. Ignacio Rivera
    Ignacio Rivera
    17 napja

    Give me your batteries so I can make money with them...🤣. I fully paid to own the batteries I purchased, they don't offer a discount to bring back your old batteries. So this batteries are going to the trash😤

  91. Danny Oehlerich
    Danny Oehlerich
    17 napja

    I would like to see how much power is needed to build and recycle these batteries with them huge machines? Are they only using renewable energy sources?

  92. Joel Peterman
    Joel Peterman
    17 napja

    Are EVs worse than the cure that EVs are made for?

  93. Davicii
    18 napja

    All seems good but what they dont tell you they basically burn batteries which is highly toxic watch the limiting factor

  94. JFreezle360Wizzle
    18 napja

    Also Apple will recycle your Apple products and most third-party phones for 🆓.

  95. Nodak81
    18 napja

    I'm too lazy to watch the whole video so pardon me if this was covered in it. But I've heard companies are working on next-gen batteries that use common materials like silicon that would mean much cheaper production and near endless resources. Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth.

  96. Benjamin Andersen
    Benjamin Andersen
    18 napja

    thank f*** they are recycled, been wondering what in general happens to lithium batteries after use, cause there are massive amounts! this eases my mind a bit :) i remember trying a disposable e-cig, they are cheap and works pretty good, but non-rechargeable, they made me think, bet theres tons of those in common garbage litter, and thats just one product containing lithium batteries... (yes, i took one apart to see how it worked)

  97. Gregg Roberts
    Gregg Roberts
    18 napja

    I have a bunch of EV's but they aren't powered. They are passive. Sometimes I wish I bought JBL's though.

  98. Ferd The Terd
    Ferd The Terd
    18 napja

    Wow even here these idiots want Co2 gone... We can turn Co2 into Oxygen we should want more of it

  99. MiladM
    18 napja

    I.wish there were.more people like him🙏

  100. HobbyRob
    18 napja

    I wish jb straubel and his companions all the best, because this is the kind of thing we have to have! Let's mine less and recycle more! If I pay tax on something, let it be on there/that! I wish the people who are working on to that/it, all the best! Healthy and Kind Greetings! Rob