Hyperinflation is Already Here - You Just Haven't Realised It Yet.

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Hyperinflation has been a doomsday scenario for modern economies throughout the last century. In all of these failed countries (Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Hungary, Yugoslavia, etc.) there have been uniform warning signs, the same signs that we are starting to see today in the U.S.
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#Inflation #Hyperinflation #Economics
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  1. Economics Explained
    Economics Explained

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    1. I Care
      I Care

      They are deleting posts again

    2. I Care
      I Care

      Hyper Inflation brought to the USA by the current Democrat controlled House of Representative, US Senate, White House through those who voted for them and those who also participated in the blatant totalitarianism are responsible for irreversible economic disaster that has just begun.

    3. Claudiu Manea
      Claudiu Manea

      @liam morgans in venezuela the currency units increased alongside with wages and economic growth Today in US only the currency units are increasing and they are going mainly to corporations, hedge funds and rich, but the wages and the economic growth are not increasing... Inflation will be transitory if the pandemic is still around(and it will be around until 2023)..

    4. liam morgans
      liam morgans

      @Trevor.k look up Quantitative Easing 2019. I believe they havent been able to stop doing bailouts ever since 08

    5. liam morgans
      liam morgans

      @Claudiu Manea why didnt that happen in places like Venezuela?

  2. Brian Plum
    Brian Plum
    11 perccel

    This video keeps repeating the idiotic line "the government has no choice, but ...". Fortunately, I have a choice -- just like every one of these governments. I chose to give this video a thumbs down.

  3. Total Rise
    Total Rise
    29 perccel

    Its OK, our Great Leader President Joe Biden will rescue us! The government is here to help.

  4. utoobe199
    34 perccel

    are we becoming the new Venezuella ? last week, even Buffett and Yellen said inflation is raging on and going out of control ?? WTH is going on in america ?

  5. utoobe199
    50 perccel

    food, medicines, housing, rent, groceries, doctor visits, student fees, everything everything has gotten so so expensive in america, its crazy -- its like we are a 3rd world nation already.

  6. Karanveer Singh
    Karanveer Singh

    Thanks for "DISCLAIMER "

  7. Djallel Aimar
    Djallel Aimar
    3 órája

    It's weird that he looks like he is explaining something, but if you wanna assess what you have learned, you find nothing

  8. Jay Cie
    Jay Cie
    5 órája

    And you don't mention the times that stimulus was used and disaster didn't follow like the US in 2008.

  9. Dave Fox
    Dave Fox
    5 órája


  10. J K
    J K
    6 órája

    4.2 now

  11. FlamingBunBun
    7 órája

    Is it hyperinflation if the whole world is inflating at about the same rate (not just America did stimulus payments). I figured something like that is dependent on how that currency is relative to the rest of the world

  12. JM Negroni
    JM Negroni
    8 órája

    alot of the money went into savings aka stocks. check out the personal saving rate chart from the FED bank of St louis

    8 órája

    Ppl wake up out of no where a hacker attacked our pipeline and gas price is out of control and that has a domino cause effect are you gonna oranges 🍊 price go up. These price Will not come down it’s already here folks.

  14. M K
    M K
    9 órája

    But Walmart stayed open during the whole thing

  15. scruffy nerfherder
    scruffy nerfherder
    9 órája

    Goodness is a metaphor that obfuscates the real driver of any asset’s value in a market that trades assets ... Forecasts into its future value. Economists have at times used the word ‘faith’ in a asset’s or economy’s value.

  16. M K
    M K
    9 órája

    Democrats will finally get it...once it’s too late

  17. The Red Technician
    The Red Technician
    10 órája

    Don't worry, you'll own nothing and you'll be happy 🙂

  18. Access Saskatoon
    Access Saskatoon
    12 órája

    The four most dangerous inventions of mankind are, Money, Politics, religion, and the atom bomb. The Atomic bomb is simply a tool to protect the other 3 inventions.

  19. Its All Good Games
    Its All Good Games
    15 órája

    Are there any examples of it working out? lol

  20. Thebananasinpyjamas
    16 órája

    Hey EE, will you do a video on modern monetary theory?

  21. Akshay J
    Akshay J
    16 órája

    I don't think that USD being a global currency cushions it significantly from effects of inflation. The USD can be traded globally while still the prices of consumer goods skyrocket. For example, even in the US, the prices of consumer goods in Bay Area are 1.5 times higher than in the midwest.

  22. TheMightyZim26
    17 órája

    It is to the economically illiterate...aka modern leftists.

  23. Jim Rinkenberger
    Jim Rinkenberger
    17 órája

    12:15 There have been very large increases in the prices of firearms and especially ammunition. Common calibers like 9mm and 5.56mm have at least tripled in the past year. It's likely due to greatly increased demand, but the reasons for that demand make it somewhat more ominous.

  24. AtheistDT
    18 órája

    A video about hyperinflation without mentioning my Brazil as an example?? I feel left out

  25. Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti
    19 órája

    Sad truth... Since Covid, the FED started printing trillions. The ( illegitimate...) Biden administration printed and spent even more since january... And instead of stopping this, they'll do the wrong thing, as leftists always did! They continue printing money and try to keep everything running by creating and spending more and more... Which will destroy the economy by hyperinflation... Instead they should stop this! Take money out of the economy! But they won't... They got in power by cheating, the worst crime in US history, and will cause the worst economical disaster in US history...

  26. Paul Blart
    Paul Blart
    20 órája

    Usually there is an elite leader or group of leaders that cause collapses to gain power. Sadly this is typically rarely investigated.

  27. Har Leyd
    Har Leyd
    20 órája

    As the US prints money (Sells Bonds) it lends it to others and some of them see it as a hedge against weakness in their own balance sheets. But doesn’t this increase risk to the US I hear you say? Yes. Because the economy won’t run by itself, the US has Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who lend the excess money to Americans on easy credit terms, then converts the debt risk to equity by securitising it. But the risk hasn’t gone away, hence the US government de-listing and bailing them out during the GFC. So the risk is squarely back on the US economy again.

  28. A Google User
    A Google User
    20 órája

    It is free when you live in a country that controls it's own currency and 70% of the world's assets are in it, USD. We just do money printing for the rich instead of the poor. Sad. EU makes it so they can't run a deficit over 3%... look at history of depression in USA and also look at Japan's situation, people fearmongered about them, but it's nonsense. Venezuela is literally our fault, from installing dictators to sanctioning them terribly. Austerity doesn't work. Get real. He downplays the inflation being caused by supply chain breakdown. Modern Monetary Theory. IF ANYTHING USA is a cautionary tale about not doing enough for small businesses and people, 100,000 small businesses plus died during lock downs with no compensation as government debated 1 time checks. You want to know how to turn it around? Go gang busters on building infrastructure and investing in projects with other countries. Look at China. In fact, China is the only country I'm aware of that actually had growth this year on target. Belt & road

  29. Seamus Shylock
    Seamus Shylock
    21 órája

    The Feral Reserve has bankrupted the USA. The Hedge Fund Oligarchs will abscond to Israel as they did to Russia, twice. Americans will wake-up in the Great Reset.

  30. Trey Steed
    Trey Steed
    23 órája

    Buy Silver and Gold

  31. Cyber Dragon Zekrom
    Cyber Dragon Zekrom
    23 órája

    Red pill: MMT works. Money printing and inflation are totally uncorrelated. The "elites" realized this at least a decade ago, if not centuries ago. There is no inflation unless they decide there will be inflation. The Fed could print nothing, yet we could have 100% inflation, if they want it that way. The only question is: Who is going to be given the printed money? Us or them?

  32. Billmaster115
    23 órája

    Anyone trying to buy wood has probably realised.

  33. Ayush Bhattacharya
    Ayush Bhattacharya

    But even if we short money, how will it help us. Let's say we borrow 200$ from the bank and buy a phone, once hyperinflation hits that phone will now cost 1000$. We then sell the phone for that amount and return our debt but still the extra money we have will not benefit us much since the price of everything else will also rise exponentially. So how will this help us??

  34. Jacob Klein
    Jacob Klein

    So over dramatic. I am betting on inflationary non hyperinflation. That said, the Biden gravy train will explode if it goes under 50 mph....

  35. hector coode
    hector coode

    Well I think the crucial difference is that there hasn’t been a significant drop in the productive capacity of any given nation. Unlike circumstances like a natural disaster or a war where buildings are damaged and destroyed, the problem with the COVID crisis is that it leaves factories and offices empty. This certainly leads to a fall in production, but the productive capacity hasn’t been (significantly) altered because the capital machinery and work space isn’t damaged or unusable, it just isn’t or wasn’t being used because of lockdowns

  36. Tommy Kelly
    Tommy Kelly

    Any cases where it worked?

  37. Pualani Casey
    Pualani Casey

    I noticed it more than a month ago. I said something to the cashier at the market one day. Told her, it's costing me more and more for my regular shopping trips. She said she didn't noticed, but I did! Maybe some don't pay close attention.

  38. Sebastian

    What about the fact that most of the money that was printed brrr by the Fed is just sitting in bank reserves, not in actual consumer hands being spent...

  39. Joe Weis
    Joe Weis


  40. pullman

    And its here!!!

  41. lichen24moss

    Nice video. :D

  42. Writing on the Wall
    Writing on the Wall

    Buy metals and land.

  43. S Dan
    S Dan

    only problem is the whole world did it. There is no fiat to run to that would cause inflation. The world will always print more than the us because they need to sell to the us not the us sell to them.

  44. Nun Ya
    Nun Ya

    The pandemic had no effect on the economy. But the cocksuckers in charge who shut everything down for their own political advantage certainly did.

  45. Vasja Snaiper
    Vasja Snaiper

    Smells like Hunger Games in real life


    6:23 I’m not a plumber, but I don’t go around diminishing their skills because I value their skills. Saying “the plumber charged me $200 JUST to unclog my sink” sounds like maybe you think he should have done it for 50 bucks. Next time I suggest you spend a couple of days wading around in your own excrement before you call a plumber and perhaps you’ll be more appreciative of those skills 😎.

  47. Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan

    The virus didn’t wreck the economy. It was wrecked by the government’s reaction to the virus.

  48. Andy Brice
    Andy Brice

    There's one key difference I see here: Our productive capacity has not been destroyed. It's just been shuttered for a year.

    1. enigma194
      2 órája

      Us manufacturing is struggling!

  49. SuperSammyPro

    Could you please start adding subtitles, it would be much easier to follow the video

  50. Faheem Sardar
    Faheem Sardar

    You could have said that the US exports its deficits (managed by printing more money), which is probably the largest export of the US. In simple words, the excess supply of fresh printed money that revs up the US economy is held by other countries which insulates from direct inflation.

  51. Andy Lowings
    Andy Lowings

    I wish he had not kept making so many inconclusive suppositions without making any explanation of what is going on. It was in the end word soup with a few jokes.

  52. Pi

    The loss of life 100% won’t be the biggest issue with corona virus.

  53. whiteknightcat

    At 15:20, that's a drone shot of Austin, Texas. The view is looking NE with the Lamar Avenue bridge over Ladybird Lake (Colorado River) in the foreground, the Pfluger pedestrian bridge next, and the Union Pacific (ex Missouri Pacific exx International-Great Northern) railroad bridge next with a northbound rock train on the Austin Subdivision. The weird Jenga tower building is The Independent, a condo complex. Just to the left of it, in the background, is the state capitol building.

  54. whiteknightcat

    The CPI is now catching up, approaching 1% per month.

  55. anOrnithologist

    money printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt lol

  56. Chad Bednarczyk
    Chad Bednarczyk

    Well gee you just described our current crisis in the united states didn't you. Too bad those in charge didn't watch your video with this simple formula.

  57. Raditiya Valendeto
    Raditiya Valendeto

    imagine if someone forgot to turn off the money printer and then accidentally creates a hyperinflation

  58. Paul Gerald
    Paul Gerald

    I saw a clip of Westfield Shopping centre in Chodov, Prague during the video. Do you live in Prague or was this just stock footage you chose randomly?

  59. Thekaiser4100

    Also blaming the pandemic on the reduction in productive capacity when it’s really the result of government policy.

  60. Seraphim L
    Seraphim L

    Greatest assets will b dries food n bullets in imperial america.

  61. Thekaiser4100

    He keeps saying „...gave the government no choice but to...”. Yes, they always had the choice to introduce pro-market polices and cut reckless spending. They just chose not to.

    1. A Million Dollar Afro
      A Million Dollar Afro
      21 perce

      There would be ALOT of pain if they stop because a lot of these companies are insolvent (relying on corporate debt and government subsidies). Lot of layoffs, lot more bankruptcies, lot more homeless.

    2. Sadrien
      10 órája

      Actually that is never a choice for the government. The reckless spending is how they stay in power (it's all poorly disguised bribery). See CGPGrey's Rules For Rulers to understand why the government must issue bribes to stay in power. The only solution is not to use a government currency and strictly limit the government's ability to regulate industry (outside of worker protections) so that they can't. Unfortunately this will result in lesser stability. Fortunately, it will improve efficiency which may compensate adequately.

  62. Zachary Althoff
    Zachary Althoff

    Idk whether to be happy or terrified, I just finished a macro class so this makes sense to me... but is that a good thing?

  63. Formula Zero
    Formula Zero

    Used cars and rental cars have doubled in price in my area. In other areas they've tripled.

  64. Johnathan Hodskins
    Johnathan Hodskins

    Isnt the federal reserve its own entity to stop this from being a thing here in the United States? After the Great Depression you would think they would be vigilant

  65. Joseph Nusse
    Joseph Nusse

    Until there is a plausible challenge to the US dollar for global currency standard, they will offload the negative effects of everything they do. They offloaded the effects of printing in 2010.....it will happen again. They do not even have to try. The phantom utility nobody could calculate from 3 decades of the China de-valuing their own currency was 'stolen' by printed American Bonds. Chinese peasants at this loss...and nobody saw it coming.

  66. John Smith
    John Smith

    Oof, this guy is dumb. I don’t think I’ve ever heard more fact-free assertions than are made within the first five minutes of this video.

  67. Cedric Chiu
    Cedric Chiu

    Basically it means, that lower and lower middle class, who are renting and cannot afford to get a house using low interest loans, are screwed when the hyper inflation finally hits. Their wages and cash saving will be de-valued, and rent and everyday spending will go up.

  68. William R. Kirkland
    William R. Kirkland

    The current issues are almost 100% government created. The China Virus was just an artificial vehicle for the social bandits now in control.

    1. whiteknightcat

      Don't worry, I'm sure your flatulent fuhrer will get ushered back into power thinks to his minions rigging the election systems in multiple states right now, and then you can bow down to him as he finally becomes our "president for life".

  69. i

    Wrong, you cannot compare the US to Venezuela, since the US dollar is the reserve currency of the World...until it is no longer the reserve currency, then you can make this claim.

  70. Hold for Freedom
    Hold for Freedom

    Well sir, seems you were right.......

  71. Society Has Fallen
    Society Has Fallen

    well the fact they printed trillions for corporations and in flation didnt go up says you are a liar liar pants on fire, that being said if your were to print money like zimbabwae then yes you can destroy the value... but lets be honest we are not there yet, ring wing corporation just looking for some copouts

  72. Paul Kurilecz
    Paul Kurilecz

    In the past six months many items have increased drastically. A 500 ft spool of #12 THHN copper wire has gone from under $40 to $100. A 2 x 4, 8 feet long has gone from less than $2 to just under $10, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a feeling that it will get worse. For those of you who don't believe me, just look to the 70's and 80's. A doubling of oil prices from $5/bbl to $10/bbl just about killed this country economically. Then there was the systemic inflation in the mid 70's to the mid 80's where people thought that 14% inflation was horrible. I had a manager in the early 80's who thought he got a good deal on the mortgage for his house when it came with an 18% interest rate. It is impossible to triple the amount of currency in circulation without some fallout.

  73. Son of Ode
    Son of Ode

    My notes, 2:30 cycle C&E of hyperinflation. (1)somekind of distabilizing event; be it a war or natural disaster, real pandemic or fake pandemic or (2)a piece of a policy that leads to a sharp decline in productive capacity which is (3) corrected with stimulus measures funded by the printing of money. 6:10 what is the price of price? price is the mechanism of finding agreement of different people with different setting of priority. If you want to bet, bet on the thing that fixed, stays, center. Gin,

  74. timberhoff

    All currencies fail in the end and it doesn’t look too good right now either. You can save you money in gold, silver, real estate plus many more things that remain valuable regardless what currency is doing. They cannot print currencies indefinitely. Steel prices rise basically every day right now.

  75. Kitty

    The lockdowns can and never will end because the moment they do, every currency that's been printed like crazy will hyper-inflate.

    1. JM Negroni
      JM Negroni
      8 órája

      if you read the charts the printing was the only thing that kept the US from deflation and loss of production.

  76. Yohannes Gotti
    Yohannes Gotti

    But Biden told me Money Printer go BRRRRR!!! BLM is gonna be sooooo angry LOL

  77. Zippy Dastrange
    Zippy Dastrange

    Considering how wealth is power is corruption, I'd aruge its been here since the late 90s, the cocaine money of the 80s gave us as bubble of protection while big biz cartels and IP mafias offshored local wealth, now the nose powder green backs are gone the economy can't hide the inflation that's always been there. Too big to to fail is the nature of our market that's founded squarely on monopolies, so what happens when monopolies no longer need local markets or in other words when local market are disposable. And since people can not bypass IP law to create independent markets to make a living they are forced to cater to the cartels and mafias... who then treat them as disposable commodities for short term gain..... they move from region to the next devouring its wealth while ensuring they profit off the regions they destroyed. Its mad empire building by stateless kings and nobles who hide in their big biz cartels... capitalism should have taken us away from this maddens of highly concentrated market feudalism... but we wanted a "free market" controlled by monopolies.......humans......

  78. harrison wintergreen
    harrison wintergreen

    "Domestic stimulus"?🤔

  79. Heimerblaster

    There is a economic phenomenon that has not existed on the scale of the US. You in essence have a duel economy exciting at the same time. one for the upper strata of the us and one for the lower. BUT the upper strata is connected to the global economy and is not solely influenced by the us. While the lower strata is almost totally economically localized TO the US. What does this mean we will find out probably in a year ish.

  80. Spontaneous Mixx
    Spontaneous Mixx

    Or or or... Counter point... Inflation isn't a function of printing money, it's a function of available goods to demand.

  81. klarionc

    not very conclusive and doesn't address the premise very well

  82. klarionc

    Education is up 400% in the last 20 years; healthcare inflation is exploding; housing is up in tripple digits in percentage terms vs 20 years ago and most of last year's inflation hasn't worked itself through the markets yet.

  83. klarionc

    US gvmnt plays funny games with inflation statistics..

  84. Omniback20

    Lots of companies are doing better in the pandemic. Amazon, FB, Google, Tesla are all posting record earnings which is driving the S&P500 price up.

  85. Lydia Robinson
    Lydia Robinson

    shorturl.ca/snaponline1h101 💝_P__R__I__V__A__T__E_🔥_S__E__X_🧒 &今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、@かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 💋&在整個人類歷史上,#強者,#富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,#氏族,#城鎮,#城市和鄉村中的弱者,#無`'#守和貧窮成員。#然而,#人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,#被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,#並繼續將其 融入不斷發展的人類社會。.#說到食物,#不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。#相反,#他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。#他們學會了清潔,#切塊,#調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,!在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,#並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(#如山核桃,#山核桃和豆科灌木 #來調味食$👅

    1. Alex Jacoby
      Alex Jacoby

      Be gone bot!

  86. Cleetus Vonbehren
    Cleetus Vonbehren

    I feel like you're gonna tell me to buy gold.....

  87. Rubber Band
    Rubber Band

    Joe Biden is the dumbest decision America never made. #stolenelection

  88. Leavenworth Media
    Leavenworth Media


  89. Alex Coop
    Alex Coop
    2 napja

    A piece of paper is only in the believeth of the nation that its worth something

  90. Alex Coop
    Alex Coop
    2 napja

    Actually its 100 percent free to print money esp when u see three of the top pple own majority of a nations wealth and without money u don't have a functioning economy and without pple u don't either

  91. Seer-of-things end
    Seer-of-things end
    2 napja

    All of this is public health alarmists fault

  92. Z Omega
    Z Omega
    2 napja

    I'm just waiting for the part where we suggest just printing more money

  93. Falco LH Hawk
    Falco LH Hawk
    2 napja

    Ok why are there always easy-money webinars ads?

  94. Lord Biffus
    Lord Biffus
    2 napja

    If people get more money, demand will rise and inflation will follow. That will happen if you don't save up your money. If hyperinflation is about to happen, start with rations. Not the kind of rationing during war times but a more easier one. Keep the rationing for some years until most retards who wants 16 cars have changed their mind and don't want the 16 cars anymore. If you succeeded, congratulation! You defeated hyperinflation by using rations against shortage!

    1. Craigs List
      Craigs List

      Rationing goods and services would cause hyper-deflation, which is just as bad as hyper inflation. I believe the reason why we are not in a hyper inflation state even though we are printing money is due to idea that we are in a deflationary situation. With less money being spent on goods and services, causing all those business to cut production and cut jobs and wages along the way...which will kick off a death spiral that will crush most americans who are losing jobs and have little savings to speak of.

  95. Matt Raines
    Matt Raines
    2 napja

    Whenever I watch an Aussie show and something costs 1.5 million AUD, I figured I had enough loose change in my center console or couch cushions to cover it. After 2021 I’m not so sure...

  96. Anirban Bera
    Anirban Bera
    2 napja

    Really good channel

  97. Swarnava Samanta
    Swarnava Samanta
    2 napja

    Congratulations China. You managed to destroy the world economy with bats.

  98. Dirk Dingle Berry
    Dirk Dingle Berry
    2 napja

    Just release covid 2.0 and everything will be fine again.

  99. warriorpoet
    2 napja

    4.56 Karl marx : hey! i know the best way for people to protect themselves against all! kinds of worst case scenarios