SILVER V RED - CLASH OF CHAMPIONS (Vettel vs Hamilton F1 2017)

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💥NEW! Silver vs Red 2018!
The 2017 Formula 1 season was one of the most thrilling in recent years. For the first time since the V6 Turbo era started, there's two Formula 1 teams with chances to fight for the Formula 1 World Championship. One of them is Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, wich was the winner of the Formula One World Championship in the last three years. The other one is the most succesful team in the Formula 1 history, the Scuderia Ferrari. The German driver Sebastian Vettel, a four time F1 world champion with Red Bull Racing, is the man who must lead the Scuderia Ferrari to the glory, meanwhile the british driver Lewis Hamilton, a three time F1 world champion (1 in Mclaren and 2 in Mercedes) is the man who must defend the Mercedes hegemony and fight for his fourth championship to try to match the Vettel's titles. Hamilton and Vettel adding together seven F1 world championships, and both have won multiple races. For the first time they fight for a F1 world title head tohead to discover who is the fastest man on the planet. Enjoy this epic battle full of tension, drama and thrill between two historic Formula 1 teams and two champion drivers. Enjoy this Clash of Champions.
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The battle race by race:
0:00 Intro
5:06 2017 Australian Grand Prix
7:27: 2017 Chinese Grand Prix
10:48 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix
16:38 2017 Russian Grand Prix
19:21 2017 Spanish Grand Prix
23:52 2017 Monaco Grand Prix
26:46 2017 Canadian Grand Prix
29:12 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
36:33 2017 Austrian Grand Prix
38:34 2017 British Grand Prix
42:00 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix
45:46 2017 Belgian Grand Prix
48:13 2017 Italian Grand Prix
52:17 2017 Singapore Grand Prix
55:38 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix
57:17 2017 Japanese Grand Prix
1:02:32 2017 United States Grand Prix
1:09:34 2017 Mexican Grand Prix
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  1. FLoz
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    📣BREAKING NEWS! From NOW it's available the sequel of this documentary: Silver vs Red 2018 👇👇👇 Finally Silver v Red - Clash of Champions was released! I made this documentary thanks to all of you because last year, after post The Silver War documentary, the supported and good words that I received was huge. I don't know if next year I'll can make another documentary so I hope you enjoy this one because I put all my effort into make the best Formula 1 documentary possible. Please, If you are a Vettel or Hamilton fan be respectful with the other fans because we are here for enjoy our passion, wich is Formula 1. Enjoy the documentary and share it around the world!

    1. Da Vinci6894
      Da Vinci6894

      I would love to see something like this for the 2010 and 2012 seasons, great work mate

    2. Isaque Moreira
      Isaque Moreira
      3 hónapja


    3. Phina Mungatia
      Phina Mungatia
      3 hónapja


    4. FLoz
      4 hónapja

      @Gregory William I am making it! check this playlist:

    5. Gregory William
      Gregory William
      4 hónapja

      Third time watching this amazing movie. I am expecting a 2018 version ;)

  2. Dwayne Bryant
    Dwayne Bryant
    4 órája

    Verii verii exciting a went to bed watching this woke up n watch it over 👏👏👏👏 Hamner time

  3. Niko Moin
    Niko Moin
    11 órája

    What does vettel mean with: they meant him running into the back of Lewis as dangerous driving. He Literally drove into his car from the side 😂

  4. DoubleO Ammoe
    DoubleO Ammoe
    16 órája

    That helmet

  5. Carlos Perozo
    Carlos Perozo
    22 órája

    Excellent video👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. greyfortitude18

    What qn epic battle. Why did netflix season didnt make it more exciting like this. Netflix got me started in this one though.

  7. greyfortitude18

    Bottas had repeatedly been used in this battle. Must be tough to be bottas

  8. Will Allen
    Will Allen

    Why I love Seb 18:48 And 1:15:35

  9. Keemy

    Can you do lando and Charles please

  10. Cald Gaming
    Cald Gaming

    Banging video

  11. Don Elmediterraneo
    Don Elmediterraneo
    2 napja

    Good old days when a Ferrari could destroy a Red Bull to catch up a Mercedes-AMG.

  12. Don Elmediterraneo
    Don Elmediterraneo
    2 napja

    Mercedes-AMG vs Scuderia Ferrari The only Formula 1 CLASSICO worth a tittle battle !

  13. piggzmalles YT
    piggzmalles YT
    3 napja

    The senna tribute got me bad

  14. dynastoned
    3 napja

    2017 azerbaijan grand prix was funny. why did they wait so long to give vettel a 10 second dangerous driving penalty after he side swiped hamilton for brake checking him? it's like they saw an opportunity when hamilton had a headrest issue to give vettel the penalty and that would put them right next to each other again. but it didn't make any sense because vettel's apparent "dangerous driving" happened like an hour earlier before the race was stopped for debris and several laps after that lol.

  15. Achraf Bentaha Amaoui
    Achraf Bentaha Amaoui
    4 napja

    vettel's race engineer: .... and "keep your head down"

  16. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith
    4 napja

    Great great video first off. Second. I may not like his politic's but Lewis is one hell of a race car driver. I wish Ferrari could give Merc a run for their money again but not this year.

  17. Ja Ye
    Ja Ye
    5 napja

    56:38... Would you belive it! 😂😂😂

  18. Ian Ransome
    Ian Ransome
    6 napja

    See should have won that season...better driver better car...

  19. Tim Chris
    Tim Chris
    6 napja

    I really don't think Hamilton was a better driver than vettel

  20. outlawrob316
    6 napja

    This season - and 2018, for that matter - are like when your football team loses having missed a bunch of chances, especially early in the game. Ultimately the other team and their star player were better over the 90 minutes, but if your team had only taken its chances...what might have been!

  21. dynastoned
    7 napja

    hamilton had a near perfect year. when you get pole 3/4 races and you don't have to deal w/ traffic starting further back you have a significant advantage. less opportunity for something to go wrong and someone elses bad driving to ruin your chances at finishing well for the race. so give it up to Hamilton for racing an almost perfect season.

  22. Yes Gaming Indonesia
    Yes Gaming Indonesia
    7 napja

    subtitle please

  23. Harris
    7 napja

    if i went to my local cinema and saw this, i wouldn't bat an eyelid - its great man!

  24. Sandile Mfeka
    Sandile Mfeka
    8 napja

    I miss the days when my Ferarri was really challenging for the title. But we will be back, we need a strong driver like Verstapen, i love Leclerc and Sainz but to win again we need Verstapen.

  25. aladeen5058 %%
    aladeen5058 %%
    8 napja

    This is better than Drive to survive in every possible way

  26. Sachin Kumar Raghuvanshi
    Sachin Kumar Raghuvanshi
    8 napja

    I want to see vettel in Mercedes with Lewis and watch the epic battle,my fav VET

    1. AA
      2 napja

      İmpossible, mercedes never put talented teamates like vettel near of hamilton anymore because we saw between 2013-2016 rosberg-hamilton teammate crush because of their fight. So Mercedes put near of hamilton as a teammate for like bottas. You know bottas is clumsy driver. The Result, Hamilton won every race and collected every point and he became 7 time world champion thanks to powefull mercedes engine and clumsy a teammate (BOTTASS)

  27. Hadi Pawar
    Hadi Pawar
    8 napja

    Lewis Hamilton Beating MSC records since 2017.

  28. Hadi Pawar
    Hadi Pawar
    8 napja

    People saw this and still say "iTs JuSt tHe CaR" I mean ffs look at this intense battle.

  29. Byron Machuca
    Byron Machuca
    8 napja

    Better editing skills than Netflix drive to survive S3 for sure

  30. Edoardo Palazzi
    Edoardo Palazzi
    8 napja

    I bow to their skill 💪

  31. Flith
    8 napja

    44:47 "Lewis it's james"

  32. Keyro Alfonso Mercedes Hilario
    Keyro Alfonso Mercedes Hilario
    10 napja

    Wow I miss that vettel

  33. Enrique Goitia
    Enrique Goitia
    10 napja

    Those 3 "0" de for seb cost him the championship.

  34. SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
    SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
    10 napja

    I honestly believe 2017 made Vettel have a constant fear of mistakes from Ferrari (reliability & strategy) since his lost in 2017. He probably urged to extend his lead as far away as possible to give a buffer zone in case the reliability issues comes into play again, like in 2017, hence the mistakes he made throughout the 2018 season.

  35. J.M.P.
    11 napja

    Bravo.. Sir Lewis Hamilton Gooo...

  36. R Torres
    R Torres
    11 napja

    I think Mercedes and Ferrari cheated this years because the cars to fast in straight lines when all the cars have the same amount the hp. The Ferrari get caught in 2020 season and get fined (settlement in nice way to say) . What about Mercedes I think the cheated for long time. To me I think the Mercedes drivers have a module in the suit the change the settings in the car to change the behavior . Is some type the relay hiding technology in this days is crazy how advanced is but this is only theoretical idea . The cars get monitored when the race but the type the relay the use in some way switch the parameters in the reading is the computer is some way is not detected yet .

  37. Matthew Ricard
    Matthew Ricard
    11 napja

    Never watched F1 but after watching this shit I’m kind of interested in maybe getting into the sport

  38. Ondřej Chylík
    Ondřej Chylík
    12 napja

    Respect to both champions👌👍👍👍👍👍

  39. Supeno
    12 napja

    Hamilton then: Sorry guys Hamilton now : *Where's that in the rule book?*

  40. Great DANTON
    Great DANTON
    12 napja

    seb 😭

  41. Francesco Gambino
    Francesco Gambino
    13 napja

    so the recap of the season is Hamilton won only cuz Bottas made him pass more than once

  42. Roy Stark
    Roy Stark
    13 napja

    I'm not sure I have it in me to watch this as a Vettel fan

  43. mirriti Melo
    mirriti Melo
    14 napja

    Amazin video, congrats to the people Who do the video. Thanks!!

  44. ferus habitus
    ferus habitus
    15 napja

    Brilliant job.

  45. FettForEver
    17 napja

    Great Video, i dont know what else to say!

  46. Andre Solvang
    Andre Solvang
    17 napja

    Hi, lol

  47. dia98
    18 napja

    Just great. This season made me appreciate Vettel. He didn't win in the end, but he sure showed his abilities and foremost, his heart.

  48. Sameer Khatree
    Sameer Khatree
    20 napja

    @25:04 kimi's expression says everything

  49. Trenton Gregg
    Trenton Gregg
    21 napja

    18:55 I feel shows just how much of a class act Seb really is he is a great guy

  50. Lh Lh
    Lh Lh
    22 napja

    Ferrari seem to suffer reliability issues eek

  51. Edin Cesir
    Edin Cesir
    22 napja

    Hamilton had so much luck at the end of the season😔

    1. Alex lacl
      Alex lacl
      5 napja

      @Lindsay Martinez not luck

    2. Lindsay Martinez
      Lindsay Martinez
      6 napja

      YEAH 7years of luck

  52. Max Versthappening
    Max Versthappening
    26 napja

    Why does this channel not have 100k subs, this is quality content

  53. John Ibrahim
    John Ibrahim
    26 napja

    Dude, this is amazing, please add more ads so you can increase your revenue. You deserve it

    1. FLoz
      26 napja

      Thank you John! This video it's monetized by Formula 1, they put ads on it 😉

  54. Bernita Loskill
    Bernita Loskill
    26 napja

    The defiant pig frequently harm because report medicinally offend aboard a cultured bagpipe. hushed, quirky beret

  55. Home History
    Home History
    27 napja

    Who will win the F1 championship in 2021 with the most attendances ??

  56. 223 BoyZ
    223 BoyZ
    27 napja

    Lewis can be such a sissy

  57. Bryan Chiakpo
    Bryan Chiakpo
    28 napja

    Amazing work. Hope you keep making these. Hopefully this season Red Bull vs Mercedes will be on a level like this. You should do one of the midfield battles this past season. So many storylines and down the the last race too.

  58. garett ridler
    garett ridler
    29 napja

    So fun to watch this again. This was my entry year into F1 fully.

    1. FLoz
      28 napja

      Great year to start!

  59. TommyTarkov

    sadly he didnt get a title in ferrari but he realy was the only real danger for hamilton/mercedes, ferrari couldnt keep up...

  60. rommelito deguzman
    rommelito deguzman

    2017 and 2018 Seb came so close💔

  61. kheyr rrh
    kheyr rrh

    okay i will just assume floz is drive to survive editor

  62. ShoCk

    When the Ferrari's were race cars and not race tractors

  63. Q ilinati
    Q ilinati

    if only racing was this exciting live

  64. Guido Arze
    Guido Arze


  65. Niki Georgiev
    Niki Georgiev

    "I heard you've been touching my car"

  66. Gonçalo Pestana
    Gonçalo Pestana

    In the end, german automotive engineering is and always will be better and more reliable than Italian.

  67. Shivanshu Shekhar
    Shivanshu Shekhar

    35:00 devil reporter


    I remember in my head thinking the 2017 championship wasn't even close and Vettel and Hamilton barely battled and that no matter what Hamilton was always going to be World champion again, now watching this has completely refreshed my memory, I forgot these two battled nearly every damn race and I forgot that had Vettel not crashed in Singapore in my opinion he definately would've finished ahead of Hamilton in that race and the championship lead was going to be back in Vettels hands, badluck in Malaysia which caught him out and same again in Japan, we could've seen a closer finale, but I think after singapore it took a toll Vettels confidence

  69. Josh -
    Josh -

    Imagine how much better this could of been if Nico Rosberg didn’t retire a three way title fight Hamilton, Vettel and Rosberg

  70. Onkel Marvin
    Onkel Marvin

    Sebastian Vettel : " We`re all grown up, we`re men " ????? So that `s why you acted like a little spoiled child, and drove deliberately into Hamilton......cause you`re a " Grown up " ????? I think the correct statement here is " Grow up Sebastian Vettel " !!!! In 30 years, of watching F1, I`ve never seen more unsportsmanlike behaviour !!

  71. Gautham Krishna
    Gautham Krishna

    Amazing work mate. I had a wonderful time watching it. An amazing evening. Perfect for the off season. Eagerly waiting to see Seb in Aston Martin (2021). Keep pushing.

    1. FLoz

      Glad you enjoyed it

  72. Kujtim Mema
    Kujtim Mema

    Cuesto e una ferrari potente maledeto binoto di merda

  73. Mr. Green
    Mr. Green

    41:25 Is that George Russel 👀😏

  74. DeapoodYT

    Great movie watching f1 during class is the best 👌🏽

    1. FLoz

      Thanks!! During class?? 😨

  75. Kharisma Jiwana
    Kharisma Jiwana

    This what you called a legit-class of documentary.. Superb job mate

    1. FLoz

      Thank you!

  76. #sv5

    Thanks for this the content is great ive been coming here every so often for the last 3 years and every time i remain hopeful seb will win the championship even though i know he doesn't but cheating champion didn't deserve it

    1. Rose Ann Reyes
      Rose Ann Reyes

      Only time can tell. Everything can happen ✨ It will be an interesting season 🍀

  77. Alex Reichart
    Alex Reichart

    2017/18 was the last ever chances Vettel ever got to beating Hamilton. Hope he gets better luck at Aston Martin

  78. Igor Lthn
    Igor Lthn

    He already lost in Singapore...

  79. J Redcare Nielsen
    J Redcare Nielsen

    These are just amazing! Thank you!

    1. FLoz

      Glad you like them!

  80. Scuffed Army
    Scuffed Army

    love this seires

  81. tambulee
    2 hónapja

    These guys are two legends. Brake testing and side bumping each other lol 😂.


      There was no brake testing, that was a lie

  82. Thanyani Mariba
    Thanyani Mariba
    2 hónapja

    It's hammer time....that's for sure!

  83. Dominic Viner
    Dominic Viner
    2 hónapja

    What was that superhero music at 29:19

  84. Marcelino Mata
    Marcelino Mata
    2 hónapja

    Anybody that says Mercedes had a better car 2017, it's deluded. The only reason Mercedes and Hamilton won that season, was down to point consistency, Ferrari and Vettel's Mistakes. The same with 2018.

  85. Femke van Kooten.
    Femke van Kooten.
    2 hónapja

    Oh gosh that finale with the Mexican gp. Wow.

  86. Anne Rud
    Anne Rud
    2 hónapja

    Gotta love Bono. What a cool head.

  87. Femke van Kooten.
    Femke van Kooten.
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    Im already crying in the first 40 seconds. Wow.

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  89. Trevor Junior
    Trevor Junior
    2 hónapja

    Sad life Seb

  90. Lowe
    2 hónapja

    Just goes to show with these Italian cars that their badly made, they are badly made cars. Not competitive enough, the British and German engineering that designs the merc is far superior.

  91. Mat walcar
    Mat walcar
    2 hónapja

    Monaco Grand Prix 2017 ........ Kimi was the best ! normally he is the winner

  92. Isaías CDMX
    Isaías CDMX
    2 hónapja

    Y si siempre si se confirma la renovación de Hamilton ya estaría doblando en títulos al alemán 🇩🇪4-8🇬🇧 en 2021

  93. Luís Marcos
    Luís Marcos
    2 hónapja

    Another great video mate. Congrats!

    1. FLoz
      2 hónapja

      Glad you enjoyed it

  94. Jack Dyson
    Jack Dyson
    2 hónapja

    It is funny how childhood moments define us in a crisis. Beautiful video - thankyou.

    1. FLoz
      2 hónapja

      Glad you enjoyed it

  95. Dirk Klapwijk
    Dirk Klapwijk
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    I miss old seb :(

  96. Valtz_
    2 hónapja

    very goot move or dokumtar i loved it, more of that

    2 hónapja

    a little charles 30:47

  98. Brandon Stevens
    Brandon Stevens
    2 hónapja

    I’m a Ferrari fan and it’s starting to feel like as long as mercedes is in f1 Ferrari won’t win another championship again

  99. Will Mitchell
    Will Mitchell
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    Great video

    1. FLoz
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    Vrutik Jivani
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