StarCraft: Cartooned - The Original Terran Campaign! (Ep. 1)

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The original StarCraft campaign with the StarCraft: Cartooned graphics! In this video I complete the entire Terran campaign in StarCraft: Remastered.

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StarCraft: Cartooned re-imagines every unit, structure, map, menu, and mission with the beloved art style of Carbot Animations.



  1. Vuh doo
    Vuh doo

    Missions: 1. 1:10 "Wasteland" 2. 9:06 "Backwater Station" 3. 21:33 "Desperate Alliance" (23:01) 4. 46:03 "The Jacobs Installation" 5. 57:08 "Revolution" (58:43) 6. 1:19:26 "Norad II" (1:20:04) 7. 1:41:14 "The Trump Card" 8. 2:01:54 "The Big Push" 9. 2:28:32 "New Gettysburg" (2:29:49) 10. 2:56:31 "The Hammer Falls" 11. 3:33:26 "The Inauguration" (End-Cinematic)

    1. Welt Siebenhundert
      Welt Siebenhundert
      6 napja

      PLZ if you add "0:00" before that and take it into the vidio description we could see it in the video =) THX

    2. Roman HA-22
      Roman HA-22
      12 napja

      You completed 2nd mission more than 10 minutes?! It can be completed in 2-3 minutes without building unites.

    3. Calen Williams
      Calen Williams

      When sound bites can bring you back to a time you can barely remember... thats true Sci fi

    4. Ludwig Frelén
      Ludwig Frelén
      2 hónapja


    5. Spencer
      6 hónapja


  2. AeroHunter

    they should give the units funny voices

  3. GemPassionpl
    7 napja

    Thats the way how to sell bestselling game once again.. :P

  4. tassadarforaiur
    11 napja

    Yey! 'Please don't storm the marines' lives!

  5. Wight24
    12 napja

    SOMEONE tell this guy he can group his units to hotkeys FFS.

  6. Grey Kobra
    Grey Kobra
    16 napja

    Among Us is just a Cartooned Starcraft spinoff and the Impostor is either an Infected Terran or a Confederate Spy

  7. Lucas Riley
    Lucas Riley
    17 napja

    "and this is essentially the part where the whole starcraft storyline starts properly" lel i intentionally set it up to defeat the zerg force. +3 attack marines in barracks all around, missile turrets, but most importantly the seige tanks. didn't lose almost anything, and kerrigan was sitting on the opposite side in a drop ship. i think i just ruined the games.

  8. MindControl
    19 napja

    “Your forces are under a tank”

  9. Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов
    26 napja


  10. Benjamin Gillies
    Benjamin Gillies
    29 napja

    Norad II, there is a route, it's called massed dropship spam, hide Raynor in one and hope the RNG gods smile. They cant shoot the all down :)

  11. Tynado

    26:36 object permanence lowko

  12. Over Shantae'd
    Over Shantae'd

    3 hours??? For the whole campaign? When did this planet overturn the way it made me the worst player ever?)))

  13. Peyden Walker
    Peyden Walker

    Clones that’s where the Marines come from

  14. kaum moba
    kaum moba

    I dunno Amogus release an RTS here

  15. Gui llaume
    Gui llaume

    So fun the cartooned version!

  16. Robert Coutinho
    Robert Coutinho

    2:20:00 I do not understand why you did not create a CC with the attachment to scan

  17. Robert Coutinho
    Robert Coutinho

    For hayfever--have you tried fexofenadine? It produces way less drowsiness than drugs such as diphenhydromine or chlorpheniramine maleate.

  18. Robert Coutinho
    Robert Coutinho

    I don't speak Dutch, but I did take the name, "Aanvaller" for my SC2 name

  19. Robert Coutinho
    Robert Coutinho

    WTF?? We had cell phones in 1998!! Btw, if you want to imitate the "American" accent of "I hear you", then you will need to pronounce the I as if you were shot. Aaahh

  20. Aaron Beaulieu
    Aaron Beaulieu

    Zerg has always been my race but that BW terran music has made me debate swaping races

  21. TurtleSploodge Gaming
    TurtleSploodge Gaming

    Still haven't gotten to try this

  22. Tom Carmy
    Tom Carmy

    "units in this game are not very good at walking" is an understatement. It takes god tier micro skills just to move an army normally.

  23. Temiren Sheo
    Temiren Sheo

    "I still think that the storyline of SC1 is better than the one in SC2" MY BOY

  24. Rory

    fun watch but also painful because of lack of sc1 knowledge. keep up good work.

  25. Letecia Elatan
    Letecia Elatan
    2 hónapja

    Im a kid who plays starcraft

  26. 유리 큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube
    유리 큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube
    2 hónapja

    I'm just kinda disappointed that they didn't redo the actual cutscenes

  27. Aidan Shea
    Aidan Shea
    2 hónapja

    I'll be honest, if I played Starcraft 1 I would lose every match because I'd spend all game clicking on the Academy to laugh at the scream.

  28. Chris Birkens
    Chris Birkens
    2 hónapja

    Hey lowko I'm sure you don't read the comments on a year old stream, but you should check out the SCMR mod for starcraft 2. It imports the entirety of the sc1 campaign into the sc2 engine so you get the creature comforts of unit patching and auto mining but they make it harder with better ai. It's awesome and brought me back to how I remembered sc1 when I was 9 and remembered it

  29. JohnWicknTheBois
    2 hónapja

    Zerg looks adorable

  30. HAVYN88
    2 hónapja

    The unit inclusion meeting would have been them discussing how to represent W40K units into a digital platform.

  31. JP Ventura
    JP Ventura
    2 hónapja

    #InvaderZim feelings

  32. Emily Zhang
    Emily Zhang
    2 hónapja

    Jim raynor is so cute.

  33. Milan Ritter
    Milan Ritter
    2 hónapja


  34. kael Lyons
    kael Lyons
    2 hónapja


  35. Héctor Hueche
    Héctor Hueche
    2 hónapja

    It Just would be better if not play un super easy mode :p

  36. S B
    S B
    2 hónapja

    Haven't played Starcraft since the early 2000s when I was a teen. Started up the campaign again to play through with you and I just finished this video after completing Chapter 1. I actually did the same thing in the final mission but when I a-moved to the base in top right my 3 squads of Goliath's got stasis'd in the middle of the choke - body blocking my entire attack force - which lead to a hard wipe. Second round I rushed Cruiser's and just flew at the Canon with Yamato's and a single Science Vessel. Seeing you dominate their entire land force was kind of inspiring; I don't think the mission was intended for you to wipe the enemy team like that. My micro and macro are both garbage because I don't play at all, but your play-through got me excited to try. I used to love the original Starcraft when I was younger. I'm playing cartooned as well (love the art) and I also want to try Mass Recall after I finish to see the comparison.

  37. Rodrigo
    2 hónapja

    Late but still, it's not Char Sara, it's Char Sara.

  38. Ecclesiastic Man
    Ecclesiastic Man
    2 hónapja

    1:36:56 I actually did the full upgrade dropship strategy and that's truly a 200 IQ moment.

  39. Ckp Kingman Team
    Ckp Kingman Team
    3 hónapja

    this is starcraft oh my god

  40. Zerou Vermillion
    Zerou Vermillion
    3 hónapja

    Academies always sound like there's an RPG Berserker

  41. Roman
    3 hónapja

    Blizzard mixed up portratis of Wraith and Goliath units. Great job, people.

  42. Magvel
    3 hónapja

    Among us

  43. Adlan
    3 hónapja

    Terrain looking a bit sus

  44. Jonas K
    Jonas K
    3 hónapja

    From Arcturusk Mengsk's coronation speech, "out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole". Or as they say in Latin "E pluribus unum". Very American. I didn't notice that the first time I watched the speech, or the fourth. I guess I have learned American civics with time.

  45. Dirtydan14
    3 hónapja

    With these graphics you forget that this is a game that deals with planetary-level genocides and where almost everybody dies horribly and painfully

  46. L0ST
    3 hónapja

    The fact that this cartoonish version is actually better than my drawing is sad

  47. FimWritersGroup
    3 hónapja

    CWAL in Operation CWAL = Can't Wait Any Longer for the few that didn't know.

  48. Pyro plays
    Pyro plays
    3 hónapja

    12 battle cruisers in sc2 would make some run

  49. Pyro plays
    Pyro plays
    3 hónapja

    i hate auto correct

  50. Pyro plays
    Pyro plays
    3 hónapja

    Them not me lol

  51. Pyro plays
    Pyro plays
    3 hónapja

    Also if you watch the cartoon marines you can see me eat a sandwich

  52. Pyro plays
    Pyro plays
    3 hónapja

    I think marines are cloned

  53. Pyro plays
    Pyro plays
    3 hónapja

    The Starcraft 2 outbreak mission was very fun

  54. Varha Máté
    Varha Máté
    3 hónapja

    Dutch is an awesome language, don't sell it short! Learning it at the moment. I really like the origin story of it. They say it was created when a drunk English sailor tried to speak German.

  55. TNT
    3 hónapja

    So in about 20 years will there be a cartoonized Starcraft 2?

    1. Rithm Alfortele
      Rithm Alfortele
      3 hónapja

      It came out before this one, lol

  56. Julian Kirsch
    Julian Kirsch
    3 hónapja

    Imagine a pro game with these graphics xD

  57. Kirby
    3 hónapja

    For the people watching this, you can change your hotkeys for the grid one, you just have to do it manually in the menu when starting the game. Go to "hotkeys" and change every top-left grid square to Q, top mid grid square to W and so on. Makes life a lot easier to just play every race with the regular grid set-up, especially if you´re used to it from Sc2. Takes a few minutes to initially change every unit to the grid set-up but it´s well worth it.

  58. Star Wolf 128
    Star Wolf 128
    3 hónapja

    Fan theory: Among Us takes place in the Starcraft Cartooned continuity.

    1. Roblox Whitty
      Roblox Whitty

      Blue sus

    2. Calen Williams
      Calen Williams

      You can't deny it's, it's literally facts...

    3. DarkDrai
      2 hónapja

      @Thanos5 Among Us is based on a type of traditional party game, sometimes known as Mafia or Werewolf. I wouldn't be surprised if a game that played like Among Us was actually inspired by the older, real-life version of the game.

    4. Thanos5
      2 hónapja

      Im pretty sure theirs a gamemode like among us on sc2 arcade, i wouldnt be suprised if they took inspiration from sc

    5. Phast
      2 hónapja

      Just please... stop

  59. Ana Adela Tequiliquihua
    Ana Adela Tequiliquihua
    3 hónapja

    Qué animado

  60. Quang Nguyễn
    Quang Nguyễn
    4 hónapja

    Sometime the avatar command center jumpscare , oh so cute !

  61. shao baojun
    shao baojun
    4 hónapja

    The SCV is so cute

  62. MetalMan1245
    4 hónapja

    Fun SC1 fact. Even if you run out of gas in a geyser, you can keep mining from it and get 1 gas per trip, I know this because I have been playing this game since I was nine and didn't understand the concept of attacking.

  63. OmniDadTV “Gemini Gaming”
    OmniDadTV “Gemini Gaming”
    4 hónapja

    I can't believe I played that... 3 n a half hours of my life! Lmaao

  64. Ivan owitsch
    Ivan owitsch
    4 hónapja

    Have you played massrecall ?

  65. BloodWolf2005
    4 hónapja

    The vulture bikes remind me of Cartman from South Park, lol.

    1. Son of Tiamat
      Son of Tiamat
      3 hónapja


  66. Jason Licht
    Jason Licht
    4 hónapja

    Lowko "what are you doing here? You're an SCV!" SCV "Roger That!"

  67. Doctor Discord
    Doctor Discord
    4 hónapja

    CarBot! YEAAAAAH!

  68. Jeo Stelar
    Jeo Stelar
    4 hónapja

    I had to play this game with an nes controller

  69. Pariah El destierro
    Pariah El destierro
    4 hónapja

    This is sad enough, be done with it by the time idk I'd play it maybe, liked stealing non space age box's on spore more prob, might be starcraft out, played it for so long I bet if lose online prob, I was , thinking d make a map where we could be all races ever try that.

  70. DarkOrb
    4 hónapja

    whoa 😲😨

  71. Nolan Huhn
    Nolan Huhn
    4 hónapja

    "The bunkers by the Norad II are empty? Yeah." he says as he looks at the marines standing right next to it. 😂

  72. Nolan Huhn
    Nolan Huhn
    4 hónapja

    It would be confusing to check out the stream expecting a normal SC or SC2 playthrough, and then to see Carbot's wonderfully goofy graphics.

  73. Felipe Machado
    Felipe Machado
    4 hónapja

    cartooned trash :/ big trash !!!

  74. Weed Yeeter
    Weed Yeeter
    4 hónapja

    Youre dutch? I always thought you were irish

  75. The dragon master Bt
    The dragon master Bt
    4 hónapja

    Holy shits I’m not crazy I new it sounded dirty

  76. ThatHandsomeDevil08
    5 hónapja

    I love how the Adjustant droid animation shows are literally going mental for a few seconds every so often when left idle.

  77. tommy Gunz
    tommy Gunz
    5 hónapja

    the cartooned was cool for a week or so but dam its annoying now, id love to watch remastered !

  78. AllOneVoice
    5 hónapja

    amazing how reskinning the game changes the feeling of it so much

  79. Zureal
    5 hónapja

    3:35:23 Yea, the speach was THAT good.

  80. Axairu
    5 hónapja

    3:12:58 Lowko: can you guys walk? Tank guy: YES SIR!!!!

  81. Jacek Nawrocki
    Jacek Nawrocki
    5 hónapja


  82. Dean Samchester
    Dean Samchester
    5 hónapja

    starcraft2 is a top 10 for me. sc1 is a classic. but why do they pride themselves on crappy graphics. craphics

  83. Gabe luke
    Gabe luke
    6 hónapja

    Lenny is purple the others are rogue traitors

  84. Gabe luke
    Gabe luke
    6 hónapja

    Its late like a year late but marines look like they teleport

  85. that guy
    that guy
    6 hónapja

    I remember when I was playing that psi mission and I acedentaly put a defences matrix on the enemy siege tank. Lets just say it works pretty well

  86. Jeffrey Chen (陳冠璋)
    Jeffrey Chen (陳冠璋)
    6 hónapja

    This original’s campaign is so unbalanced. The missions are not hard, but most just require you to spend a lot of time on each mission, so it gets tiring. They just make enemy bases too heavily defended. Even playing it on SC2 Mass Recall is tedious as fuck. The story is great though, so maybe just to experience it through cheating.

  87. Immac (RockLeet)
    Immac (RockLeet)
    6 hónapja

    2:00:00 always be wary of those who claim to do things for the "greater good"

  88. horterkiller187
    6 hónapja

    Lowko you should do this again after some time has passed to see how much you progressed as a StarCraft 1 player. American accent on point for European lad

  89. Dueh Gonzaga
    Dueh Gonzaga
    6 hónapja

    jimmy wow

  90. Manawolfman
    6 hónapja

    The fact remastered kept all the limitations was so annoying. There were essentially better mods of the original by that point, but they couldn't give us the QoL improvements to help new players jump into the old game.

  91. Ku Dastardly
    Ku Dastardly
    6 hónapja

    lol! Why does a Terran marine look like an astronaut from Among Us? :D

  92. martin robinson
    martin robinson
    7 hónapja

    re watching in 2020, before covid took over the world :( feelsbadman also still entertaining campaign to watch :D

  93. Party4Keeps
    7 hónapja

    I wish they had changed the voices too... Gotten some cartoon voice actors lol.

  94. Dee
    7 hónapja

    Rayner Always Has His Tongue Sticking Out . lol

  95. G1ingy
    7 hónapja

    I played Broodwar. Didn't zergs have red blood?

  96. Math Dantas Tav
    Math Dantas Tav
    7 hónapja


  97. Math Dantas Tav
    Math Dantas Tav
    7 hónapja

    49:31 thats an among us guy

  98. c64cosmin
    7 hónapja

    This is Lowko the movie!

  99. Elfcheg
    7 hónapja

    3:22:05 "Lockdown lasts for a very long time." Yes it does, my friend.

  100. sorcerus blade
    sorcerus blade
    7 hónapja

    Is it because the map is smaller or do the battlecruisers actually move faster in this one than the second one