The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Official Trailer

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Freedom is just the beginning. The Emmy-winning series, The Handmaid’s Tale, returns for Season 4 on April 28, 2021, only on Hulu.
The cultural phenomenon picks up where we left off, with June’s fight for freedom against Gilead. But the risks she takes bring unexpected and dangerous new challenges, and her desire for justice and revenge threaten to consume her and destroy her most cherished relationships.
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  1. Ery Froww
    Ery Froww
    45 perccel


  2. mariam keinashvili
    mariam keinashvili

    Is the 4th season the final one?

  3. Helen Ferullo
    Helen Ferullo
    3 órája

    Can’t wait. Amazing Cast🥇

  4. Lau Ste
    Lau Ste
    4 órája

    This season is going to be everything I wanted omggggggggg

    5 órája

    I beniged watch the first three seasons, I was really Disturbed...I'm going to watch this slowly

  6. Khan F
    Khan F
    6 órája

    Good 👍

  7. QueenFiend
    7 órája

    will the whole season drop or just an episode?

  8. S P
    S P
    8 órája

    I’m still on s3 ep4. Can someone please tell me if nick comes back. I really want him to be back but now that June is again thinking of Luke and their time together, i feel like he will not make an appearance.

  9. Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez
    8 órája

    i might get hate for this.. but am i the only one who’s kinda tired of June? i understand the love for her child (Hannah, and Nicole) but even in season 3 soo many countless people tell her how selfish she is and how she only thinks for herself. in a way, i agree. the whole story line is super sad but June has had many chances to be free etc. i don’t know! i still love the show and can’t WAIT for season 4, it’s gonna be super good i can already tell 😊

  10. Sherrie x sal
    Sherrie x sal
    9 órája

    Man I love this show

  11. el valdo from De alba
    el valdo from De alba
    18 órája

    under his eye everyone

  12. Sagine Taluy
    Sagine Taluy
    19 órája

    Blessed be the fruit

  13. Fifi Morgan
    Fifi Morgan
    21 órája

    I have never read the book or good with predictions, and I know season 5 is in the work, but I think June and Nick’s ending could be one of these or a combination. 1- She stays alive together with Nick. 2- She stays alive, but Nick is dead ‘cause he is going to sacrifice himself for her. 3 - June will plan something crazy to destroy Gilead forever, and Nick decides to join her. They both die as “heros”

  14. mike quart
    mike quart
    22 órája

    How cone i am just seeing this?

  15. Ashley Isaacs
    Ashley Isaacs
    23 órája

    I have to get back Hulu just for this show

  16. Julia Blue
    Julia Blue
    23 órája

    WOOO HGOOO I cannot wait!

  17. mesa louis
    mesa louis
    23 órája

    I sense Nick will die this season.😰😷🥺

  18. Rodica Mihai
    Rodica Mihai

    my blood pressure went up just from the trailer 💥 When is the first episode released?

  19. Matheus Rodrigues
    Matheus Rodrigues

    Are the episodes going to be like weekly?

  20. Kathy Knight
    Kathy Knight

    Can't wait!!! time to spot the local landmarks - already spotted the Royal York Hotel.

  21. Tati Bio
    Tati Bio

    Não vejo a hora de chegar no Brasil a 4° temporada

  22. Bethany Kasper
    Bethany Kasper

    The antici pation!

  23. alida flus
    alida flus

    1:28 Her voice cracking “How can I face him?!” is giving me chills.... Her acting is simply AMAZING 🤩

  24. Long Maline Motivation
    Long Maline Motivation


  25. Francine Padilha
    Francine Padilha

    Que série foda!!! 🥰

  26. Aubrey Chaides
    Aubrey Chaides

    Girl low key got absorbed by that hole tho.

  27. Talia

    My best friend read the book and told me to watch it. I finished 3 season in a week. IM OBSESSED.

    1. alida flus
      alida flus

      God this series is so good I can't wait!

  28. Shannon Bokowski
    Shannon Bokowski

    Nick is the literal worst. Why is he still in the show??

  29. Kirsten Barrales
    Kirsten Barrales
    2 napja

    I feel like Hannah dies and I am so not ready for that. :( Either on purpose to punish June or by some kind of accident when rescuing her

  30. DM Gibbs
    DM Gibbs
    2 napja

    Very soon! Can't wait! :)

  31. jaqqueline rodrigues
    jaqqueline rodrigues
    2 napja


  32. bilinas mini
    bilinas mini
    2 napja


  33. T D
    T D
    2 napja

    Why do I have the biggest crush on Commander Lawrence? 🥵

    1. Lyds127
      2 napja

      PLS NO-

  34. Bernadette Healey
    Bernadette Healey
    2 napja

    More woman blame. June is strangling Lydia and shooting Sarina. Never the men in charge. Always woman blame for men's doing

  35. NataschaO
    2 napja

    I'm glad Nick is still in it.

  36. NataschaO
    2 napja

    Nerve racking!

    1. bilinas mini
      bilinas mini
      2 napja

      Omgggg can’t wait!!!!

  37. zerodisturbed
    2 napja

    Puta la wea a pasado tanto tiempo de la temporada 3 , que ya no me acuerdo una mierda xD

  38. Alina Moza
    Alina Moza
    2 napja

    This better be on Hulu on 28th of April or I’ll go mad 😠

  39. Khan F
    Khan F
    2 napja

    Nice 👌 👋 👌

  40. sorry can'thelpit
    sorry can'thelpit
    2 napja

    need more of nick!!!

  41. Dominic RedBorrelli
    Dominic RedBorrelli
    2 napja

    God this series is so good I can't wait!

  42. barefootwench
    2 napja

    Goosebumps! I cannot wait!

  43. Teresa Abbott
    Teresa Abbott
    2 napja

    it's just the trailer and already i'm on the edge of my seat!!!!!!!!!

  44. Shell Bell
    Shell Bell
    2 napja

    I cant wait 😍

  45. wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov
    2 napja


  46. Andrea Monsó
    Andrea Monsó
    2 napja

    Ai, vão pegar ela! Vou sofrer 😰

  47. Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose
    3 napja

    "You have hurt my child" I hope June's children is not physically harm or dead.... 😯😬

  48. Julie Anne P
    Julie Anne P
    3 napja

    who do you think is pushed from the top of the building? i already know i'll cry about it

  49. Rigwell Asiedu
    Rigwell Asiedu
    3 napja

    I'm trying to work out the plot of the season with this trailer. Does June make it out to Canada and decides to return to Gilead at some point? I know Hannah is still there but she's done stuff that she'd be killed immediately if spotted. I hope this season has some believable twist. June is admittedly getting away with too much.

    1. Lyds127
      2 napja

      @wnnalis cioov YES

    2. wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov
      2 napja

      Last episode of season 3 literally had me crying out of joy for those girls. I’m so ready for Gilead to get what’s coming to it

  50. JerseyGrl Upinhere
    JerseyGrl Upinhere
    3 napja

    Omgggg can’t wait!!!!

  51. Reshii Lims
    Reshii Lims
    3 napja

    Can’t wait

  52. elusive reveries
    elusive reveries
    3 napja

    I cant believe s4 is finally coming😭

  53. Laura Hoyos
    Laura Hoyos
    3 napja


  54. Crvya
    3 napja

    Can we talk about how this show CARRIED hulu for years.

  55. Crvya
    3 napja

    its been so long I gave up hope.

  56. jas bowie
    jas bowie
    3 napja

    i feel like this trailer spoiled a bit considering where we left off 🧍🏽

  57. Karen B
    Karen B
    3 napja

    Please say tomorrow is April 28th. This has been forever.

  58. mjc 427
    mjc 427
    3 napja

    It releases the day after my birthday, Happy belated birthday present for me!

  59. محمد محمد
    محمد محمد
    3 napja

    Hello my name is Muhammad. I live in Syria. My family, children and women face a lot of torture because of the war here. We are being bombed by warplanes and missiles, and we need medicine and food. We do not have the minimum requirements for life and human rights, because we urgently need help, please. (We need you and wait for your help) 😔😭😭

    1. محمد محمد
      محمد محمد
      2 napja

      @Lyds127 We need money to buy food and medicine at least

    2. Lyds127
      2 napja

      what can i do to help

  60. Destiny Daylight
    Destiny Daylight
    3 napja

    When I say I got goosebumps on my goosebumps... blessed be the trailer

  61. Kira Oleinik
    Kira Oleinik
    3 napja


  62. Daniel Alves
    Daniel Alves
    3 napja

    Finished season 3 the day this trailer dropped. Good timing, I guess

  63. miko foin
    miko foin
    3 napja

    Last episode of season 3 literally had me crying out of joy for those girls. I’m so ready for Gilead to get what’s coming to it

  64. Nerida
    3 napja

    Why is hanna in a glass ????

  65. Edgar Miranda Negron
    Edgar Miranda Negron
    3 napja

    OMG!!!! Gracias, Thank You. No puedo esperar mas!!!, I cant Wait!!!!

  66. Mellow1776 6
    Mellow1776 6
    3 napja

    Oh man, praise be

    1. miko foin
      miko foin
      3 napja


  67. Tiffy Pop
    Tiffy Pop
    3 napja

    I hope there will be close-ups of June‘s face!!!

  68. Buto Mase
    Buto Mase
    3 napja

    Been long waiting 👌.

  69. rue
    3 napja

    "free the waterfords" HUH??? 🧐

  70. rue
    3 napja

    one thing i love abt the handmaid's tale so desperately is june's "descent" into madness. like, how she becomes public enemy number one, how she's canonically gone unhinged? i LOVE when protagonists in the story are on that spectrum of morally grey while primarily fighting for the good guys.

  71. Riya D
    Riya D
    3 napja

    wait didn’t they give out too much in this trailer?? they told us it was 86 kids instead of 52, they showed hannah in a cage, they implied serena is pregnant, showed fred and serena out of jail AND back in their uniforms.. i was better off not watching this trailer

    1. Nerida
      3 napja

      they gave us a lot !

  72. Faiitheless
    3 napja

    The ending for this series better not fall. I cannot take another GoT fail.

  73. TeanoZ
    3 napja

    The trailer gives away too much!

  74. MomBlk332CN
    3 napja

    I didn't even know this show was finally coming back on and I'm so glad it seems like it's been forever

  75. AretnaP 3
    AretnaP 3
    3 napja

    I Thought She was Shot Dead...

  76. T SteinyRN
    T SteinyRN
    3 napja

    OK, I'm literally biting my nails and can't stop looking at my calendar

  77. Reem 163
    Reem 163
    4 napja

    i got chills

  78. a taste of honey
    a taste of honey
    4 napja

    This is not a show, this is a journey!

    4 napja

    I will never binge watch another show after Game of Thrones......Oh what's this The Handmaid's Tale about? I'll just watch one episode...Annnnnnd I'm wrecked 😄

    1. Flyinspitfire73
      2 napja


  80. Niki & Edson
    Niki & Edson
    4 napja

    I feel sick

  81. froggo froggo
    froggo froggo
    4 napja


  82. faris
    4 napja


  83. Tabitha
    4 napja

    I herd that we're getting the first 3 episodes on day 1! The rest will be released weekly. For now I'm going to watch this amazing trailer 234 more times.

  84. annyangie1
    4 napja

    I really want Serena to pay for her crimes, after all she was part of master minds who created Guilliad, and as a woman who helped remove the humans rights her punishment should be hardest.

  85. Jada Ony
    Jada Ony
    4 napja

    I can’t wait. Thanks to quarantine I binge watched the show and I’m anxious to see what happens next

  86. Nisha
    4 napja

    Wow 🤩😍 Can't wait for April 28 th

  87. C S
    C S
    4 napja

    as much as I enjoy this series, I don't know if I can stomach the intensity after 13 months of covid and wild politics.

  88. Enrique Saldivar
    Enrique Saldivar
    4 napja

    I hope this season is good because season 2 and 3 dragged A LOT!!!!!!!!

  89. Angela Ha
    Angela Ha
    4 napja

    Can’t wait

  90. Juliana Vieira
    Juliana Vieira
    4 napja


  91. Alex Barraza
    Alex Barraza
    4 napja

    This show really grinds my gears and stresses me out. I love it. SO GOOD!!

  92. Belle Maninang
    Belle Maninang
    4 napja

    Janine deserve to be alive until the end of series ! She deserved it!!👌👏👏

  93. Ilya H
    Ilya H
    5 napja

    Why do you not have proper Closed Captions ?

  94. Abigail Melton
    Abigail Melton
    5 napja

    did i just see free the waterfords

  95. Dynamic T
    Dynamic T
    5 napja

    I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life!

  96. Матвей Анзорин
    Матвей Анзорин
    5 napja

    Does anyone knows this epic music? Dying to listen it on repeat

  97. Brianna di Paola
    Brianna di Paola
    5 napja

    CAN'T WAIT!!

  98. Princess Galactic
    Princess Galactic
    5 napja


  99. Janina Vuoti
    Janina Vuoti
    5 napja

    so you just spoiled the entire season in less than three minutes?

  100. Loved1st
    5 napja

    Blessed be the fruit ! 🍉 🍏🍊🍐🍎🍐 That’s all I’m sayin! 🤷🏽‍♀️