THE LADY AWAITS | Resident Evil: Village - Part 1

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Resident Evil Village has been released and that means I get to appreciate every ample inch that this hefty, enormous game has to offer!
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  1. Envy Ton
    Envy Ton
    3 perccel

    Me: I do not wanna play the game it’s scary- Also me: watches it on HUfrom 😒

  2. Pancake Editz
    Pancake Editz

    Mia: "Come child, clothe yourself" Me: Hisoka?

  3. Thor Jørgensen
    Thor Jørgensen

    23:07 "I love the buttresses and crenulations" Uhh.. I don't see any buttresses, and you're a bit too far away to be seeing any crenulations. I do see a lot of towers and spires though, with some machicolations under at least one bastion.

  4. Monkey With A Gun
    Monkey With A Gun
    3 órája

    Did Ethan's ring finger just disappear after he put on the bandage?

  5. MMKKCOOL863
    3 órája

    when mia said Hands off i jumped

  6. Riley SilverHart
    Riley SilverHart
    4 órája

    I haven’t seen the other Resident Evils, do I have to watch them all first?

  7. SpongeboyMeBob
    5 órája

    "Goodbye Eastern European friend with a mysterious American accent" You get used to that.

  8. ASeverlyUndercookedChickenNugget
    6 órája

    As someone who never actually watched resident evil 7, the phrase "The great fungle explosion" is very strange

  9. Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown
    6 órája

    If only Ethan knew that it was just a game, then he could pull a Monika and delete everybody lol

    7 órája

    Baby shut up!!

  11. Luke Howlett
    Luke Howlett
    7 órája


  12. Ari anime
    Ari anime
    8 órája

    my friend would love this

  13. nl Parks
    nl Parks
    14 órája

    Eathan sees a corpse “but wait there’s more”

  14. Hunter Staats
    Hunter Staats
    16 órája

    Baby was like HULK SMASH

  15. Insane
    18 órája

    30:03 Ethan gets thrown out from the basement but ends up one floor above

  16. Suspicious Cheese
    Suspicious Cheese
    18 órája

    Leon failed me Ethan. It’s up to you to carry on the Redfield bloodline now. Say goodbye to your wife.

  17. Angel Goat / King of goats
    Angel Goat / King of goats
    18 órája

    Ahhh yes goop juice is back

  18. Antonio Casias
    Antonio Casias
    19 órája

    10:15 Vegetable soup in Romanian. The country which the northern region is called Transylvania.

  19. Hillbilly_Jimmy7669
    19 órája

    Mark the entire time: Man I just really love her personalities.

  20. JBDBIB Baerman
    JBDBIB Baerman
    19 órája

    I'm stupid: who is chris??

  21. Voushkov
    21 órája

    33:40 This gives me some Nacht Der Untoten vibes.

  22. Ezria Daniels
    Ezria Daniels
    22 órája

    Ethans wedding rings is hanging on for dear life

  23. JetBlazethunder
    23 órája

    It would be interesting if it was in third person. Then the gameplay could be more... fluid? But it’s fine

  24. Kadyn Brown
    Kadyn Brown

    The guy in the musical for fnaf that mark shot was Chris. He got revenge. (Mias not fine mark).

  25. carter

    29:00 “but wait, there’s more!! buy now today and-“

  26. t b h ッ
    t b h ッ

    Jack and Mark (and whoever is _yes_ for Lady Dimitrescu) have the best taste in women. My friend is a straight, cisgender woman and would murder for Dimitrescu to be with her. 10/10 lmaoo

  27. t b h ッ
    t b h ッ

    Lady Dimitrescu deserves this. Literally would let her bite off my arm within seconds.

  28. Frisk dreemur
    Frisk dreemur

    Me: *a 15 year old eating dino nuggets and drinking chocolate milk and watching this*

  29. Shadzy Gaming
    Shadzy Gaming

    This game really wasted no time getting right into the action 😮 I'm loving it so far as well 😂 such a good game so far

  30. The Fallen Angels
    The Fallen Angels

    Markiplier: sees dismembered goats Bright goat: OH COME ON

  31. MaskOfRebellion

    No, not "whoever the hell made this game", it's Capcom. Everyone knows that. This series is one big joke.

  32. Junkyard

    Don’t mind me. Just reading the comments for no purpose!

  33. Maynardo

    That baby kinda sus 🤨

  34. Jamir Jones
    Jamir Jones

    Sound like joe from family guy🤣🤣

  35. Kayla Massey
    Kayla Massey

    ✨SoUp DeLiVeRy✨🍲

  36. Willie Wandka
    Willie Wandka

    I watched all of Jack's play through yet still getting scared when the Lycans attack

  37. HenDoodle
    2 napja

    33:00 man just started playing cod zombies

  38. Tilda Walker
    Tilda Walker
    2 napja

    Don’t mind me

    2 napja

    This game literally starts with "her father was hard at work" ..... I mean if he works in the porn industry then I guess that's to be expected, but seriously...?

  40. Hillary Connolly
    Hillary Connolly
    2 napja


  41. ( K A G U Y A  AND  R O S I E )
    ( K A G U Y A AND R O S I E )
    2 napja

    Spoilers Ethan winters kills mother Miranda

  42. fetch
    2 napja

    Banana :)

  43. Calin Gaming
    Calin Gaming
    2 napja

    Lei = Romanian dollars (RON)

  44. Learz
    2 napja

    17:25 the sound made when paper towels are dispensing from the machine in the restroom.

  45. Kim Jackomino
    Kim Jackomino
    2 napja

    Mark is simping so hard for her!! Its honestly kinda adorable

  46. trash Raccoon
    trash Raccoon
    2 napja

    tell me why i am watching this on my Oculus -

  47. Chaos Gem
    Chaos Gem
    2 napja

    Looking back at this - the blood bat, Lady D. The weaver, the doll girl. The fish, ofc mister fish guy lol and the iron horse, Hendrickson. I just don't know yet who is the mother and the girl, maybe Eva?

  48. OwlTiger
    2 napja

    40:14 "I don't have any heelys. Oh my god I am so doomed" - Markiplier 2021

  49. Ariel
    2 napja

    My first thought seeing the giant man with the beard was, “Hagrid??”

  50. Vocamania_629
    3 napja

    It's goop juice mark

  51. RandomContenter
    3 napja

    the story at the very start of the game ( If people knew about this before sorry but i think its pretty cool) the monsters in it are actually ( i think ) the 4 bosses in the game and the witch is mother Maranda. the bat is lady dimitrescu, the clothe weaver or something is the doll lady, the fish is the flesh guy and the horse is Heisenberg i thought that was pretty cool

  52. Anonymous
    3 napja

    Me a Romanian knowing the accent is so cringe

  53. Fraize
    3 napja

    I’m s’posed to climb inside its corpse O i see… were being ennard now.

  54. Damian
    3 napja

    I am glad that a popular game like this is set in my country as its less known -Romania gang

  55. Ashley Donald
    Ashley Donald
    3 napja

    Looks good if was in the 90s

  56. Weeblyish
    3 napja

    thems goats

  57. Jared Acree
    Jared Acree
    3 napja

    I'm gonna assume the baby's fat ugly face comes from Ethan cause we never see his face. So it's his fault by default.

  58. me me
    me me
    3 napja

    gotta love how mark is foreshadowing the castle you go in

  59. Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis
    3 napja

    I have so much to catch up on! 😭😭😭

  60. Bella Lohraff
    Bella Lohraff
    3 napja


  61. ¿TheBlue1skies?
    3 napja

    My friend wanted me to watch some stuff on this game…but she didn’t tell me about the blood part….

  62. Autumn_ The_Nerd
    Autumn_ The_Nerd
    4 napja

    "Mia, Get down!" Well she went down somehow

  63. ·Yuugen Gacha·
    ·Yuugen Gacha·
    4 napja

    No one : Mark : HhyUUoUu RrEad Hthat tOoh a BaybEyh

  64. Ogga Booga444
    Ogga Booga444
    4 napja

    He always finds a way to make people laugh that amazes me

  65. gianqui
    4 napja


  66. Chaneil Tan
    Chaneil Tan
    4 napja

    You talk like an foot

  67. logan goose
    logan goose
    4 napja

    Who else looked around when I heard those goddam pots and pans moved to the kitchen and assumed sum happend also when ethen did M O N K E noise who thought It was mark

  68. ashvin de rooij
    ashvin de rooij
    4 napja

    Wife : gets lit up like a Christmas tree. Mark: she’ll be fine.

  69. No One
    No One
    4 napja

    Deathly Hallows?

  70. Wren
    4 napja

    "Nothing, I'll put her down." oh I bet she'll get put down alright

  71. Machin
    4 napja

    Heh. What a SIMP, i'm so here for it

  72. demontrent10653
    4 napja

    😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  73. M
    4 napja

    This baby is hideous 13:56

  74. d͟e͟n͟k͟i͟ k͟a͟m͟i͟n͟a͟r͟i͟
    d͟e͟n͟k͟i͟ k͟a͟m͟i͟n͟a͟r͟i͟
    4 napja

    You simp👁👄👁

  75. The Vengeful One
    The Vengeful One
    4 napja

    I think world is going to pretend that when Markiplier was describing a place that was warm for him to spend the night in a castle he wasn't describing lady dimitrescu

  76. Sam
    4 napja

    3:30 that's pretty much every german kids book XD

  77. Dillon Ready
    Dillon Ready
    4 napja

    "Mmh bAnAnna"

  78. Trail Sesh 69
    Trail Sesh 69
    4 napja

    2:30 are they promoting eating shark fin soup, lets get PETA on this 😂😂😂

  79. Jasmin Dinger
    Jasmin Dinger
    4 napja

    I just realized that the bat king is the dimitrescu house, the weaver is the house of beniviento, The fish king is moreau, the iron steed is heisenburg, and then regal witch is mother Miranda

  80. Mary Gould
    Mary Gould
    4 napja

    So happy the pink hair is gone.. Thank god that phase is over!! LOL

  81. Shrek Yes, Juuliet
    Shrek Yes, Juuliet
    4 napja

    Ethan: "It's not paranoia if their really out to get you." Me: "YOU'D BE PARANOID TOO IF EVERYONE YOU KNEW WAS OUT TO GET YOU-"

  82. Wombat Person
    Wombat Person
    4 napja

    The fact that all these gamers are geeking out about Lady Dimtrescu, who is quite tall and thick in the chest makes me, a tall, thick person feel a little better.

  83. Wombat Person
    Wombat Person
    4 napja

    Now that I don't live alone I can watch this without getting scared!!

  84. Glitch B*tch
    Glitch B*tch
    4 napja

    Plot twist: Rose is the tall lady Edit: this is my first time watching this, I wanted to wait for him to finish it before watching him play

  85. AtomicIce Gaming
    AtomicIce Gaming
    4 napja

    The murder of crows was murdered

  86. insert name here
    insert name here
    5 napja

    Don’t mean to spoil anything but, damn if you closely, you can definitely tell something is wrong with Mia.

  87. Aron Singh
    Aron Singh
    5 napja

    soup delivery!

  88. Caleb Dubeau
    Caleb Dubeau
    5 napja

    “MIA GET DOWN “ Mia: no

  89. M.
    5 napja

    The intro is the game with the whole story of the lil girl reminds me of those animated roumanian folklore tales that i grew up with on minimax,but combined with Disney story telling

  90. Christopher Bingham
    Christopher Bingham
    5 napja

    Whenever it’s a resident evil game. Devil baby 👶🏻

  91. From Great to Brilliant
    From Great to Brilliant
    5 napja

    6.9 million views. Nice 😏

  92. Aidan Lafountain
    Aidan Lafountain
    5 napja

    So we're all in agreement Mia willingly and knowingly f***** a molded corpse

  93. Elie
    5 napja

    "Oh! They're robots!" Heisenberg: 👀

  94. Mc Firepower
    Mc Firepower
    5 napja


  95. Barbara Jonker
    Barbara Jonker
    5 napja

    No kidding when he said " well I should climb into this horse" I got a target add!😂

  96. Purple Diamond
    Purple Diamond
    5 napja

    The fish is moru, the bat is lady dimitrescu, the iron steed is heisenburg, and the weaver is Donna and the witch is mother miranda Tell me y'all dont see the parallels?

  97. ThatsRis
    5 napja

    Whelp time to watch marks playthrough, then seáns, then finish corpses :,)

  98. Rachel Morphew
    Rachel Morphew
    5 napja

    He should have gone with HARDcore if u know what I mean

  99. qolau mumiu
    qolau mumiu
    5 napja

    The roomy drink desirably ask because bakery endoscopically work notwithstanding a assorted canada. lamentable, swanky edward

  100. Gacha_trio
    5 napja

    I love how ‘Mia’ looked so offended the first time she got shot