The Rise Of Emirates

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Emirates, the long-haul carrier known for its luxury services, has set new standards for the way we travel. Like airlines everywhere, the carrier has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic. To keep customers safe and on board, Emirates adopted a variety of new protocols. The company also pivoted to cargo shipments to keep itself afloat. So will Emirates bounce back from the economic fallout pummeling the airline industry?

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The Rise Of Emirates


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  3. 🏳️‍🌈KomradeKöpke🏳️‍🌈
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    So excited for the rise and fall of emirates video! 😘

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    Darren Scott
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  5. Bharath Yathin
    Bharath Yathin
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    emirates is wayy overrated because its from dubai... etihad is better

  6. Faz Ayo
    Faz Ayo
    6 napja

    Short answer: they will not fail because they are packed from the royal family.

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    Jacky Mai
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    Sam Sam
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    Love Emirates 😘😘😘

  9. Report Misleading
    Report Misleading
    9 napja

    Emirates is great but Now you can get the same exact experience with Qatar airways for half the price.

  10. assic music
    assic music
    9 napja

  11. Rahul Shome
    Rahul Shome
    13 napja

    My all time favourite airline. Dubai is a personal favourite of mine to visit but covid put the world on a stand still overseas.

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    Jeffrey Baker
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  13. Oli
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    They have one of the best figures in the world at their helm that will get them through this pandemic. Long live Sir Tim Clark

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    Dannan Kelly
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    should be Re-nmaed to " The Fall of Emirates " lol

  17. Sanidhya Gupta
    Sanidhya Gupta
    21 napja

    Dubai is a wonderland

  18. Maurice Ukaegbu
    Maurice Ukaegbu
    21 napja

    I love Sheik Al Makhtoom. Africa countries need one Al Makhtoom to transform the continent to a wealthy place.

    1. Alien Dude
      Alien Dude
      4 napja

      @Lol Nah don't worry.. Your time will be back.. You can take back all your wealth again

    2. Lol Nah
      Lol Nah
      4 napja

      @Alien Dude Africa is the most wealthy continent but it was stolen and is still being stolen 😔

    3. Alien Dude
      Alien Dude
      20 napja

      You guys are already wealthy.. No other continent in this world has wealth like you guys.. You guys just need a ambitious young leader and a perfect time.. Don't worry you guys will be back to your glorious days again like how you guys build pyramids and stuff.. Life is just a circle.. So your time in the circle will come back. Love from Tamizh Nadu, India.

  19. Ahmed Hammodi
    Ahmed Hammodi
    21 napja

    The fall of Emirates

  20. Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb
    21 napja

    Wish I had a passport, visa and the money to ride one of their 380's.

  21. Bharat Saini
    Bharat Saini
    22 napja

    @11:38 ... too big to fail ? If the past few decades have taught us something it's that nothing is too big to fail. Everything has an expiry date.... in this case it is beyond the expert's ability to comprehend.

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    Darci Schmid
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    For the first time on this channel, I had problems keeping up with the narrators enunciation.

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  26. Shinyfluba
    25 napja

    I miss flying Emirates

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    brez brez
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  28. ezgi sungur
    ezgi sungur
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    how can i find the subtitles ?

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  29. myster cigars
    myster cigars
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    If not the best in the he world I might be dreaming...

  30. OxMani
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    Now see PIA 🙏

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    Jelani Bobcombe
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  32. Alex hami
    Alex hami
    29 napja

    I mean they're planes of course they rise...

  33. Rayhan Kusuma
    Rayhan Kusuma
    29 napja

    This story is pretty similar with the story of Panam

  34. Adjective

    Middle east Location is advantageous see it is west to east , east to west

  35. Dhuux Xasan Aadan
    Dhuux Xasan Aadan

    Emirates never, never operated in Somali

  36. Joseph Holmes
    Joseph Holmes

    2020 was a setback for everyone. They'll come back 🙂

  37. Arjun

    Most of Emirates passengers are transit, great service, clean airplanes and better leg room

  38. Khalid Mohamed
    Khalid Mohamed

    Emirates is overrated. I dont know why people hype it so much.

  39. Milan Barey
    Milan Barey

    Can u do one business success in Africa??

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    Aldon Dekock

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  42. kifley19

    The Dubai airport is nice as well.

  43. Vito Aditya Simanjuntak
    Vito Aditya Simanjuntak

    Emirates is modern-day Pan Am. The end.

  44. Hassan Ahmad
    Hassan Ahmad

    Emirates when it begun it was given planes by PIA and was trained by PIA pilots

  45. Carl

    I'll be honest. I only tried out flying with Emirates because of their A380s. The legroom you get and comfortablily is the best I've experienced.

  46. Likebotting

    Emirates reminds me of how airlines used to be. Not like I was alive


    Devastating ....yet got our money from the govt

  48. Gumnaam Aadmi
    Gumnaam Aadmi

    Easy to grow when you have government support to the extent this airline has. Financial as well in terms of procuring aviation fuel at a way cheaper rate.

  49. Libya ليبيا
    Libya ليبيا

    The most evil Arab tyrannical regime led by the devil .

  50. Shawn Green
    Shawn Green

    My family and I traveled two to three time a month before the China Virus Fear Campaign. We have zero plans to return to regular air travel. Why be treated like crap with crappy service when you can drive or enjoy the local sites.

  51. Major Skies
    Major Skies

    1:32 RIP PIA

  52. Jade Be
    Jade Be

    Emirates would’ve continued flying through the pandemic and lockdown if they could. They’ll cease every last legal flight they can get up to the last hour. Even now as India is closed, they were selling seats before the travel ban was extended. I don’t deny it’s the best product/service but they were also responsible for all of the airbuses injecting Chinese into the world en masse at a seriously critical time. I understand they need to be ahead of the game but where do they draw the line?

  53. Ayman Salem
    Ayman Salem

    Rise and fall. They fired a lot of dedicated cabin crews in COVID , but for customers it’s amazing 🤩

  54. Ridoy Rezwan
    Ridoy Rezwan

    When someone says, they are too big to fail. How much money we are talking about here ?

  55. ___________

    UAE has been doing a great job in all aspects so far. When they invest in something they try to make it the best they can as they understand what customers want. Look how they made a huge tourism industry out of a desert. It has its flaws but it is an extremely safe and peaceful country that is also multicultural. It did so well in COVID crisis as 50% of the population is now vaccinated. It fined anyone who didn't wear masks in public and appropriately applied lockdowns in extreme times, and now slowly they will open things up again. Its leadership seems very practical and aware of the world problems. It is now considering providing citizenship to the "best performing" members of society. I like how they are preserving their ethnicity and how they are preserving their rule. No protests and no social riots. Sure, the entire country feels superficial like an open-air shopping mall. But they have done really, really well given the climate, lack of agriculture, natural resources besides oil. Now it is a central business hub and a financial center. Soon I see a lot of youth trying to make it a tech hub. Leadership really matters. They are doing their best in everything they can and trying to diversify the economy. I just think they can improve in some social nets aspect like protecting human rights, giving citizenship after 20 years, provide some welfare to single parents struggling etc It is up to the youth at this point and I especially notice that the Emirati youth are very highly educated and aware of problems. I wish them good luck in preserving and improving their country

  56. Aaron's Vlog Tube
    Aaron's Vlog Tube

    We need it to always be the rise of emirates

  57. Heverton Nascimento
    Heverton Nascimento

    I love flying. Emirates made my standards rise up. I really hope all the companies to survive, this pandemic has being cruel to many areas in various business, and tourism in no different. Hotels, restaurants, tours, etc... I hope they can rise too. Life has no fun without travelling the world.

  58. Heverton Nascimento
    Heverton Nascimento

    All I can say is that I want to fly with Emirates again as soon as possible ! Probably to Dubai, one of the safest places I've ever been.

  59. zeeshan muhammed
    zeeshan muhammed

    Qatar airways is still by far the best I have flown hands down. Emirates is good but not the biggest fan.

  60. Azum Ikbal Butt
    Azum Ikbal Butt

    Alternate Title: *The Fly of Emirates*

  61. 王吟中

    Without cheap oil in Middle East, it is impossible to have Emirates, Etihad....

    1. Lol Nah
      Lol Nah
      4 napja

      Well yes every country needs a resource for them to be pushed up

  62. Catelyn Silverine
    Catelyn Silverine

    I can't wait to fly again!

  63. George

    And boom India strikes

  64. Elias Muzukulu Wa Lutaaya
    Elias Muzukulu Wa Lutaaya

    So sad that Emirates has withdrawn the A380 from the Seoul - Dubai route. Much as I love the B777, l've always been a fan fevorite of the A380.

  65. philippe chevereau
    philippe chevereau

    Some objective, unless this is paid by emirates, would be appreciated from a Media like CNBC. Market shares have been bought at dumping prices, on the back of a non-transparent financing. This report is missing the full point, assuming competition is fair. Surprising that CNBC doesn’t do a more reliable fact checking.

  66. BR OT
    BR OT

    i need to fly emirates no flights here in the US

  67. Kevin

    Emirates is an ecosystem! Kinda like Apple, but for travel

  68. Shivraj Panwar
    Shivraj Panwar


  69. Hammad Saeed
    Hammad Saeed

    damn PIA leased its planes to emirates and now look at both of them

  70. Make racists afraid Again
    Make racists afraid Again

    I rather travel on Turkish airways than on that pretend luxury airlines

  71. Dave Di Giovanni
    Dave Di Giovanni

    Trump the best President ever

  72. Siddharth Kumar
    Siddharth Kumar

    You are using wrong map of India please correct it otherwise I will report

    1. Lol Nah
      Lol Nah
      4 napja

      Report what are u going to do? No one is scared

  73. Hay mentiras en la biblia.
    Hay mentiras en la biblia.

    El coran dice que un creyente en Dios no ataca otro creyente, sunitas y chiitas u otros.

  74. Harish ch
    Harish ch

    Never traveled but still watching

  75. muiz lambe
    muiz lambe

    Which is best ? Etihad or Emirates

  76. UYTH

    Fact : before Emirates PIA was best airline in world for 20 years but after emirates pia had a downfall and now it's nearly bankrupt .

  77. flyinrhino1991

    Ah the sandbox airlines. Nothing but a bunch of extremely wealthy Arab nations attempting to flex on each by acting like they know how to run an airline, by competing on an unethical and subsidized playing field. Let them sink, the world would be better off without them.

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    Mike Thomson king

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  79. KrazyKitty Kat
    KrazyKitty Kat

    Hey, I really enjoy watching your videos. They are very detailed and organized. I hope you guys continue the good work. I also have a video idea. Can you make a video on the online application Discord??? Many people use it everyday and it might be a good idea. Perhaps you can make it on the beginning of the app, the popularity, and then add the malware/virus/scam issues.

    1. KrazyKitty Kat
      KrazyKitty Kat

      @AN Q No, gamers don't always use it. HUfrom channels, artists, etc. have Discord too.

    2. AN Q
      AN Q

      Only gamers use that app

  80. Yong Kiat Lee
    Yong Kiat Lee

    Same goes for SQ!

  81. A Google User anonymous
    A Google User anonymous

    Unlikely that COVID will be eliminated by 2023 tbh.

  82. Groban Josh
    Groban Josh

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      Zaizh Faro

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      Kim Derr

      I have been loosing on forex ever since I started trading, just last week I lost about $7,413 trading on my own.

  83. Kulen Channel
    Kulen Channel

    Emirate is the safe air on the world, I look forward for traveling.

  84. Shehan Fernando
    Shehan Fernando

    the only issue with Emirates is that they do not have one bit of respect for the thousands of staff they have employed over the years. Its all glitz and glamour behind an airline that treats people like dirt when they should have taken care of them.

  85. Andy Lee
    Andy Lee

    maybe the only airline providing free wifi during the flight.

  86. Daniel Katundu
    Daniel Katundu

    Gents, the narrator kinda sounds like Shawn Woods from the channel, Shawn Woods.

  87. Jaylon Marikar
    Jaylon Marikar

    This narrator is too enthusiastic 🤣

  88. Joseph Chakola
    Joseph Chakola

    Hands down best airline in the planet even during COVID

  89. SaKib Rai
    SaKib Rai

    Pakistan International Airlines PIA help build major Airlines of middle east and ASEAN in 80s & 70s. Now suffers loses and fear of bankruptcy.

  90. Chinese David
    Chinese David

    automate crypto platform is doing a wonderful Job. Payment comes on time as expected. Congratulations!! To me and my family.

  91. Ryanka Achmadi
    Ryanka Achmadi

    One day i'll fly their 777 planes

  92. Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
    Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    EMIRATES main "product" is the A380-800 experience. I've flown on Emirates from JFK to Dubai twice on the A380-800. Once in Economy and once in Business. I also flew Emirates A380-800 to Dubai and Thailand. First Class is extremely expensive and I find the business class product to be more fair and accessible. ($10,000+ vs. $4000+) The A380-800 offers the largest, most spacious, and QUIETEST cabin whether you're in economy or Business... and on top of that you have the best amenities including 110v sockets at your chair, USB charging sockets and large multifunction monitors. ASIDE from the A380-800 product, Emirates isn't much different than other airlines fling other Airbus aircraft. I've flown Business on the A350-900 with Phillipine Airlines. I found that to be BETTER than Emirates Boeing 777 broduct between Dubai and Seychelles. Other airlines operat the A380 tho. SINGAPORE AIRLINES, THAI Air, and ASIANA AIRLINES to name a few. Their A380-800 product is roughly equal. The majority of EMIRATES (and ETIHAD'S ) imagine is based on their A380-800 and the "luxury" of travelling to Dubai prior to the other connections. Ironically, the A380-800, the greatest passenger plane ever made, is bringing them down due to the operating costs and Covid cutting demand.

    1. Francis Hallare
      Francis Hallare

      If you have Miles to spend EK first class is worth it.

  93. Sugar and Spice
    Sugar and Spice

    Things have changed now due to the pandemic!

    1. bonsai savares
      bonsai savares

      So true

  94. Mohammed Zeeshan
    Mohammed Zeeshan

    Proud to be a part of Emirates family😍

  95. Youcef Berkani
    Youcef Berkani

    You forget to say in the beginning of your report : " this is a paid promotion video".

    1. Avinash Tyagi
      Avinash Tyagi

      They're not lying though, if I have to fly overseas, I want to fly either Emirates, Etihad or Qatar

  96. sky

    Emirates and Turkish Airline are good

  97. Surya T Kurma
    Surya T Kurma

    Emirates Airlines is the best! Even the long haul flights are relatively comfortable. Their movie database is the best.

  98. rohit nautiyal
    rohit nautiyal

    Their food was so good.

  99. never Tv
    never Tv

    No Doubt that the original (since December 2019) Wuhan variant Virus aka SARS-COV2 virus Devastated the Travel & Tourism Industry in All Countries and Nations, Small or Big Establishments & Businesses. 😷👶😿🌏🌎🌍✈🛳🚌 #BoycottBannedAndDONTBuyMadeInChinaProducts.