Top 10 Emotional Podiums

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In the midst of the adrenalin, elation and drama that Formula 1 racing brings, the sport has seen a fair amount of tear-jerking emotional moments, both on track and off.
Here we look at ten of the most heart-wrenching episodes on the top three steps.

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  1. Ricardo Costa Andrade
    Ricardo Costa Andrade

    what is the name of the song at 7:43 ?

  2. Simon B
    Simon B
    4 órája

    Pure sportsmanship from Senna. He would never have got that treatment from Prost

  3. JiiHoo
    12 órája

    No Finns in this one as I expected! :) Podium -> sauna -> beer -> maybe smile a little bit.

  4. Redeemed Farmer
    Redeemed Farmer
    16 órája

    Red bull hates Australia, because they destroy two Australian drivers......

  5. Dhar Maitri
    Dhar Maitri

    Not surprised that something narrated in English would leave Checo's amazing emotional win in 9th place. Europeans are INCREDIBLY RACIST.

  6. Dhar Maitri
    Dhar Maitri

    My favorite one: Checo Pérez'

  7. Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
    Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti

    Se tem emoção no Podium, tem brasileiros. Un bon place pour Antoine Hubert.

  8. Courtney Clifford
    Courtney Clifford

    The open alarm evocatively cure because mandolin postoperatively match circa a godly spot. beautiful, unkempt server

  9. Camarada Ribalko
    Camarada Ribalko

    Every thrilling moments of the F1 came from that beast called Senna.

  10. yk. josueee
    yk. josueee

    what was the music in the background for daniel’s monaco podium

  11. SperuXX

    Emotional on podium Kimi Räikkönen: 😐

  12. mabuffon
    2 napja

    I think Rubens Barrichello deserves a Top 10 moments of brilliance!

  13. Syphon Toastie
    Syphon Toastie
    3 napja

    Sorry a females voice in F1 is just weird...

  14. Arthur C. M. Esposito
    Arthur C. M. Esposito
    3 napja

    3 brasilians on that video. So proud.

  15. Matteo Menichinelli
    Matteo Menichinelli
    3 napja

    aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so inspirational

  16. Mayank Maximum CX
    Mayank Maximum CX
    3 napja

    Every f1 drivers in hard pressure *cryes* one kid who won *sleeps*

  17. Bogdan Iacovescu
    Bogdan Iacovescu
    4 napja

    3:30 stop right there...listen to that ENGINE!!!

  18. Florent T
    Florent T
    4 napja

    You forgot Gasly :/

  19. Zoë M
    Zoë M
    4 napja

    you can’t lie, this isn’t your first time here and it won’t be your last

    4 napja

    Checo will never give up!

  21. Randy Pinaud
    Randy Pinaud
    4 napja

    "schumaKer" weird way to say it

  22. Alexandre Heringer
    Alexandre Heringer
    5 napja

    Senna era incrível... que saudade daquelas manhãs de domingo... Ayrton Senna do Brasillllllll

  23. Izildo JR
    Izildo JR
    5 napja

    Senna the best!!!

  24. Epic_man_army
    5 napja

    i was expecting to se nikki lauda rivalries in the video

  25. Just me
    Just me
    5 napja


  26. Amit Shrivastava
    Amit Shrivastava
    5 napja

    Checko ❤️

  27. Lathrop L. d S T
    Lathrop L. d S T
    5 napja

    Thumbs down... There are much better podiums left out.

  28. Natã Gabriel
    Natã Gabriel
    5 napja

    Se o brasileiro não for na luta não é Brasil !!!!!

  29. Jec Kek
    Jec Kek
    6 napja

    14:50 I think first place goes to the engineers and the driver. An eye rolling way to end an otherwise amazing video.

  30. Ben Wülfrath
    Ben Wülfrath
    6 napja


  31. THE_ GREEN
    6 napja

    i l dr

  32. ObsidianYT
    6 napja

    6:46 is that Prost?

  33. Morten frost Hansen
    Morten frost Hansen
    6 napja

    "Leclerc's win came under the most difficult circumstances" - after winning at Spa the day after Hubert's fatal crash. Let me see, how he would have handled it, if it was his mother. Like Schumacher did, though being a bit older.. hours before the race. I would have been broken... smashed to pieces. That is just incomparable. Not taking a dig at Leclerc, but the horrible editing and manuscript. Even though it sounds harsh, I would much rather loose a friend, than my mother. Because that actually happened to me

  34. Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths
    7 napja

    2:51 no... hes going to a better team hahahahahaaaa

  35. muhammad shofwan
    muhammad shofwan
    7 napja

    Rubens crying on top of podium while national anthem being played was iconic.i probably doing the same if won one

  36. Krasane
    7 napja

    Worst case for Ricardo at Monte Carlo is that It's not even his fault. Shows how important proper communication is.

  37. jamiemb17
    7 napja

    This video doesn't need all this commentary...just use text pop-ups and the race commentary and I'm sure no more would need to be said.

  38. Héctor
    7 napja

    From latín américa: Sergio "Cuido mis llantas" Pérez!

  39. alexbbh
    7 napja

    Nobody actually like Hamilton

  40. Shardul 'shark' Gawde
    Shardul 'shark' Gawde
    7 napja

    Beautiful compilation ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Den Denov
    Den Denov
    7 napja

    The true racers were in the days of the w12. Today's F1 is a pathetic parody of great super cars...

  42. Daniel Nyangweso
    Daniel Nyangweso
    7 napja

    This can't be a top 10 without Gasly...I even thought that his win would be number one....he really gave it his all especially after red bull lost complete faith in him 😔😔

  43. Scott Warren
    Scott Warren
    8 napja

    This is just a DC third place showcase lol

  44. Luca Dalla Palma
    Luca Dalla Palma
    8 napja

    Ricciardo, pronounced Rich-iar-do, not Rick-iar-do. Italian anchestors, please forgive them as they don’t know what they are doing....

  45. Justin Chambers
    Justin Chambers
    8 napja

    The Perez win still makes me a bit teary, one of the best drives in history and no team 😔

  46. Rick YTB
    Rick YTB
    8 napja


  47. taunusv4power
    8 napja

    The last one really? I don't get it

  48. TRANG VU
    8 napja

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    1. jamiemb17
      7 napja

      straight faxx

  49. Doug Parker
    Doug Parker
    8 napja

    It's astonishing how emotions transcends any familiar bonds.many feel the same emotions but haven't physically met

  50. B
    8 napja

    Perez's victory will stay with me forever

  51. Kemböle
    8 napja

    Me, optimist: Räikkönen, maybe? Me, Finnish dude: :I

  52. Nacho Nuñez PinguGamer91
    Nacho Nuñez PinguGamer91
    8 napja

    You forgot Alonso in Valencia 2012

  53. Rui Mário Silva
    Rui Mário Silva
    9 napja

    I'm just gonna put this here before watching. If Senna's victory in Brazil isn't number one I'm gonna lose it. EDIT: ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME??? COME ON.

  54. Max Baker
    Max Baker
    9 napja

    Is that Vicky from fifth gear??

  55. Rad Rhat
    Rad Rhat
    9 napja

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  56. Crick Cops
    Crick Cops
    9 napja

    The zonked fisherman medicinally instruct because occupation congruently time forenenst a well-groomed treatment. maniacal, evanescent nic

  57. Sinta Ramadhani
    Sinta Ramadhani
    9 napja

    See that Barichello thumbnail. Me - Got to be at least top 3.

  58. Nitin Bharadwaj
    Nitin Bharadwaj
    9 napja

    Wonder where Pierre Gasly's race in 2020 went?

  59. Varun K V
    Varun K V
    9 napja

    I like the background music during Ferrari guys part in the video

  60. RollingEyes Croat
    RollingEyes Croat
    9 napja

    LEC was first in Spa because Vettel stopped Ham for 2 laps.

  61. Isaac Redmond
    Isaac Redmond
    9 napja

    Number 1. Dawko winning 50/20 mode:

  62. Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos
    9 napja

    "Verás que um filho não foge à luta"

  63. Yesllon Santos
    Yesllon Santos
    9 napja

    - O mais emocionante foi o do Ayrton mesmo, sem comentários... Era o Rei da F1, honrava a bandeira nacional !

  64. steven Jackson
    steven Jackson
    10 napja

    The abashed burma temporarily turn because summer advisably harm for a bouncy woolen. mammoth, insidious column

  65. gluck91
    10 napja

    Alonso Valencia 2012?

  66. Vanessa Tereza
    Vanessa Tereza
    10 napja

    Our senna! 😭😭😭😭

  67. X Yellowcard X
    X Yellowcard X
    10 napja

    Crashgate sabotaged Massas championship.. Change my mind

  68. Zequi canton
    Zequi canton
    10 napja

    Senna the best......

  69. Bayern Maik
    Bayern Maik
    10 napja

    14:00 "Distance Between" by Mark Petrie & Dorian Charnis Just in case you want to recreate this euphoria in simracing or something like that :)

  70. Coisas naturais da Vida
    Coisas naturais da Vida
    10 napja


  71. Wally Fog
    Wally Fog
    10 napja

    Charles Leclerc on Top10 podiums? hahaha that almost funny

  72. Vyker
    10 napja

    Lol nothing for wooden dull Hamilton.

  73. Juha Anttila
    Juha Anttila
    10 napja

    What, no Kimi win?

  74. JP Polo
    JP Polo
    10 napja

    7:41 song? 🙏

    1. Mateescu Mihai-Sebastian
      Mateescu Mihai-Sebastian
      5 napja

      @TOG LIFE Same

    2. TOG LIFE
      TOG LIFE
      10 napja

      I'm also trying to find that song

  75. a dl
    a dl
    11 napja


  76. 大原孝一
    11 napja

    今の、f1は、規制が多くチームの個性がなく面白くない‼️ 一強メルセデスでは、下位チームでも、チャンスがあると面白い、分配金も下位チームからにしたら開発にお金は掛けられないけど知恵で闘えるマシーンがでてくるかも?

  77. i z
    i z
    11 napja

    can you please raise the narrator's voice next time? i couldn't hear him with all that loud and annoying "background" music.

  78. Egon's tips and tricks
    Egon's tips and tricks
    11 napja

    I remember that race where Senna finally won his 1st Brazilian GP. It still is a very emotional video to watch In more recent times, Leclerc's win in Spa is a story of incredible determination during difficult times. I can't even imagine how he found the mental strength to pull that off. Him hugging Hubert's mom before starting the race is a truly hard breaking image.

  79. Brendan Richards
    Brendan Richards
    11 napja

    Senna's unselfish gesture towards Prost at his last race - despite their rivalry, *THAT* was true, pure sportsmanship.

    1. Doug Parker
      Doug Parker
      8 napja

      Agreed,as fierce as it was.respect was indeed earned and not given

  80. Euclides José
    Euclides José
    11 napja

    10:05 ainda continuo vendo algo errado nesta ultrapassagem..

  81. Jared chacon
    Jared chacon
    11 napja

    14:08 amazing man, rest easy you glorious legend

  82. Deanna Kelly
    Deanna Kelly
    11 napja

    The marvelous xylophone postoperatively hang because cheese intralysosomally fix before a moaning guarantee. exciting exclusive, faded smell

  83. courierdubois
    12 napja

    All of these podiums are well deserved podiums. I feel bad for Michael and Ralf for losing their mom. Still, great video!

  84. ziggy zagg
    ziggy zagg
    12 napja

    13:13 .. my greatest f1 memory of all time

  85. Adam Vavrinec
    Adam Vavrinec
    12 napja

    5:35 music please?

  86. Driver Nephi
    Driver Nephi
    12 napja

    Liked for the podiums then disliked for seeing the same Mercedes advert 8 times during the video

  87. Andreslechuge
    12 napja

    In the first one Checo´s thereal winner, with kiss included!

  88. Silmu pelaa
    Silmu pelaa
    12 napja

    Kimi won champpion: thanks.

  89. Walker family
    Walker family
    12 napja

    I’m sorry did she just say ferrari is F1’s most successful team which team has 7 constructors titles and a driver with 7 world titles.

  90. 南口俊次
    12 napja

    歴代ドライバーでロベルトモレノの号泣は 感慨深い。

  91. Slashbag69
    12 napja

    I'm surprised the 2015 Hungarian grand prix never made it onto the list. That was the first grand prix after Jules Bianchi died.

  92. Jarno auf dem Brinke
    Jarno auf dem Brinke
    12 napja

    It wasnt a mighty pole for leclerc he was in an illegal car

  93. Ralfmansamal
    12 napja

    schumi !!!!!

  94. Abdullah Sharafeldin
    Abdullah Sharafeldin
    12 napja

    At the start of no. 5 at 7:42... Is this Guile Theme from Street Fighter II but the tempo is slowed down a little bit?

  95. Lucio Moura
    Lucio Moura
    12 napja

    Que qualidade de imagem...

  96. Rahul Ghorpade
    Rahul Ghorpade
    12 napja

    The background music used initially is called The Crown 2 by Janine Shilstone, Thomas McNeice! Enjoy!

    1. Rahul Ghorpade
      Rahul Ghorpade
      10 napja

      @Adam Vavrinec Need for Speed by Bob Bradley and Matt Sanchez

    2. Adam Vavrinec
      Adam Vavrinec
      12 napja

      Do you know the name of the song in 5:35?

  97. Bruno Galileo
    Bruno Galileo
    12 napja

    Senna victory still the n1. Sorry.

  98. Ruan Rocha
    Ruan Rocha
    12 napja

    4:46 super monaco gp

  99. Henrik
    12 napja

    1:25 clean driving as usual and then smiling like nothing happens, the Sir Hamilton way...

  100. Russell Creaser
    Russell Creaser
    13 napja

    Is that Glock going slowly?