When You FINALLY Reach That Ranged Enemy in an RPG

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There is NOTHING worse than some dude with a bow...

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    YOOO! I've been getting a ton of messages, wondering where the Pokémon Card streams have been, and I just wanted to let you guys know I'm taking a quick break from them (for a few reasons) but will be back very very soon! I seriously appreciate the love for the streams and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

    1. Gaming Nebula
      Gaming Nebula
      5 napja

      Idk which are worse the ranged enemies like this in games or gawd damn snipers in battlefield style games. They just hang out on the absolute edge of the map on something and pick you off over and over again and they are too far to get without losing your head to them and leaves you no choice but to counter snipe BUT EVEN THEN they still get ya and when you think it's finally over and you got a quick lucky headshot, they put a spawn beacon up there and they are just instantly back. Actually I retract my earlier statement the snipers are worse, god damn sneaky bunny snipers

    2. Egg


    3. Ryan O’s
      Ryan O’s

      Just make your own RPG already!

    4. Michael Newman
      Michael Newman

      Hey suggestion. What if you did a collab with Prozd? I feel like you could make a really funny episode with that and your humor is kind of similar

    5. Cameron Paul
      Cameron Paul

      Can you do a update on apex if u play it because the maps are better mpore character and so much more so can u plz?

  2. One Flying Boiii
    One Flying Boiii
    12 órája

    Dude, That bow ranged enemy holding is drawed wrong, wooden part and string part is in wrong places

    15 órája

    Im glad to see he made the right decision.

  4. Dorime

    Me at 0:55 when my cousin is stunned in a fighting game after he picks the ranged character

  5. x “zackadiax24” x
    x “zackadiax24” x

    single guy: shoots me me: proceeds to cast most powerful spell in the game while riding on the back of a dragon that looks suspiciously like a train while also shouting so loud that it flings most enemies away at mach 10.

  6. Indy Wisniewski
    Indy Wisniewski
    2 napja

    my brother is so smug and annoying he also acts all nice and formal whenever he wants to be seen as the nice guy.

  7. adventurevinni the Gamer
    adventurevinni the Gamer
    2 napja

    Bruh the bow looks pretty backwards

  8. Timago J
    Timago J
    2 napja

    Chivalry 2 in a nutshell

  9. william knox
    william knox
    3 napja

    Reminds me of those Boomer Knights in Pit of Heresy from D2

  10. Drew Gross
    Drew Gross
    3 napja

    Getting some serious Omni-man vibes here

  11. Spooky Crew
    Spooky Crew
    4 napja

    *Mice and Mystics

  12. Christopher Travers
    Christopher Travers
    4 napja

    *gets shot in the head* ``Tis but a Scratch!``

  13. VeeZeeGaming
    4 napja

    0:48 anyone that argues on the internet

  14. Caleb Ballantyne
    Caleb Ballantyne
    4 napja


  15. Lol Lol
    Lol Lol
    6 napja

    0:05 im crying 😂😂😂

  16. edwin ruiz
    edwin ruiz
    6 napja

    Chivalry 2 lol

  17. Rebecca Garcia
    Rebecca Garcia
    7 napja

    If you play diablo what’s your role

  18. D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire
    8 napja


  19. Society of Light
    Society of Light
    8 napja

    Now if only those arrows were coated with poison...

  20. reaper sans
    reaper sans
    9 napja

    The ranged person is me in a nutshell

  21. Louie Uwanawich
    Louie Uwanawich
    9 napja

    Lol this animation killed me

  22. meow fancy owo
    meow fancy owo
    9 napja

    So much ketchup

  23. Inge De Smet
    Inge De Smet
    10 napja

    i thought he would get arrested for "attacking an inocent man" if you dont understand its because turned friendly and the player charged him

  24. Cormac Kelly
    Cormac Kelly
    10 napja

    you missed the part when a knight comes out of nowhere and just kills you before you kill the archer

  25. RedBunn
    10 napja

    When you finally catch that Camping little shit

  26. Mohamed Hisham
    Mohamed Hisham
    10 napja

    I am that ranged enemy

  27. Rikuto Kun
    Rikuto Kun
    11 napja

    Plot twist: it's actually his own blood that's coming out of his hands because the "archer" was a lvl 20 fighter/monk hybrid who specializes in unarmed combat.

  28. lime 1
    lime 1
    12 napja

    every patches encounter in a nutshell

  29. Mladen
    12 napja

    Think, Bowman, think! How can you possibly defeat a violent man with words?! What will you have after I turn your face into mashed potatoes?!

  30. Matt Levine
    Matt Levine
    12 napja

    Yeah, getting hit by an enemy that does no damage but still thinks they can fight you is infuriating, but you know what's worse? When they don't do any damage, but still give knockback/hitstun.

  31. Movies Occupied
    Movies Occupied
    13 napja

    Its games like horizon zero dawn where taking down archers actually matter

  32. age of salvation
    age of salvation
    13 napja

  33. frustrated gamer fan
    frustrated gamer fan
    13 napja


  34. frustrated gamer fan
    frustrated gamer fan
    13 napja


  35. Frokydafroakie
    13 napja

    "You're not even doing damage to me you're just pissing me off" wanderer trader lamas in a nutshell

  36. Xx5L4CK3R KINGxX
    Xx5L4CK3R KINGxX
    13 napja

    The last part: THINK archer THINK

  37. Seth rector
    Seth rector
    13 napja

    o-o oh cool blood 0:52

    13 napja

    0:53 why does he look confused that he is getting punched to death, he kept on being very annoying

  39. Jonus Master Builder
    Jonus Master Builder
    14 napja

    0-60 just like that

  40. nrais76
    14 napja

    Totally accurate.

  41. Ellatteh
    15 napja

    Jackal Snipers:

  42. Kyle Kelley
    Kyle Kelley
    15 napja

    This reminds me of that dishonored assassin boss. “Seeing as you’re about to kill me, I’ve renounced my violent ways. I feel bad for killing the queen, and probably all those people me and my assassin guild killed. I won’t kill anyone else ever if you don’t kill me. Trust me, I’m not just saying this.”

  43. Amounted Ak
    Amounted Ak
    15 napja

    That bow is the equivalent of switching the places of the stick and the string in minecraft

  44. 3D carb
    3D carb
    16 napja

    He has a Jojo mode

  45. AM H
    AM H
    17 napja

    Skywars players be like

  46. Gabriel K.
    Gabriel K.
    17 napja

    it's worse when they actually DO Damage... *I will never forget tham damned DarkSouls 3 Ballista...

  47. TheAdvertisement
    18 napja

    Words cannot describe how fun it is to be that ranged guy in Minecraft pvp.

    1. AM H
      AM H
      17 napja


  48. Brock Cornette
    Brock Cornette
    19 napja

    I would love to make a game that just has all these things that go out of there way to piss off the player, like a chest that requires you to beat the game then get a key and all it gives you is string or this but you can’t kill him

  49. Lorgar64
    19 napja

    The first time I played D&D 5e my monk spider-monkeyed up a tower and beat the crap out of two dwarven crossbowmen. Felt good. Although that was a few sessions in, not literally the first time. I almost died sooo many times in that campaign. Actually that, I actually almost die a lot in D&D. I once died twice in two sessions. Wow. I should be more careful.

  50. Symbiotic Void Munkey
    Symbiotic Void Munkey
    20 napja

    every dark souls game ever...

  51. Kraken
    20 napja

    0:18 he drew the bow wrong...

  52. Face Plant
    Face Plant
    21 napja

    That’s the whole of dark souls

  53. Wesley Shorey
    Wesley Shorey
    21 napja


  54. Dak
    21 napja

    I was expecting the archer to continuously shoot the main character off the ladder

  55. Bazba
    21 napja

    I met a guy in state hospital like this. Had the lisp too. Got his ass beat by a tech for refusing to shower. Tried to cheer him up with contraband skittles. He gave them to a nurse and ratted me out. He ended up in long term care. Wonder if he's still there.

  56. Aidan
    22 napja

    Mark: We shouldn't kill people. Omni-man: 0:53

  57. I eat CEREAL!!!
    I eat CEREAL!!!
    22 napja

    Eat your cereal

  58. Dip_ buh1207
    Dip_ buh1207
    22 napja

    He really sounds like the Narrator from Battleblock Theatre and i love it.

  59. Wesley Bradshaw
    Wesley Bradshaw
    22 napja

    This is the Giant Archer of DS3.

  60. Jon Jcc
    Jon Jcc
    22 napja

    "You can believe what you want to believe, I'm a changed man" *Beats him to death* *You lost karma*

  61. PerfectaMe
    22 napja


  62. Demonetization
    23 napja

    hotline miami be like: 0:53

  63. Kobeni Higashiyama
    Kobeni Higashiyama
    23 napja

    genshin moment

  64. Decidueye Zealot
    Decidueye Zealot
    23 napja

    When you get to them they either use a knock back attack or leap away :)

  65. Celia Frostborn
    Celia Frostborn
    24 napja

    Dark alliance 2 flashbacks intensity!

  66. 05-4
    24 napja


  67. Bladeless
    24 napja

    Nah that is when you pull out a ranged weapon and shoot them because I be bothered to go up there

  68. KingDugan
    24 napja

    He played his cards well. He knew he couldn't win, so used his last moments to piss the main chatacter off and make him not enjoy his victory.

  69. Pendergast891
    25 napja

    the best parts are when there's actually no way to reach them and it turns out they're stranded there desperately trying to be released

  70. Ace Jackson
    Ace Jackson
    25 napja

    anyone notice how the string and the wood part of the bow are switched at the beginning?

  71. BasicallySeth
    25 napja


  72. Pudds animations
    Pudds animations
    25 napja

    I now know how Skyrim npc’s feel when I show up

  73. Limrasson
    26 napja

    This describes my life in RPGs

  74. Doc Russian
    Doc Russian
    26 napja

    Omni vs invincible at the end there

  75. Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia
    26 napja

    Anyone else notice that the bow is inverted? The string is curved while the shaft is straight.

  76. Erik
    26 napja

    Twist: Bowman is an unkillable NPC because he plays some minor role in the main storyline.

  77. Owl Phiblyt
    Owl Phiblyt
    26 napja

    bow person is a great example of imperialists deciding that "violence isn't the answer" after centuries of enslaving people.

  78. Jimmy Anak Embal
    Jimmy Anak Embal
    26 napja

    0:53 my anger be like

  79. Aniket . 01
    Aniket . 01
    26 napja


  80. Niruken
    27 napja

    "You are fighting so you can watch all of my time fly, think archer! you could live to watch this dungeon crumble to dust and blow away!"

  81. Elias Cool
    Elias Cool
    27 napja

    0:53 is this a jojo refence ?

  82. Israel Allen
    Israel Allen
    27 napja

    The fuckin lisp killed me.

  83. Miles Smith
    Miles Smith
    27 napja

    1000000% accurate

  84. Ozgar Thunderhammer
    Ozgar Thunderhammer
    28 napja

    That is the most smug character I think I've ever seen.

  85. monke
    28 napja

    Everyone on Twitter

  86. Danielle
    28 napja

    This is just my players any time an enemy with ranged attacks uses range, positioning, and flybys to try and beat them. Just looking up the tower "Get down here where I can stab you!"

  87. Dhael
    28 napja

    killing that ranged annoying spammy piece of ****....is so relaxing...until you find another one.

  88. Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley
    28 napja


  89. HiddenHand
    28 napja

    0:07 he drew the bow backward

  90. FVA
    28 napja

    when you press that O button hard to abuse the range effers

  91. Mod Man
    Mod Man
    29 napja

    Me when i reach the archers in horizon zero dawn

  92. milking cow suprise
    milking cow suprise
    29 napja

    Oh good.. i was worried he would leave him and get shot again

  93. Mr Psyco
    Mr Psyco
    29 napja

    Most of the time they just piss you off because they just stagger you that tiny bit to either cancel your attack or make you miss.

  94. Doctorgeo7
    29 napja

    Meanwhile in Divinity, I had a rogue that could turn invisible, teleport, and fly. Ranged enemies had no where to run and were always surprised by him.

  95. [ next21 ]
    [ next21 ]

    mordhau be like

  96. ZX

    Straight up hilarious and accurate! 🤣

  97. A Bigfoot
    A Bigfoot

    Did he drop a Forest archer bow ? I need some to fight the forest Boogaloo


    *japan taking out a few ships vs the USA's respones*

  99. Theo the Derg
    Theo the Derg

    or worse, when a normal melee enemy accidentally boots itself just outside the reachable map and you can't leave the area until it dies (borderlands)

  100. Spy on the wall
    Spy on the wall

    How come there was so much cranberry juice on his face and arms.