Why Starlink Is Crucial To SpaceX’s Success

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SpaceX’s broadband satellite internet, Starlink, is still in beta, but already has over 10,000 customers. The fledgling service is expected to be a cash cow for SpaceX, bringing in as much as $30 billion a year - more than 10 times the annual revenue of its existing rocket business. This revenue will be used to fuel Elon Musk’s ultimate goal of building a colony on Mars. Eventually, Starlink may even keep us connected on the Red Planet.
Elon Musk’s SpaceX rolled out its Starlink early access program to the public six months ago, with the satellite internet service growing to more than 10,000 users in the first few months.
To get real-life first impressions of the service, CNBC spoke to more than 50 people who have been using Starlink. Those surveyed included households in Canada and 13 U.S. states: California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
The majority of these Starlink users are in rural or remote areas, such as farmland or wilderness, with limited access to terrestrial broadband options - and a few with no access altogether.
“I expect to keep the service long term,” a user in Montana told CNBC. “The price of the beta for the service is more reasonable than any other option we have, and those are worse in performance. I will keep Starlink as long as its the only broadband option available to me.”
Starlink is the company’s capital-intensive project to build an interconnected internet network with thousands of satellites, known in the space industry as a constellation, designed to deliver high-speed internet to consumers anywhere on the planet.
SpaceX launched the “Better than Nothing Beta” program for the public in October, and the majority of users CNBC surveyed received invitations to join between November and February. The service is priced at $99 a month in the U.S. under the beta, with a $499 upfront cost for the equipment customers need to connect to the satellites - plus taxes, shipping, and any accessories needed to mount the antenna.
CNBC’s surveyed users on total cost, the installation process, what they thought of SpaceX’s equipment, internet speed, reliability of the service, what their service alternatives were, their experience with customer service, any concerns they had, and their overall impressions.
00:00 - Introduction
02:24 - Understanding Starlink
07:15 - SpaceX’s golden ticket
10:05 - Challenges
16:12 - Future of Starlink
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Why Starlink Is Crucial To SpaceX’s Success


  1. Michael james
    Michael james
    4 perccel

    " It's 100% better than nothing"... High praise indeed.

  2. J O
    J O
    3 órája

    I hope this puts every ISP on the planet out of business

  3. HotRodX
    5 órája

    I saw Starlink the other night. It was amazing looking.

  4. Katharine dianahp
    Katharine dianahp
    6 órája

    The whimsical son sequentially join because reading cosmetically interest regarding a spiky supermarket. dashing, regular dust

  5. VillaMasterSF
    8 órája

    if u are going to the stars its a good idea to build a massiv communication sat network anyways.

  6. william howard
    william howard
    17 órája

    70 Million plus every Suddenlink customer.

  7. CamiloSanchez1979
    18 órája

    I think the substantial contribution SpaceX can provide is the true democratization of the internet because it will be harder for China to control access

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      27 perccel

      Russia already made it Illegal to have a starlink in Russia, only other way to stop it is radio jammer or anti satelite missiles.

  8. Junior Jetseter
    Junior Jetseter
    21 órája

    My area of interest is Starlink for RVs, especially the dish antenna that could be inside the dome for GPS reception while driving or for stationary use the lowering or foldable dish.

  9. Theresa Pitts
    Theresa Pitts
    22 órája

    I dont think Elon will cap any limit. He believes in freedom of every kind especially in America.

  10. Larry Roberton
    Larry Roberton
    22 órája

    Coti + Starlink = marriage made in heaven.

  11. Flash Light
    Flash Light
    23 órája

    Can you imagine to send (and connect wtih earth) more starlinks all to the mars ... and you can surf and chat with people on earth? :)

  12. Gavin Hartley
    Gavin Hartley

    Nearly 20 years and I've still not seen a plane hitting the Pentagon.

  13. dick johnson
    dick johnson

    The best asterisk scully harm because stool ontogenetically land minus a historical park. separate, massive heaven

  14. ExLuno extrodos
    ExLuno extrodos

    Join me in the interplanetary Web chat

  15. TroyGarner

    Instead of having the telescopes on the ground, wouldn't it make more sense for them to be in orbit as well?

  16. TroyGarner

    Who cares about the cost of the equipment... Look at how Amazon took on losses initially to become the gigantic corporation they are today. It was all planned.

  17. Jeffrey Calzaloia
    Jeffrey Calzaloia

    twitter.com/Kabamur_Taygeta/status/1390642669018226692 "Dewey, AZ 5/6/21 Know the differences. Starlink Satellites are in the upper atmosphere and move closely together in a straight line. Galactic Federation Fleets fly lower, they don't move in perfectly straight lines, they dim or brighten, and often make animals behave strangely."

  18. Jamie Bastafield
    Jamie Bastafield
    2 napja

    That's because space debris

  19. Kenan Lukac
    Kenan Lukac
    2 napja

    42000 satellites is a lot. And as per usual, money speaks and these companies can do basically whatever they want. I for one wouldn't want that much junk out there.

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      24 perccel

      They needed to get permission from the FCC, and only really got the permission because the orbit and radio band where widely available due to a lack of interest of other communication satellites to do a similar procedure. You call it junk I call it the most advance structure humans will make in a while.

  20. Stan
    2 napja

    Internet for ppl that want to live in caves hahha

  21. Emo Filipof
    Emo Filipof
    2 napja

    this grid is pulsing ultra sounds. these ultra-sounds are biping in the night. bip,bip,bip,bip............. when i say to somebody to hear these sounds the people tell me ,that it's an animal. ha ha ha. it's not an animal ,it's this space grid of elon musk. the goal is with this biping to destroy the nerve system of the people. the people can't sleep when listen this bip,bip,bip. this ulta-sound kick the buildings in the cities and the sound is bip,bip,bip................ this sound makes the people teasing,annoy. this grid is psyhological weapon destroying the nerve system.i hear this ulta-sound since 5-6 years.when i walk between the buildings sometimes i hear this annoying killing biping.

  22. R V
    R V
    2 napja

    Looks like space trash

  23. R V
    R V
    2 napja

    What happens if we were to have an emp? Would they all fall from the sky.. asking for a friend that lives off grid in the woods🧐

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      22 perccel

      They would get electronicly destroyed by the EMP and drift in orbit for years before comming down and burning up.

  24. Mick EZ
    Mick EZ
    2 napja

    Starlink will allow aliens to watch and adopt humans at the house hold level.

  25. Chris Harris
    Chris Harris
    2 napja

    K look. Do people realize how much space there is in LEO space above the earth? LOL, they make these debris fields look like they're freeways for cars when really the spots on those maps are literally a single pixel of light vs the 100s per piece of space object. It's ridiculous.

  26. James M
    James M
    2 napja

    I live 6.7 mile's from my nearest internet broadband provider and I can't get service.

  27. Eliot Toile
    Eliot Toile
    2 napja

    "100% better then nothing." That is how the editors of this video ended it. Somebody has an Elonian since of humor.

  28. Jody Martines
    Jody Martines
    2 napja

    Is this network like by passing the ozone layer and microwave directly thru it

  29. Samuel De Leon
    Samuel De Leon
    3 napja

    Buy DOGE

  30. Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet
    3 napja

    That almost looks like a planetary blockade.

  31. vincent mwahu
    vincent mwahu
    3 napja

    As always here in Africa we always the last to enjoy Man inventions space x sponsor me with one

  32. Chuk Wow
    Chuk Wow
    3 napja

    100% better than nothing, isn’t that still nothing?😁

  33. won llasidog wonk
    won llasidog wonk
    3 napja

    I'm from New Zealand and starlink isn't available here? Always says from mid to late 2021 when you try signing up...

  34. Fancypants McVomitshirt
    Fancypants McVomitshirt
    3 napja

    So, four times as many objects in LEO as already exist in all orbits, all communicating with each other using lasers (wtf?), multiply that by the number of competitors (yeah they will probably have less sats, but the point remains), then add new ones every 5 years (most of the ones being replaced will de-orbit, but some will fail to). Throw in one or two collisions for fun. Astronomy is going to be so much fun in 10 years :-/

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      19 perccel

      "Multiply that by the number of competitors" what competitors?

  35. TLM
    3 napja

    How are the ISPs going to make 💵 now? So sad 😆

  36. Michael Myers
    Michael Myers
    3 napja

    Im in north alabama and got it 2 weeks ago

  37. Crisp Friars
    Crisp Friars
    4 napja

    Then live in the city, a**holes. We don't want this garbage in the sky. Disgusting.

  38. David Wolf
    David Wolf
    4 napja

    I can't tell you folks at CNBC just how much I appreciate this explanation of what Starlink is all about! Thank you so much!

    1. Giga Chad
      Giga Chad

      ok boomer

  39. dude bro
    dude bro
    4 napja

    Why not put a starbase on the moon? The Revenue would be crazy.

  40. dude bro
    dude bro
    4 napja

    So in a few years the sky will be blocked so it will make it harder to see what is going on millions of light years due to starlink cockblocking. Hmm. I got good internet but wont be able to see the next rogue android coming towards earth.

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      15 perccel

      SpaceX is using to pay for its rocket development so Elon musk can start a mars colony incase we do find a asteroid, with out this we will just spot an asteroid and wait several weeks until it destroys us from a lack of space capabilities because some people though looking up was more important than going up.

  41. ri mc
    ri mc
    4 napja

    So the family trying to live off grid to lower their carbon footprint! Is using a internet service with the highest carbon footprint.

  42. Music Old
    Music Old
    4 napja

    What about the Human Link with your 5G body recievers, that would fit in a jab "think". Your brain is a neuro net. Direct wireless human micro processor control - will we still have freedom of our thoughts?

  43. Some Guy
    Some Guy
    4 napja

    13:47 They still use Windows XP there?

  44. Michael Sparks
    Michael Sparks
    4 napja

    I still have many questions about starlink. Is it going to make humanity better or will the elites just have more power over the rest of us?

  45. David S
    David S
    4 napja

    THIS IS NUTS!!! Musk has admitted Starlink is counting on a final deployment of 42,000 SATELLITES! No matter WHAT Starlink does to reduce light observable by the naked eye, BILLIONS of $$$$ worth of telescopes across the Earth will be unable to capture the faint light of near-Earth meteors that risk striking the planet! Any intentions by Musk to reduce light ruining the next-gen extremely large telescopes worth billions are hollow gestures and meaningless. He alone will increase the total amount of current satellites by as much as a factor of TEN! It is a factor of 5X's if you include defunct satellites launched since Sputnik. Countries need to capture & de-orbit their decommissioned sat's or eject them from orbit towards the Sun. Starlink has already had near collisions with Chinese sat's. They were seconds away from triggering a cascade of destruction!

    1. Am_Yeff
      4 napja

      If you knew what you were talking about you'd know what you just said is false

  46. Joven Barola
    Joven Barola
    4 napja

    You conquer the Space you conquer the Earth, SpaceX will be the next big thing invented after the Smartphone

  47. SupremePigRoach
    4 napja

    6:41 space reporter

  48. Lain Opening
    Lain Opening
    4 napja

    I thought it was going to be good. Then I read the prices and speeds they are offering. It would be cheaper and more beneficial to just put fiber down. Not sure how they think this will ever be a success after they promos 5x less speed at 5x the cost of current providers.

    1. Am_Yeff
      4 napja

      5x less than current providers? Sureeee....

  49. A. T. Maverick
    A. T. Maverick
    4 napja

    my opinion this is a project which should be stopped asap as they are polluting the atmosphere....., this should not be allowed! F****starlink!

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      9 perccel

      Pollute the atmosphere? It's 100 miles above the atmosphere, you should be stopped, people like you make this country worse, starlink was used in my state by fire fighters and displaced families from last years major fire outbrake, it actually helped and therfore a peoce of infrastructure we should focus on building.

  50. ShamelesCampR559
    5 napja

    Think of the broader picture though as soon as Elon is able to put all of us on Mars he's also going to be able to instantaneously have some kind of crazy wi-fi system spread across the globe for us as well and maybe we can just Wi-Fi call someone back home on Earth from Mars

  51. Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh
    5 napja

    Did these so called satellites 📡 count about debris they are floating around earth like 5B?!!

  52. Randomguy Nobody
    Randomguy Nobody
    5 napja

    next level light pollution

  53. Sage Akporherhe
    Sage Akporherhe
    5 napja

    3:33 I love this animation.

  54. General Rendar
    General Rendar
    5 napja

    14:40 Wow! I recently was teaching a night flight lesson on May 6th and saw a chain of lights just dance across the sky. It was really bizarre and I've only recently been diving down the Space X rabbit hole after catching wind that they were testing built Starships in earnest. So I was surprised to say the least! Thought I witnessed a UFO event! Flying Objects Identified, lol.

  55. Abdel HaFiD
    Abdel HaFiD
    5 napja

    مذهل بحق اتمنى لكم التوفيق

  56. Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien
    5 napja

    Human beings are doomed.

  57. Spirit Love
    Spirit Love
    6 napja

    Rumble, BitChute and Brand New Tube have uncensored news....video: Plandemic parts 1 and 2.....it's about tracking people and five g radi ation not a v irus.....Video: Catherine Austin Fits/Planet Lockdown....try Duck Duck Go instead o g oogle

  58. Samuel Otte
    Samuel Otte
    6 napja

    We saw them flying overhead in rural Nebraska May 7th 2021 it was awesome to see that trail of lights!

  59. TheYoyozo
    6 napja

    Once Starship is operational SpaceX will go from 60 satellites per launch to 400.

  60. TheYoyozo
    6 napja

    So how exactly does one download the app? Might want to plan ahead.

  61. norm1124
    6 napja

    The military will buy hugh capacities, private is probably optional ...

  62. Tyler Hamme
    Tyler Hamme
    6 napja

    The movie GeoStorm is coming true!! Yikes

  63. Amber Evans
    Amber Evans
    6 napja

    What if the satellites could be fitted w a Lazer that could potentially shoot down dangerous debris that could hit earth? Or arms to clean up after themselves if they crash 🤷 🤔

  64. Linda Offenbach
    Linda Offenbach
    7 napja

    Well, 4 Mb/s dsl, wifi with low latency here... an old potato perhaps, but it's all we need and it's well good enough. We've come to a point in life where good enough is just good enough. And we're not even that old. We've shunned Tv, never went onboard for any Netflix or Amazon, or what have you. No smartphones and tablets in this house (!) We can stream at 720P on a large screen via various internet sites and torrents, which is just fine. Or we can dowload as MP4 and watch. And can we do our business. No interest here in present Flix / Tv garbage, since it brings nothing of profound intellectual content. 99% Of content is pure rubbish, dumb and extremely superficial. Read a book, study something deep for real, instead of becoming a mindless ostensible consuming zombie. We prefer socialising the human way, even now during C. The constant need for more, more, more is a path of cultural destruction and wrecking of social cohesion. Sure, a well enough internet in rural areas is needed but a world caged in by a space 'minefield' of 42,000 extra orbitals is just far from sane is it. We've survived without the internet good well enough, and I don't see why we should feed the monsters making us totally depend on it. In fact, we should de-internet ourselves, keeping it for necessities... Gaming and Flixing isn't one of them. Has the internet actually brought humanity closer together? No it hasn't at all. It's just a different filter during the time we have in a day. In fact, it has caused a rapid cascade of polarisation and division. It actually has destroyed a good going social society. And you see, 4 Mb/s was more than well enough for watching this YT and commenting here ;)

  65. 1Infinite Loop
    1Infinite Loop
    7 napja

    It’s all good without politics. Good job

  66. Aghtiri Mohammed
    Aghtiri Mohammed
    7 napja

    wont this block out the sunlight

  67. ///// AMG
    ///// AMG
    7 napja

    So fake not even funny

  68. Inger Midling Michel
    Inger Midling Michel
    7 napja

    This is a global thing! Is United Nations heard on this?

  69. Oriomo
    7 napja

    When did we get the option to vote on this? Ah, I almost forgot that if you can afford to do something, you definitely should.

  70. Bodhi Dharma
    Bodhi Dharma
    7 napja

    The worst nightmare for Russia, China, and North Korea

  71. Tracy Strength & Joy
    Tracy Strength & Joy
    7 napja

    That is crazy expensive just for internet!

  72. Neil Siebenthal
    Neil Siebenthal
    7 napja

    This is something that all governments should back and make the whole world a badass high speed internet network for everyone. But like hell they want that.

  73. Ascension Subud
    Ascension Subud
    7 napja

    Amazing video of an attack on Apollo 14 by extraterrestrial craft -hufrom.info/number/vide/qYdyzZ64aJitgpc And about 5 minutes in : a full discussion of UFO interference in the Apollo moon program. Here :hufrom.info/number/vide/qYdyzZ64aJitgpc including video of ET offer of help to the Apollo 13 crew.

  74. natalie hidalgo
    natalie hidalgo
    8 napja

    how amazing. Soon we really will have a worldwide web when satellites cover the entire globe.

  75. Nikolai Safronov
    Nikolai Safronov
    8 napja

    Russians hope starlink will come here and give some ISP freedom

  76. Happy Slappy!
    Happy Slappy!
    8 napja

    Open Wifi to China! 🙂👍

    1. norm1124
      6 napja

      The ground station would be tracked and punished. + You have to bring it into the country ...

  77. 편경훈
    8 napja

    인류의 호기심은 끝이 없고 탐험정신 역시 끝이 없습니다. 우리는 지구의 많은 부분에 대해서 알고 있지만 우주는 그렇지 못합니다. 인류의 새로운 지평을 여는 스페이스엑스의 공학자여러분들을 응원합니다.

  78. jake91hall
    8 napja

    guy says starlink has an app you can download to show you where to put the satellite...how tf you going to download an app when you havent installed your internet yet?

  79. xXse esXx
    xXse esXx
    8 napja

    Everything is better than the boosted copper net of germany 😴

  80. alex alex
    alex alex
    8 napja

    A satellite telepony is expensive, now and then. Done. 2021. 05. 06. Dr. Alex.

  81. Kim Kong
    Kim Kong
    9 napja

    Satellites use MICROWAVE so that it may break through the earth's atmosphere (unlike other EMPs). Microwave increase may likely increase cancer as this will EXPONENTIALLY increase our exposure to cancer causing radiation. If being near a cell phone tower is bad for your health, imagine all of them hovering over you 24/7.

  82. Jonathan Baptiste
    Jonathan Baptiste
    9 napja

    Those speeds are better then what we get in SA on our regular internet😂 speeking about cellphone not fibre.

  83. Hary Need
    Hary Need
    10 napja

    it also puts more junk in earth space orbit

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      10 napja

      @Hary Need many people care about junk in space, including me but why do you care about spaceX junk when these satellites can move themselves out of orbit?

    2. Hary Need
      Hary Need
      10 napja

      @Miguel lopez cuz im a wierdo kid

    3. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      10 napja

      Why do you specifically care about "junk" in space?

  84. SpaceX Demo
    SpaceX Demo
    10 napja

    Imagine having a city on MOUNT EVEREST that’s where the SUPPORT OF STAR-LINK comes in.

  85. Curtis Dale
    Curtis Dale
    10 napja

    Impressive technology for a string of weather balloons

  86. umair khattak
    umair khattak
    11 napja

    To hell with astronomers. 26 years on earth and nothing useful has come out of these stupid telescopes. Let us colonize mars.

  87. Ashante Dula
    Ashante Dula
    11 napja

    Starlink satilite internet should def help with autopilot for tesla. 5G Internet of Things the possibilities are endless

  88. Root User
    Root User
    11 napja

    To the astronomers! 11:30 Who cares youll be able to see them stars ALLOT better when Elon builds you a telescope 🔭 on the dark side of the moon. Be patient he is busy saving humanity.

  89. Karen Rivera F.
    Karen Rivera F.
    12 napja

    Cute! A bubble of iron and satellites!

  90. Mikael Gaspar
    Mikael Gaspar
    12 napja

    It seems like a good idea if it is not bad for our health and of the animal and plants. And if it isn't used for bad purposes like mind control.

  91. Dharma
    13 napja

    Human is playing with nature nature gave viruses also

  92. Andrew Kondratiev
    Andrew Kondratiev
    13 napja


  93. Andrew Kondratiev
    Andrew Kondratiev
    13 napja


  94. Nate lee Cross
    Nate lee Cross
    13 napja

    Elon is a fraud and a conman and he's going to drag the entire space industry down with him. It's really ironic he owns Tesla seeing as how he acts exactly like Edison.

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      11 napja

      He the only reason the main stream public gives a crap about spacetravel, i gave up mine after the shuttle program ended, Elon brought it back to life.

  95. Nako simpson
    Nako simpson
    13 napja


  96. DeuceGenius
    14 napja

    lets bring that price down to $10 a month unlimited data

  97. Victor Joseph
    Victor Joseph
    14 napja

    But it can also be a total world wide control of all life living on earth? think about it? look at Gates psychopath approach to vaccine passports? no vaccine = no travel and a lot more Nasi type crazy rules?

  98. Gürkan ŞANLI
    Gürkan ŞANLI
    14 napja

    I really want to use Starlink when they came along to Turkey.

  99. HansTrein
    14 napja

    Very poor quality programme

  100. SrJackquito
    14 napja

    Guy in the middle of no where: well we have no cellphone service, no internet service. We are isolated completely. Same guy: when we received starlink it was easy to install. Just download the app... WTF...

    1. Ashante Dula
      Ashante Dula
      11 napja

      He probably had to drive to p.o box to get his equipment found some wifi in town