Can Florida Become The Next Big Tech And Finance Hub?

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In 2020, Florida became known as a safety haven for wealthy New Yorkers fleeing Covid. In recent months, some of Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s biggest names like Elliot Management, Citadel, Shervin Pishevar, and Keith Robois, have moved to the Sunshine state to build roots. It has reinvigorated a tech and finance boom many local officials like Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, had worked on for over a decade. But data indicate that some of the hype may be overblown.

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Can Florida Become The Next Big Tech And Finance Hub?


  1. bruintoo
    19 órája


  2. Keith Kool
    Keith Kool
    2 napja

    As more people are pushed onto subway tracks, stabbed on the street and shot up walking their dogs, it makes more sense moving down there.

  3. Adam Wilkinson
    Adam Wilkinson
    4 napja

    Phillip moaning about the lower income end of Florida, where I live in England, it's a joke. Miami has a minimum wage of $10 an hour, with no income tax, no inheritance tax, amazing weather with plenty of recreational activities for free and only a 9% sales tax. Not to mention the extremely affordable house prices. Where as in London it's 28% more expensive than Miami, whilst still at £10 an hour minimum wage, that's with paying 20% income tax on anything over £12.5k, 40% if over £35k, 20% sales tax on almost all goods and services, a monthly council tax for your property, inheritance taxes and property taxes. On top of cold, miserable weather almost year round and next to zero activities that can be done for free. Haven't a clue. I'm white, born and bread in England, struggled my whole god damn life, as well as my family. Sick of hearing the race card as to how the world is built off the backs of blacks, such a boring narrative. The whole world is struggling, regardless of your descent and ethnicity, open your damn eyes.

  4. Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly
    5 napja

    If they let BigTech move in, they are finished. Florida should declare them all illegal monopolies to keep them out.

  5. Robin Bobin
    Robin Bobin
    6 napja

    Nothing is changing in FL. Same garbage more everywhere.

  6. Robin Bobin
    Robin Bobin
    6 napja

    Fıorida?!Naaaah! Garbage state with no laws and stupid republican government and corrupt not less "democratic" south.

  7. Craig Snyder
    Craig Snyder
    6 napja

    Further proof that climate change is fake. If the water levels rise, Florida will be under water. Why would they move there for Miami to be a new ocean reef? Dan Pena has the perfect argument on how climate change is a fraud...look it up.

  8. bigeasydeg
    6 napja

    Wherever the liberals need to place their next stronghold

  9. Porchen Hund
    Porchen Hund
    7 napja

    Answer is no.

  10. William John
    William John
    7 napja

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    1. Thug Blow
      Thug Blow
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      Donnie Hopa
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      Brown Jodhi
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      Shan Nara
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  11. Angelum Band
    Angelum Band
    7 napja

    Don't come. Don't come. California is beautiful stay there. We don't want you. Remember Trump lives here.

  12. Seven
    7 napja

    Can you please efit out the negative dude talking about his victimization while he sits in a penthouse please

  13. José L. Rodríguez
    José L. Rodríguez
    8 napja

    They can say "let's make Miami a tech hub" all they want, but without the human resources pool to hire and innovate from, there is nothing.

    1. New Profile
      New Profile
      4 napja

      I agree i dont see Miami being a hub anytime soon. Now, I do believe Orlando has a lot of potential but i could be wrong

  14. sremik
    8 napja

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  15. jorge guzman
    jorge guzman
    9 napja

    Nope not with those hurricanes hitting yearly

  16. Benjamin Guttery
    Benjamin Guttery
    10 napja

    And low paying jobs, inequality, and "ravaging" climate change isn't affecting NY too CNBC? Gimme a break. Florida & Texas are leaps and bounds ahead of NY. Get ready to move biased "reporters".

  17. 728huey
    11 napja

    How is Florida going to become a tech hub when their servers are going to be flooded out and fried by rising ocean water that suddenly washes over already low lying land?

  18. Cripford
    11 napja

    Nah Florida is bizarre af

  19. Easyontheears
    11 napja

    Liberals stay out of Florida and texas are states are awesome for a reason we vote a certain way which affords us the opportunity to live a great life. Dont move here and bring with you the same things you're now trying to escape from.

    1. Angelum Band
      Angelum Band
      7 napja

      Don't come, don't come. Who said that? They need to take their own medicine!

  20. Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim
    12 napja

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  21. Angelum Band
    Angelum Band
    13 napja

    As a floridian let me be clear we don't want you here or your money or californization of our state. Come visit if you want and then go away. That's all.

  22. Chotchskey
    13 napja

    Let’s talk economics... ok let’s ask the radical left guy... look at his background what does he know about a dollar

  23. Mx Bx
    Mx Bx
    13 napja

    We are seeing this in the UK as well. Every ickle town and city is "the next big tech hub" and "the best place in the UK for cybersecurity". If everywhere fits this criteria, then nowhere does.

  24. RvrRaider
    13 napja

    Florida gives you as a young adult vast opportunities for higher education and trade skills that I don't see in many other states, Including NY. As well as many state programs for the unemployed and low income families. Myself and my friends all came from mid to lower income families, and have made something out of ourselves. If your low income in Florida then thats 100% on you.

  25. Saahil Iyer
    Saahil Iyer
    13 napja

    Florida is called “the Sunshine State” because “the Meth State” was too on the nose.

    1. Angelum Band
      Angelum Band
      13 napja

      @Saahil Iyer And one more thing "darlin" ad hominem does not work on me but, it works on you.

    2. Angelum Band
      Angelum Band
      13 napja

      @Saahil Iyer Oh love you wish. But I'll tell you what go and cuddle with Biden a little maybe he likes your hair also. Who knows lol!

    3. Saahil Iyer
      Saahil Iyer
      13 napja

      @Angelum Band Damn, that dementia must really be setting in

    4. Saahil Iyer
      Saahil Iyer
      13 napja

      @Angelum Band Dafuq?

    5. Angelum Band
      Angelum Band
      13 napja

      @Saahil Iyer Says the sperm milkshake generation.

  26. Josh Rostek
    Josh Rostek
    15 napja

    Sea level rise. Good luck in the long term.

  27. Bang Boogie
    Bang Boogie
    15 napja

    Florida is a place for people who’ve already obtained wealth or retired.. if your looking to sustain a decent income it’s not the place for you

  28. Michael Ketcham
    Michael Ketcham
    16 napja

    Haven't finished video, but those three cities are and have been actively trying to be just like the places people are fleeing from. They are the reason for congestion, high home values and low wages. For people in the service, labor and health industries the cost of living is blowing up, you are almost forced to buy a home in a very small yard in one of millions of subdivisions or these giant townhome apartment complexes that now cost as much as homes just to have you a little studio. Land and home taxes continue to rise schools are already overrun and have been they cannot build them fast enough for the people that are moving down here. Any surrounding area of Orlando Tampa Miami are extremely expensive versus what they were 15 years ago. They have plowed toll roads everywhere to make getting from the suburbs to the city easier and then skyrocketed the homes in those areas forcing the people to pretty much be house poor or move somewhere else. Is Big tech or giant corporate industry moving in I can see the pros of coming down here taxes are cheaper most definitely than where they're coming from and since the cost of Labor is also cheap comparably where they're coming from I'm sure all they see is dollar signs. But just like anywhere else big corporations move in and push everybody out they'll vote the wrong way though overrun everything the cost of living will continue to rise taxes will be raised so on and so forth and in another 20 to 30 years they're going to be right back where they started before they left and to find some other place to go over run.

  29. quartytypo
    16 napja

    Mark my words. Florida will become the kale capital of America

  30. eWorkNOW
    16 napja

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  31. Thaymon Teiiro
    Thaymon Teiiro
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  32. Clark Loeffler
    Clark Loeffler
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  33. Bitcoiner Mike
    Bitcoiner Mike
    17 napja

    No income tax? Did I hear that right? Is this true?

  34. Yabba DabbaDoo
    Yabba DabbaDoo
    18 napja

    California Texas and Florida? Nah I’ll pass on those toilets.

  35. J G
    J G
    18 napja

    Wanna buy some swamp land?

  36. KM
    18 napja

    Too funny. You can't change the god awful humidity that swelters from April to November. Ask the Trumps who just bought a house on Indian Creek. Its only fun at night when you can cruise with the top off at 4am and it's not boiling hot out.

  37. Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh
    18 napja

    Now I don't feel so bad that I can't leave NYC, in fact, I'm glad NY state isn't a national punchline, yet. To all those New Yorkers that fled to Florida, you'll be back after one big hurricane!

  38. Kelly Nava
    Kelly Nava
    19 napja

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    1. Thomas John
      Thomas John
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      Thomas John
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    3. TheTimeLapseGuy
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      fun fact: everyone here is bots

    4. Charles Buck
      Charles Buck
      18 napja

      He is the best teacher have ever seen 💯✔️

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      Eric Jake
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  39. Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC
    Troy Polamalu #KingTroy #TrojanLegend #SC
    19 napja

    *Black people have the worst jobs in Florida?* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. moguns1971
    19 napja

    1:33 something about what has affected it's economy ended with ..rapid climate change ..GTFOH had to stop watching

  41. LiquaFoo
    20 napja

    Atlanta is already well known as the fin tech capital of the world. You would have to make a pretty stunning argument to convince anyone that all these huge financial firms are just going to pack up the tech businesses they have bought in ATL and leave for Florida. Raleigh and Atlanta are already far past Florida and Florida isn’t catching up anytime soon. Big Tech building in the South East: Amazon: DC Microsoft: Atlanta Apple: Raleigh Google: Atlanta IBM: Raleigh

  42. komodo drag
    komodo drag
    20 napja

    Do u people even get Florida or not?it's a kingdom !🌻🌞don't bring your cranky, crappy mindset here!

  43. Cyril Morphin
    Cyril Morphin
    20 napja

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      Ivonne Ramirez
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    2. Gold Benjamin
      Gold Benjamin
      20 napja

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    3. John Edward
      John Edward
      20 napja

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  44. Melissa Joseph
    Melissa Joseph
    20 napja

    Just like the retired millionaires and billionaires in Florida, their not going to help the Floridian people, just going to bring their current employees with them and make things worse.

  45. Ryan N
    Ryan N
    20 napja

    All the democrats fleeing new York and California will ruin Florida soon too.

  46. M Fox
    M Fox
    21 napja

    Nope, not when sinking while seas rise, not in a long shot unless you are north of Orlando.

  47. Paul Mezhir
    Paul Mezhir
    21 napja

    It will be under water, literally, in less than 25 years. This just proves that corporations don't care about tomorrow, provided the tax-breaks and historic tax rates are the rule today.

  48. NeoKailthas
    22 napja

    Florida man: hold my shoes

  49. magus
    22 napja

    But what about their almost yearly hurricanes/flooding? As the symptoms of climate change get worse Florida is going to go through a lot of pain that probably doesn't make it worthwhile to be there.

  50. Real Nigga
    Real Nigga
    22 napja

    Florida is a good state. Jobs everywhere and education is readily accessible. Not to mention less taxes. Just a logical opinion.

  51. Nicholas Field
    Nicholas Field
    22 napja

    There is a saying for a reason "Florida Man...." Florida seems nice to visit, trash to live in.

  52. Lord Typesalot
    Lord Typesalot
    23 napja

    Florida is, above all, a frat boy beach party, for the likes of Epstein, Weinstein, and every other -stein, -berg and -zweig from NYC. And Matt Pizza Gaetz. Yeah, that sums up Florida.

  53. Asiri Samarasekera
    Asiri Samarasekera
    23 napja

    Miami is a great gateway to conduct business in Latin America and I could see it becoming a spot for startups eyeing the Latin market.

  54. andre salcido
    andre salcido
    23 napja

    LMAO 🤣🤣

  55. Sui Generis
    Sui Generis
    23 napja

    Lol no

  56. thundrwaffle
    24 napja

    god no florida is the sweaty buttcrack of the united states the state has a higher chance of sinking due to global warming than becoming the next tech and finance hub

  57. Channel 99
    Channel 99
    24 napja

    Florida has a great governor. More states need people like him

  58. J Joseph
    J Joseph
    24 napja

    FL, low pay, expensive houses, corruption.

  59. Norman Valtierra
    Norman Valtierra
    24 napja

    Leftists go home

    1. Norman Valtierra
      Norman Valtierra
      21 napja

      @Tuck Frump I'm not a trubalist. I just hate commies. I'm independent

    2. Tuck Frump
      Tuck Frump
      21 napja

      Rightists get educated

  60. John Sakosky
    John Sakosky
    24 napja

    I grew up in Florida (Pompano Beach) in the 90s. I returned in 2016 with some IT and programming experience. I tried for months, unsuccessfully, to get a technical job, but ended up installing Cable. My wife and I left Florida after less than a year and never looked back. Much of the beauty and charm of South-East Florida was lost to over-development years ago. It is hot, crowded, polluted, and overrated. On top of that, Florida is sinking. I have watched the sea level rise. Flooding is getting worse and the limestone aquifers are being contaminated with salt water. And if you think that living in Florida will mean spending every day at the beach, think again. Florida is not for the ever shrinking middle-class. It's for millionaires that can afford to spend their lives partying on their boats. I loved Florida as a kid. But I would not want to raise kids there. To be fair, I'm not familiar with northern Florida, so that could be better.

  61. Sauvv Kicks
    Sauvv Kicks
    24 napja

    Florida is way better then Texas? I kinda agree

  62. Charles Temple
    Charles Temple
    24 napja

    Any individual or business considering moving to Florida better consider the effects of climate change there. Hurricane numbers and violence are already very dangerous and will only continue to increase, as will flooding due to the rise of ocean and gulf levels.

  63. Bob Jones
    Bob Jones
    24 napja

    Florida is becoming insanely expensive. Miami prices are increasing exponentially

  64. Jaybutts
    24 napja

    yea just sold my house for almost 3 times what I bought it a few years ago, enjoy the heat suckas im leaving florida lol

  65. dottietoes
    24 napja

    Maybe, but they aren't finished with Texas, yet.

  66. Judith
    24 napja

    Florida...lots of shady people.

  67. whiteknight360
    24 napja

    Next week: I’ll be the next Tony Montana

  68. misterjag
    24 napja

    In 50 years, half of Florida will be underwater.

  69. ResidualSelfImage
    24 napja

    West coast communities Seattle and Silicon Valley was due R&D and a highly educated work force ... which Florida does not have this. Florida has ethnic/demographic enclaves. In the next 50 to 100 years - rising sea levels will destroy a significant portion of Florida's beach front real estate. So long range out look of real estate in Florida is going to be problematic..

  70. Kim S
    Kim S
    24 napja

    Please stop coming to Texas. Go fill up Florida

  71. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    25 napja

    3 weeks later --- Florida: "we are going to fine the social networks daily!" - tech is going to flee a state with this unstable of a government

  72. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    25 napja

    lol, wait till hurricane season....

  73. Aeon Helendale
    Aeon Helendale
    25 napja

    With the maps they push about how much of Florida will be under water soon, I don't see how they'd even humor the question.

  74. c
    25 napja

    Will Wisconsin become the next nyc lol. Nyc will always be nyc. Hello wall st

  75. Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung
    25 napja

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    25 napja

    It IS the tech and finance hub. It always was. And thanks to De Santis it’s now the world capital of cryptocurrency. THANKS 🤩

  77. Scott Lepak
    Scott Lepak
    25 napja

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  78. Gerald Brienza
    Gerald Brienza
    25 napja

    Yes, been in Pompano for 6 years, it’s great. Florida is wonderful as long as you don’t need to work.

  79. Nydas
    25 napja

    Nope. Any tech companies would be stupid to set up camp in a state that gets shut down for weeks by hurricanes every other year.

  80. Kayden Tyler
    Kayden Tyler
    25 napja

    With the current increase in the market, I see Cryptocurrency as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions

    1. Elwyn Phineas
      Elwyn Phineas
      25 napja

      Well, I think it is working. There may be other currencies even better than bitcoin. But in the meantime, the industry keeps expanding by the second

  81. kevin H
    kevin H
    25 napja

    Florida - where crime rates are high. The land of the Trump lovers. The gateway to drug trafficking. Road rage is everywhere. Where the majority of people dismissed the pandemic.

  82. dimaatik
    25 napja


  83. Griffin Hilgenfeldt
    Griffin Hilgenfeldt
    25 napja

    If Florida becomes blue it will destroy everything that made it such a great state

  84. LR Fuentes
    LR Fuentes
    25 napja

    CNBC always with the race card 😂

  85. Tyler Durdon
    Tyler Durdon
    25 napja


    25 napja


  87. Richard Parker (americanOcelot)
    Richard Parker (americanOcelot)
    25 napja

    How dangerous are the alligators in Florida?

  88. Blood Pack Gaming
    Blood Pack Gaming
    25 napja

    I hope not,

  89. Lli Gray
    Lli Gray
    25 napja

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    1. Depressed Tiger Shark
      Depressed Tiger Shark
      25 napja

      @Nicole Jay Nah man I heard her name is Mrs Mary Jane you’re wrong bro. I don’t know how to tell you but you’re wrong bro.

    2. Lli Gray
      Lli Gray
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    3. Lli Gray
      Lli Gray
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    4. Nicole Jay
      Nicole Jay
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    5. Patrick Helen
      Patrick Helen
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  90. Krilly
    25 napja

    Why are people so damn negative...haters gunna hate

  91. 5ivesJayBK7
    25 napja

    Everyone talks negative about FL, many problems, like being a right to work state, yet people are moving there. You have 2 options (if your not already rich, or 60y plus) -Have a better quality of life, but make less money Or -make more money up north, but have lower quality of life.

  92. ajetmech2002
    25 napja

    I hope not.

  93. E E
    E E
    26 napja

    When Florida will be going under water in the next 20 years, meaning that no insurance company will cover them? Also computers and water don't get along right?

  94. BOB M
    BOB M
    26 napja

    What is ( back water hell)

  95. A P
    A P
    26 napja

    and have them Florida ruined like the liberals are trying to ruin Texas and Arizona? Like they've already ruined California, NY, NJ, PA, MI, and on and on and on.

  96. Mark J
    Mark J
    26 napja

    There gonna try and come screw Florida up the way they've screwed up there cities.

  97. No Name
    No Name
    26 napja

    Yet the MSM make fun of it for having opened the economy. And we didn’t flee New York because of Covid we fled New York because we were sick of the government oppression.

  98. Mr.ligthing
    26 napja

    It should be called The rise of class division in Florida

  99. 김김태경
    26 napja

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  100. Crypto Dyna
    Crypto Dyna
    26 napja

    CNBC is propaganda. Queue the sheep flaming me.